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puckfan13 04-11-2013 03:23 AM

Oilers Offseason Wishlist/Speculation Thread
Thought I'd make a thread for what direction people here think the Oilers should take in the upcoming offseason. Feel free to post your wishlists and proposals in this thread.

For me, personally, I wouldn't mind seeing a few things. I'm trying to be as realistic as possible here with these trades.

Free agency: signing Nathan Horton. $4.5x3 would strike me as reasonable for him, might go as high as $5M in this situation. [edit: would go to $5.5Mx3, but term is my walk away point]

If we are able to sign Horton I wouldn't mind moving Hemsky for some D help
Trade: Hemsky for Meszaros. Two eastern European skilled players that have had injury troubles in the past. It could make sense for both teams as both players are impending UFA's after the 2013/14 season. Holmgren has shown he is willing to do 1-for-1 swaps with the JVR/Schenn deal. We desperately need versatile D that can skate and move pucks from the back-end and reduce the time we spend in our own end.

Trade: for Mikhail Grabovski. This guy is being criminally mistreated and misused in Toronto and basically being treated like dog crap. His value is at an all-time low, and you would be buying low on an undervalued asset. We are nowhere near the cap and I think this guy can be a very valuable. In the past two seasons, he is in the top 30 for centremen in points. He's a hard worker, great motor, loves to go to the corners and even wore an A with Ron Wilson, but has fallen extremely out of favor with his new coach. Carlyle treated Lupul like crap in Anaheim and he came to a new city and lit it up. I have a feeling you could have Grabovski for a song right now. I don't know exactly where I'd place his value, but a 2nd + Nick Schultz is a decent ballpark, IMO (we have an extra 2nd). We have the cap space, I'm not too concerned about that and Horcoff will be off the books by the time Yak + Nuge extensions kick in.

Trade: Sam Gagner. I don't really think Gagner is the option going forward at 2C, especially in playoff hockey. If we would be able to get Grabovski I believe he could answer our questions at 2C and thus make Gagner expendable. This could involve Gagner in a sign-and-trade with a contract for around $4.5Mx3. My proposed deal would include sign-and-trading Gagner to Buffalo for Andrej Sekera and prospect Jake McCabe. Sekera is a legitamite top-4 defender with 2 more seasons before UFA at a good number ($2.75M) playing important PK and even-strength minutes for Buffalo and most importantly, he can skate, defend and move the puck. Very underrated. McCabe plays at the University of Wisconsin, a verifiable d-man factory that has produced Justin Schultz, Gardiner and McDonagh as of late. Mike Eaves has this kid on the right track.

Trade for: Mike Weaver. Florida is in a state of rebuilding further than us even, if you can take this guy of their hands for a middling prospect or 5th or 6th round pick to get his services for a year this solidifies our D core. One of the most underrated shutdown d-men in the league would be great on the bottom pair. He has one season remaining at $1.5M, a very low-risk, possibly rewarding acquisition.

Free agency: sign Grant Clitsome. $1.75x2 would probably do the trick for him. To solidify our d-core in the case of injuries and have him there to provide competition for getting in the lineup for the bottom pair. He is a really solid defenseman for the Jets and has been an unheralded and solid d-man for the last 2 seasons. He's shown he has adept skating, can move the puck proficiently and defend well quietly and effectively. Just a really solid d-man this team could probably use, pretty sick of Whitney, Potter and Fistric right now. Again, a low-risk move with upside.

So in a perfect world, my proposed moves would bring in: Horton, Grabovski, Meszaros, Sekera, Weaver, Clitsome, and prospect Jake McCabe. Meanwhile, we would be jettisoning: Hemsky, Gagner, Nick Schultz, and picks outside the 1st round.

Also wouldn't be opposed to bringing in two bottom-six free agent forwards of: Max Lapierre and Raffi Torres. Sticking with the theme, low-risk and possible upside. Two guys that play nasty in the bottom-six and are pain in the ***** to play against and work their tails off to retrieve pucks and forecheck. These guys can actually skate and handle the puck as bottom-sixers unlike our current fourth line. If they don't work out, it's pretty low-risk.



