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mapleleafs40 04-07-2013 04:16 PM

Best Shaft/Blade combo for road hockey?
I use a CCM u+ 04 stick with an ABS Thornton blade. I am really into road hockey and looking for a good shaft. the blade fits a traditional shaft and they are hard to find. Any suggestions? I hear the CCM crazy light stick is good but i think its an OPS :(

Help! :)

AIREAYE 04-07-2013 05:56 PM

Well, all ABS blades from the major makers are standard, so stick with that obviously. I guess it would depend on how you value weight and balance. If you get a high end standard shaft and put in an ABS blade, it will be noticeably blade-heavy. This could be countered by cutting your shaft shorter than normal and re-extend it with a wooden plug. There is no benefit in a high end standard shaft vs a low end one except for weight. You simply cannot capitalize on the 'features' or performance of a high end product by playing ball hockey.

There is absolutely no point in using an OPS for ball hockey unless you are swimming in disposable income. The durability factor is the key here.

I get along fine by using an old broken OPS (cut off the blade and taped) flipped with an ABS blade where the handle used to be. The taper is obviously thinner on my upper hand, but I have no issue with that.

seanerixon 04-07-2013 11:28 PM

Road hockey as in travel hockey, or concrete hockey?

When I'm BSing around in street hockey, I have a really light weight shaft, and the Reebok ABS blade. I've been using it for a while too, and the blade is like 20$ so it's not a bit deal to replace it. Just keep in mind you need a standard shaft for the ABS blade. Not tapered. Although I think I had a friend who had a tapered shaft, with an ABS blade and he didn't have problems. But get standard, always good to play it safe. Sure it's blade heavy, but when you play ice again, you feel like you have a bit of an edge since the stick feels so much lighter.

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