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Mantha Poodoo 04-17-2013 04:13 PM

Exercises for skating strength
My skate time is unfortunately very limited and i find I'm spending more time working against my lack of physical condition than improving my technique. I'd like to find some exercises I can do without weights or equipment optimized towards skating -- legs, hips, core and such. Don't want to build up the wrong areas or with the wrong kind of conditioning. Any links, tips, regimens, or whatever appreciated. I'm okay on cardio and flexibility .

Ozz 04-17-2013 04:51 PM

Most any kind of lower body plyometrics will help develop overall explosiveness.

Pistol squats will help develop strength and balance.

Skater's lunges will help develop explosiveness in a fashion similar to a skating stride.

Malarowski 04-17-2013 06:13 PM

Check this out:



American in Paris 04-18-2013 03:10 AM

For leg strength:
Box jumps
Body weight squats
One-leg squats

But you'll need to train your core muscles to make that leg strength functional:

Pull ups (with knees against chest or with legs in L-formation)
Incline sit-ups
Leg raises

jordanking87 04-18-2013 08:29 AM

Kind of inline with the OP ? but are there any good pdf's or websites that show dynamic stretches to warmup with? ive heard lunges and such but I'm looking for ways to safely stretch my back before getting on the ice? Thanks!

jordanking87 04-20-2013 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by Malarowski (Post 64137031)

These are exactly what I was talking about, pretty neat stuff (torrented ?) Thanks!

Fixed to Ruin 04-20-2013 01:06 PM

I know when I was a kid we would fill up a a sled with wood something like 20-30 lbs worth of it. Tie two ropes (one for each hand) then drag the sled through the grass as fast as we could.

Since your pulling something it kinda feels like the same resistance as the ice when your skating. Plus its a decent workout for your legs and general endurance.

Another thing is you look really cool running around pulling a sled full of wood though the grass :yo:

EDIT: As I wrote this, I vaguely remembered a commercial where Mike Cammalleri was doing a similar exercise as my wood sled thing. He just has a platform with weights on it. Pretty much the same idea. Here's the video of it:

tikkanen5rings* 04-20-2013 03:18 PM

Strap something heavy on your waist or preferably a parachute if you have one.
Does wonders for your explosiveness.

e. and do short sprints with it as hard as you can.

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