This also allows Hartikainen/Lander to "overripen" in the minors like Detroit makes their prospects do. If they're really ready to push for roster spots, they'll push guys like Smyth or Torres out of the lineup, it's not a huge deal. You can't just hand kids spots in training camp, they have to show they're ready. And there's also inevitable injuries so they will play games. Same philosophy applies for Klefbom, let him ripen in the minors, if there's injuries and you need a call-up, fine he can play a few games, but develop in the AHL first.

It's time for some true asset management and getting this team on the right track with an identity. I think these would be a few good steps to start with.

Again, to everyone else: feel free to critique my proposal and/or post your wishlists or proposals for the off-season in here. This season's done for.

ohheyhemsky 04-11-2013 03:41 AM

Horton wouldn't come here for 4.5x3.

But I want him.

We'll need to raise the price another million at least.

oilinblood 04-11-2013 03:50 AM

i like horton...wanted to trade penner for him straight up before boston got him and most people thought it was a fair swap at that time.

i would be really cautious with him and his concussion history. I fear he gets another concussion and is either a veggie or he changes his style of game and becomes yet another anchor to drag this team down.

I agree with "overripening"; i have always believed that if you have rookies in your opening day depth roster, you have failed as a teambuilder. Rookies should get tastes and then call up FT. Your job as an NHL GM is to ice an NHL team. This is something Oilers fans arent familiar with and have trouble understanding. What Oilers fans have witnessed is at best AHL hockey and at worst Bantam.

The biggest thing i want from the Oilers...and in my opinion they will be a joke until it happens; AXE EVERYONE IN MANAGEMENT. EVERYONE. Have all of them tarred and feathered at City Hall. Then excommunicate them all except for MacT. Give him a player assessment job in the AHL.

and from that day forth let their names be cursed in edmonton.
And may god have mercy on their souls.

but wait... no one is above them except Katz and he is a Nucks fan. Chances are Hall and Eberle request trades out of here before Katz even realizes he has a hockey team to go with his multi-billion dollar property company and realestate holdings.

clap Clap. we all fell for it hook line and sinker. He is a hockey fan for sure though, loves his suites in GM Place.

puckfan13 04-11-2013 03:55 AM


Originally Posted by oilinblood (Post 63739457)
i like horton...wanted to trade penner for him straight up before boston got him and most people thought it was a fair swap at that time.

i would be really cautious with him and his concussion history. I fear he gets another concussion and is either a veggie or he changes his style of game and becomes yet another anchor to drag this team down.

That's why I would be hesitant to give him more than 3 years. If we would have to go up to $5.5M I'd probably still do it if it was only for 3 years, but I know some stupid team is going to give him a $30M contract.

Clarkson will also set the market at something stupid, but I was hoping Horton's concussion history would scare some teams away and we could come in for a fairly low-risk play. Players that play a rough style of play like him, and we've seen it with Smyth and Holmstrom and Malone and starting to see it with Hartnell this season, they decline at an earlier age - another reason I wouldn't do 5 or 6. I'd walk away if the term was too extreme but I'd love to have him on the Oilers for now.

Tarus 04-11-2013 04:25 AM

Gagner for Grabovski on the second line is a lateral move at best.

Would rather stay away from Horton as well, his salary scale and concussion issues, and his prior motivation issues make him a risky pickup.

It's a pretty light UFA year though. Clowe, McArthur, Torres, Volpatti, Bickell, Clarkson would all be interesting at reasonable salaries up front, look at maybe Colby Armstrong in a reclaimation effort in a smaller move. But just really want to see them focus on adding some gritty, physical players. Don't much care about the size of Gagner/Hall/RNH/Eb/Yak, but the rest of the team needs a serious grit injection to be able to compete with a smaller top 6, especially moving to the new conference next year.

Centers are pretty non-existent in the UFA pool, mostly 4th liners and small/soft players. So they could make a push for Ott from buffalo or someone similar in that vein for the 3rd line center role on the trading market, but who knows what's out there.

