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drkoma 04-02-2013 08:41 PM

Question about PIE and JBO impact
hi Blues fans, :help:

I'm in long term draft and was planning to acquire Pietrangelo

I have few quick questions, tks if someone want to contribute

I know this season he had slow down offensively, do you think he will bounce back and will come back +50 pts /year and why not 55-60 range potential on a great year ? Or you expect he will be more a 40-50 pts.

Is the venue of Bouwm will help him or the opposite, at full strength i can see it positive, but what will happen on the powerplay, will he be on the 1st unit or you expect it will be Boumw and shatty ?

Do I have to be concern about injury, he is a fragile guy as they say on Hockeynews ? He's likely to do a 3rd complete season in a row

I will have to give some prospect to get him, but mainly Ryan Murray plus 2 others good prospects (but no future superstar), Murray seems to be Elite but maybe less Offensive than PIE ? Only the points count on my keeper league...

So, i know he's good, so is he a Blue Chip ? He will help me now in my team, and for many years... but who knows what Murray can do to ?

Thank you in advance

MattyMo35 04-02-2013 08:48 PM

JBo was brought in to help Petro, and that's pretty much what we're all hoping for. I think JBo will help increase Petro's point totals because JBo is a better passer than the guys that he's been paired with, and will likely help Petro rack up the assists/2nd assists. I think in a full season he will be about a 45 point player pretty consistently over his career. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less, but I think that's a fair guess. And no, Petro is definitely not a fragile player. In his two full seasons, he's missed a grand total of five regular season games. I'd pick him up if you could get him at a reasonable price. He's pretty steady in terms of fantasy production.

ikeman79 04-02-2013 09:01 PM

Alex really hasn't ever been injury prone, he had Mono lol.

I think he is the best offensive Dman on our team, he will always log lots of minutes in every situation including the powerplay.

I think Bouwmeester will only help Alex to play better, he hasn't had as many points this year because he hasn't really had a partner to play with. It's put him in more of a role of defense first sort of mentality. He hasn't been able to be as creative.

I would pick him in any draft.

drkoma 04-02-2013 09:04 PM

OK thanks for the input guys

Like i said the main pieces i have to gives his Ryan Murray (#2 overall last year)

Pietrangelo could already help my team now,,,

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