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Systemfel 03-31-2013 01:03 PM

2013 World Championship Schedule & Scores
Scoring Leaders

Goal Leaders

Defensemen Leaders

Official Stats

Stockholm Group

Helsinki Group

Final Round

May 16Quarterfinal: Russia vs. United StatesHelsinki12:0013:006:00 AM3-8
May 16Quarterfinal: Switzerland vs. Czech RepublicStockholm14:4515:458:45 AM2-1
May 16Quarterfinal: Finland vs. SlovakiaHelsinki17:3018:3011:30 AM4-3
May 16Quarterfinal: Canada vs. SwedenStockholm20:1521:152:15 PM2-3 SO
May 18Semifinal: Finland vs. SwedenStockholm15:0016:009:00 AM0-3
May 18Semifinal: Switzerland vs. United StatesStockholm19:0020:001:00 PM3-0
May 19Bronze Medal Game: Finland vs. United StatesStockholm16:0017:0010:00 AM2-3 SO
May 19Gold Medal Game: Switzerland vs. SwedenStockholm20:3021:302:30 PM1-5

Preliminary Round

May 3France vs. SlovakiaHelsinki15:1516:159:15 AM2-6
May 3Czech Republic vs. BelarusStockholm16:1517:1510:15 AM2-0
May 3Finland vs. GermanyHelsinki19:1520:151:15 PM4-3 OT
May 3Sweden vs. SwitzerlandStockholm20:1521:152:15 PM2-3
May 4United States vs. AustriaHelsinki11:1512:155:15 AM5-3
May 4Norway vs. SloveniaStockholm12:1513:156:15 AM3-1
May 4Russia vs. LatviaHelsinki15:1516:159:15 AM6-0
May 4Canada vs. DenmarkStockholm16:1517:1510:15 AM3-1
May 4Finland vs. SlovakiaHelsinki19:1520:151:15 PM2-0
May 4Czech Republic vs. SwedenStockholm20:1521:152:15 PM1-2
May 5France vs. AustriaHelsinki11:1512:155:15 AM3-1
May 5Belarus vs. SloveniaStockholm12:1513:156:15 AM4-3
May 5Germany vs. RussiaHelsinki15:1516:159:15 AM1-4
May 5Switzerland vs. CanadaStockholm16:1517:1510:15 AM3-2 SO
May 5Latvia vs. United StatesHelsinki19:1520:151:15 PM1-4
May 5Norway vs. DenmarkStockholm20:1521:152:15 PM3-2
May 6Germany vs. SlovakiaHelsinki15:1516:159:15 AM2-3
May 6Switzerland vs. Czech RepublicStockholm16:1517:1510:15 AM5-2
May 6Finland vs. FranceHelsinki19:1520:151:15 PM3-1
May 6Sweden vs. BelarusStockholm20:1521:152:15 PM2-1
May 7Austria vs. LatviaHelsinki15:1516:159:15 AM6-3
May 7Slovenia vs. DenmarkStockholm16:1517:1510:15 AM2-3 OT
May 7Russia vs. United StatesHelsinki19:1520:151:15 PM5-3
May 7Canada vs. NorwayStockholm20:1521:152:15 PM7-1
May 8Austria vs. GermanyHelsinki15:1516:159:15 AM0-2
May 8Slovenia vs. SwitzerlandStockholm16:1517:1510:15 AM1-7
May 8United States vs. FinlandHelsinki19:1520:151:15 PM4-1
May 8Norway vs. SwedenStockholm20:1521:152:15 PM1-5
May 9Russia vs. FranceHelsinki15:1516:159:15 AM1-2
May 9Czech Republic vs. DenmarkStockholm16:1517:1510:15 AM2-1 SO
May 9Slovakia vs. LatviaHelsinki19:1520:151:15 PM3-5
May 9Sweden vs. CanadaStockholm20:1521:152:15 PM0-3
May 10Slovakia vs. AustriaHelsinki15:1516:159:15 AM1-2 SO
May 10Slovenia vs. Czech RepublicStockholm16:1517:1510:15 AM2-4
May 10Russia vs. FinlandHelsinki19:1520:151:15 PM2-3
May 10Belarus vs. CanadaStockholm20:1521:152:15 PM1-4
May 11United States vs. FranceHelsinki11:1512:155:15 AM4-2
May 11Switzerland vs. DenmarkStockholm12:1513:156:15 AM4-1
May 11Finland vs. AustriaHelsinki15:1516:159:15 AM7-2
May 11Sweden vs. SloveniaStockholm16:1517:1510:15 AM2-0
May 11Germany vs. LatviaHelsinki19:1520:151:15 PM2-0
May 11Norway vs. BelarusStockholm20:1521:152:15 PM3-1
May 12United States vs. GermanyHelsinki15:1516:159:15 AM3-0
May 12Canada vs. Czech RepublicStockholm16:1517:1510:15 AM2-1
May 12Slovakia vs. RussiaHelsinki19:1520:151:15 PM1-3
May 12Norway vs. SwitzerlandStockholm20:1521:152:15 PM1-3
May 13Latvia vs. FranceHelsinki15:1516:159:15 AM3-1
May 13Denmark vs. BelarusStockholm16:1517:1510:15 AM3-2
May 13Austria vs. RussiaHelsinki19:1520:151:15 PM4-8
May 13Canada vs. SloveniaStockholm20:1521:152:15 PM4-3 OT
May 14Slovakia vs. United StatesHelsinki11:1512:155:15 AM4-1
May 14Belarus vs. SwitzerlandStockholm12:1513:156:15 AM1-4
May 14France vs. GermanyHelsinki15:1516:159:15 AM2-3 OT
May 14Czech Republic vs. NorwayStockholm16:1517:1510:15 AM7-0
May 14Latvia vs. FinlandHelsinki19:1520:151:15 PM2-3 OT
May 14Denmark vs. SwedenStockholm20:1521:152:15 PM2-4

About Final Round

Quarter-Finals: Stockholm: (1S-4S) & (2S-3S); Helsinki: (1H-4H) & (2H-3H).

If qualified for the Quarter-Finals, Finland will play the evening game in Helsinki.

If qualified for the Quarter-Finals, Sweden will play the evening game in Stockholm.


Semi-Finals: Stockholm:
W(1H-4H) - W(2S-3S) W(1S-4S) - W(2H-3H).

If qualified for the Semi-Finals, Sweden will play the early game.

If Sweden is not qualified for the Semi-Finals but Finland is, then Finland will play the early game.

Should Sweden and Finland play each other in the Semi-Finals, then the teams would play the early game.
Should neither host country qualify to the Semi-Final, then the highest ranked team from the preliminary round would play the early Semi-Final game.

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