Buyout Horcoff(effectiveness issue, not payroll)/Smyth(way too slow, not gonna retire), dump Hemsky to make room for new hires.

On defense, Streit, Scudari, and a resigned Mark Fistric might be ok, but they are either getting old, or fit the "bottom pairing" role that doesn't really help this team much. A trade is probably needed, but again it's difficult to gauge what's out there this far from the offseason.

Lots of elite goaltenders on the market, the Oilers should probably make a play for Miller or something and see what the price is. But I doubt they do anything but resign Khabby for a year or two and continue in their faith that Dubnyk is the man.

oilphan 04-11-2013 06:09 AM

Why are we talking about moves the team should make when Tambo is the GM? Forget about any moves until he is fired. This is my one and only offseason wish. Then and only then will I start getting optimistic about moves to improve the team. Until Tambo is gone, the only thing we can talk about is shuffling around our 4th line.

Hemsky4PM 04-11-2013 09:26 AM

We know they will buy out Eager and Belanger.

Not sure what to do with Smyth - I doubt he could be traded - so maybe you just keep him as a 13th forward (although buying him out and keeping Belanger might be necessary unless Smyth retires).

Smytty is done. No goals in 23 games and a 2.25M price tag is unacceptable and keeping him on the team only reinforces that management isn't overly concerned about winning. Loyal to a fault with a player who proved he was loyal to his family but not necessarily his employer of the city.

Trading Hemsky is likely inevitable. A team will take a chance on him with only one year left on his deal.

Hemsky gone. 5M cap.
Whitney gone. 4M cap.
Khabibulin gone. 3.75M cap.
Peckham, probably gone. 1M cap.
Smyth gone, 2.25M cap (or buy-out)
Jones gone, not worth 2+M.
Petrell - resigned to value deal - 900K per at 2-3 years.
Eager gone.
Fistric, probably gone.

So they will could have 15M to round out this roster:

Hall - RHN - Eberle
XXX - Gagner - Yakupov
Paajarvi - Horcoff - Hartikainen
Brown - Lander - Petrell

Petry - Smid
J. Schultz - XXX
N. Schultz - XXX

(Marincin and Fedun on the farm)


They have the wherewithall to spend up to 5M for two players, a top 6 LW (or C, moving Gagner to LW) and a top 4 D. Then a backup goalie - for 1.5M or less - and a bottom pairing D, maybe Fistric, for 1.5M.

They absolutely need that top pairing defenseman. Other than Streit (getting on in years), pickings are pretty slim. Not sure you can get what they need with Hemsky, a pick and a prospect. We'll see.

onetweasy 04-11-2013 10:09 AM

I would toss some money at Bickell or Stalberg from the Hawks. They have some cap issued and both are free agents. We would have to overpay but I am so sick of seeing Smyth and Jones that I would be willing to try anything.

Both are big bodies that put up decent points.........much rather have one of them on the 3rd line as opposed to Jones and Smyth.....

CantHaveTkachev 04-11-2013 10:30 AM

the Oilers have a lot of holes to fill



Flush: Whitney, Jones, Petrell, Fistric, Peckham
Buy-out: Belanger, Eager, Smyth
Trade: Hemsky

Priority #1: Top 4 defenceman. A guy that can play 20+ minutes a night in all situations. Preferably a left-hander...ie. Mark Streit

Priority #2: A big strong winger with size that can handle top-6 minutes...easier said than done but vital to compliment the skills of the rest of the kids ie. Horton

Priority #3: Re-vamp the bottom 6 forwards...with bangers and crashers...youngish players who have speed and a physical edge

Priority #4: Another center for the 3rd line. Horcoff is still decent but they need a younger Horcoff

Priority #5: A 4th line "Eager" type player that isn't Ben Eager

Priority #6: A bottom paring d-man with a nasty edge ie Ference.....too many powder puffs or terrible d-men with low hockey I.Q

Priority #7: Draft Sean Monahan at #7

Hemsky4PM 04-11-2013 10:39 AM

I would actually be comfortable with having a second line of:

Paajarvi/Hartikainen - Gagner - Yakupov

At least to start the season next year. Horcoff, Smyth and Hemsky cannot be replaced soon enough though. We need a legitimate 3rd line.

OilerTyler 04-11-2013 10:48 AM

Buy out Smyth and sign Penner to play in his spot.

rockinghockey 04-11-2013 11:09 AM

I am a believer that we have to get bigger in the top 6 and grittier in the bottom 6. On defense we need to add a legit top 3 dman. Here is what I am going with.

I would sign Horton to a deal at he is only turning 28 in May. I would try and get him to a 5 yr 4.5mil cap hit.

I would then look into a trade with FLD for Kulikov and Matthias for Gagner and Hemsky. One of FLD's problems is scoring and Gagner and Hemsky play well together even if they move Gagner to the wing if they resign Weiss.

I would then make a deal for Ott from FLD you know that they are in the rebuild so I would move out Lander and Gernat for him.

Sign Torres as an UFA.

I would keep Smithson as our 4th line centreman

My big move would be trading Eberle to the NYR for McDonagh. Here are my lines
Hall; RNH; Yak
PRV; Matthias; Horton
Torres; Ott; Harti
Brown; Smithson; Smyth/Petrell
McDonagh; J.Schultz
Kulikov; Petry
Smid; N.Schultz


I would let Klefbom start in the minors.

Some big moves but I think we are a better team over all.

rockinghockey 04-11-2013 11:09 AM


Originally Posted by OilerTyler (Post 63747751)
Buy out Smyth and sign Penner to play in his spot.

Why do people want Penner back please people let it go.

Pablo Aimar 04-11-2013 11:11 AM

New GM, new president, new coach. Hell, new owner as well. And how about a couple of capable NHL defencemen? Need more than 3.

Koto 04-11-2013 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by rockinghockey (Post 63748549)
Why do people want Penner back please people let it go.

im not exactly calling for him back, but i can understand why, he was a functional top-6 player and has size.

we lack functional players and we lack size.

plus would he cost much?

Koto 04-11-2013 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by Pablo Aimar (Post 63748609)
New GM, new president, new coach. Hell, new owner as well. And how about a couple of capable NHL defencemen? Need more than 3.


OilerTyler 04-11-2013 11:16 AM


Originally Posted by Koto (Post 63748641)
im not exactly calling for him back, but i can understand why, he was a functional top-6 player and has size.

we lack functional players and we lack size.

plus would he cost much?


We shouldn't make players off limits just because they are former Oilers.

Penner is big, never gets pushed around, can score, stands up for team mates and actually liked it in Edmonton.

I also checked a couple of days ago and he had more hits than any Oilers forward not named Smithson, Brown or Petrell. That's with him only playing 25 games too.

Why wouldn't we want Penner back?

Psychoil 04-11-2013 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by rockinghockey (Post 63748549)
Why do people want Penner back please people let it go.

because he is so much better than ryan smyth, and i can't stand to see that guy on the ice. Every time i see him, I just want to kill myself.

Whoever mentioned bickell and stalberg is dead on! these are the perfect type of guys we need in our line up

to name a few more i'd like to see come over

Jordan Nolan
Brooks laich
Brian Boyle
Tomas Koopecky
Martin Hanzel

Oilfan2 04-11-2013 11:53 AM

I've been against trading one of the top 5 all year. However, it may come down to that to get the right mix this team needs.

If we're going to do fantasy trades/signings, etc, I'll give it a try:

Buyout Shawn Horcoff.
Buyout Ryan Smyth.
Let Ryan Jones walk.
Let Ryan Whitney walk.
Resign Fistric.
Resign Petrell.
Resign Smithson.
Sign Maxim Lapierre.
Sign Nathan Horton.
Trade Nick Schultz for a draft pick.
Trade for Brouwer to 'help' Wash with it's cap. Use a combination of picks, minor prospects.
Don't care what happens to Belanger..waive, regular buy out, etc..

We need a different mix in the top 6. Not enough strength/protection, etc.
Boston isn't in cap trouble but they will need help. They may be able to do without Lucic due to dollars, etc. Sequin jumps to 5.7m. Koko is ready to stay up on ELC. Marchand jumps 2m.
It'll take alot to tempt them but try the following and hope the top #3 pick is enticing (could be 1st overall...in that case you probably don't make any of the fantasy moves..just take Jones).
Trading a 1st that may be in the top 3 isn't popular but, oh well...Trade Hemsky(retain $1m), MPS and the 1st for Lucic. Boston gets another high 1st round, Hemsky at 4m instead of Lucic at 6m and also gets an up and coming MPS.

We need the top line D. Only way I see (if we don't have any Milburys out there) is trade one of the kids +. Not popular and have to give to get.
Rangers are in the best shape for D next to STL and with their potential cap in the future, may consider this.
McDonagh goes up from a low hit of 1.3m to a $4m bridge for 2 years?? I'm suggesting trading Eberle, Musil, 2014 1st and a 2013 2nd round pick for McDonagh. Rangers still have Staal, Giradi, MDZ, Stralman and now John Moore....Plus McIlrath almost ready to come up. They also get a fairly good young D with potential in Musil.

Other considerations but with some tweaking, looks like the dollars will work...


Potter(or whatever)

$2m backup

If you can find a bigger, better #2 C, trade Gagner plus whatever. Odds are we won't find anyone. We could be patient, I guess, and wait for that draft pick this year (Barkov, Monahan?) to make it but we still won't be in much better shape and it'll be another couple of years without playoffs..

If only it was this easy...sigh.

McspOiler 04-11-2013 11:53 AM

What do you guys think are the chances edmonton offer sheets one of st louis's boys shat or piet. We would be hated but if we overpay a bit st louis has an internal cap i believe. Might be able to snag one.

SterlingArcher 04-11-2013 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by spOiler (Post 63750367)
What do you guys think are the chances edmonton offer sheets one of st louis's boys shat or piet. We would be hated but if we overpay a bit st louis has an internal cap i believe. Might be able to snag one.

They will match basically anything for Piet but you could snag one of Shatt, Patrick berglund or Chris Stewart. I really like Berglund and would love to have him as a 2C

jmoss45 04-11-2013 12:23 PM

My realistic wishlist:
  • Bickell (UFA- 3 x 2.5 mil)
  • Brouwer (Trade- Wsh has a ton of $$ tied up in forwards)
  • Kulikov (Trade- Fla needs scoring- i'd do Hemsky + Marincin)
  • Streit (max 4 mil x 3 years)
  • Jack Johnson (would trade Hemsky+; CLB has dept at D)
  • Anisimov (would trade Hemsky+; CLB has depth at C)
  • Boyd Gordon (UFA- 3 x 1 mil)

  • Horton (will be pricey; B's fans say he's not nearly the same player as pre concussion)
  • Penner (only good in the playoffs- lazy the rest of the time)
  • Yandle (only because the return will be outrageous)

Let go as UFAs:
  • Jones
  • Whitney
I'd also be happy to ship Hemsky out in a deal for 2 serviceable players (like the Lubo for Stoll & Green, or J Staal for Sutter + 1st deals).

Soundwave 04-11-2013 12:23 PM

In hindsight we should've kept Penner and traded Hemsky IMO. Hemmer's just not a fit with this group at all.

McDNicks17 04-11-2013 12:28 PM

I really like the idea of picking up Mezsaros, but instead of Sekera, I'd rather a guy who can play RD with Mezsaros.


NewBoysClub97 04-11-2013 12:30 PM

My wish list is to somehow aquire players who give a sh** and are emotionally into the games.

This team has so many floaters it's hilarious. I would say without huge changes this team is not even a bubble playoff team in an 82 game season.

D do not know what a breakout pass is. They all panic. Not much hockey IQ on this team. Young guys should keep getting better, but I am not against trading 1-2 of the big 5 to round out the team with guys who give a sh** , can play actualy hockey, provide room for others, and can win some board battles.

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