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LightningStrikes 04-28-2013 03:12 AM

2013 NHL Playoffs Discussion Thread
Well, while we all will be rooting for the Syracuse Crunch in the AHL, the NHL Playoffs will start Tuesday, April 30th - sadly without the Lightning.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Montreal Canadiens
Washington Capitals
Boston Bruins*
Toronto Maple Leafs
New York Rangers
New York Islanders
Ottawa Senators*

Chicago Blackhawks
Anaheim Ducks
Vancouver Canucks
St. Louis Blues
Los Angeles Kings
San Jose Sharks
Detroit Red Wings
Minnesota Wild

(*will play today)

Who will you be rooting for? And who do you think will win the Cup?

angelsil 04-28-2013 06:31 AM

I'm married to a Habs fan, so I'll be watching those games. Can't say I'll be rooting for them, but I hate them less.

(until realignment)

Doctor Drej 04-28-2013 11:14 AM

no real rooting interest this year. though it'd be cool to see the isles make some noise.

Cigar City 04-28-2013 11:20 AM

Will be rooting for the Sens! Connie!

Bish Please 04-28-2013 11:24 AM

I'm rooting for Toronto and Chicago I guess but I really couldn't care less which is generally how I feel whenever the Lightning are not in it.

Jacko95 04-28-2013 12:09 PM

I'm rooting for San Jose and Ottowa.

San Jose always likes German players and Ottowa has our HoneyBadger ;)

CSampson 04-28-2013 12:22 PM

Ottawa, for the Conacher link but also I live in the city and this team has grown on me. Plus, one of the best coaches in the league.

Xenophobia Catalyst 04-28-2013 12:47 PM

Put me down for Ottawa too. They are the only Canadian team I like.
As for teams I would not mind seeing win either of the NY teams I could live with.
In the west, I don't really have a favorite but there are teams I don't want to see win (Vancouver, Chicago)

2 Weekes Notice 04-28-2013 02:03 PM

Minnesota's my Western team, but they'll probably be a quick out, unfortunately.

Caught a game in St. Louis this year and had a good time. I'll pull for them as well.

Steve Yzerman 04-28-2013 02:30 PM

Rooting for Toronto!

dbieon12 04-28-2013 02:48 PM

Red Wings.

Will be Blackhawks vs Penguins though.

jg39 04-28-2013 04:44 PM


This post is brought to you by Silky Johnson. There's a bit of hating in this post.

No boston, no pittsburgh, and I will be fine. Seriously, anyone but those two teams.

Some fun facts I compiled while looking around (hate, hate, hate):

-The Islanders haven't won the Cup since 83. Since the 84 season, in those 30 years (including the Islanders), 8 of the 16 qualifying teams haven't won a Cup...so 50-50 chance the winning team breaks a 30+ year Cup drought.

-In the last 9 different SC Finals, there have been 9 different winners. That's parity.

-Time for some flyers hate (even though they missed the playoffs, I don't need to justify philly hate): in the time since the flyers have won a Cup, we've had America's 200th birthday, 7 American presidents, and 16 different Cup winners.

-In addition to the countless changes in American life since the last flyers Cup, they have been back to the SC Finals 6 times, winning a total of 8 Finals games. That includes 2 sweeps. Eat it, philly.

-Including the 96 Avs-Panthers series, SE division teams are 2-3 in SC Finals. That super awesome team from Tampa that allowed thousands of angels to get their wings (TBL winning in 04), and the Canes post-lockout in 06 are the winners. Panthers swept in 96, Caps swept in 98 (after the flyers were swept in 97...ha), and Canes losing to the Wings in 02 are the losses. RIP SE division.

-2 of the 3 worst teams this year, Colorado and Tampa Bay, are the only teams with 1.000 SC Final victory %'s. Colorado is 2-for-2 (96,01), while Tampa Bay is 1-for-1 (04).

-The SC Finals in 95, 96, 97, and 98 were all sweeps. Since then, each team has won at least one game.

-Final fact: if Vancouver loses again in the SC Finals, there will be riots....again.

Steve Yzerman 04-28-2013 08:45 PM

And so it will be Leafs and Bruins. Was hoping for a Leafs-Habs matchup.

snowden 04-28-2013 09:15 PM

Don't know how anyone can root for the Leafs :shakehead:

I'll root for Conacher but hate the Sens. I'd rather see a Western team win. **** the East teams.

Bolts4Life91 04-28-2013 09:18 PM

Rooting for any team who hasn't won a cup yet EXCEPT the Caps (Canucks, Blues, Wild, Sharks, Sens)

LightningStrikes 04-29-2013 11:42 AM

I guess I'll be rooting for the Islanders in the East. In the West it's probably the Blues for me although it would be cool to see the Wild make some noise too.

TurboBrick 04-29-2013 03:03 PM

This is the time of the year when I pick the most unlikely candidate and jump on board their bandwagon because I do love a good disappointment... Go Leafs!!!

angelsil 04-29-2013 04:37 PM


Originally Posted by TurboBrick (Post 64907833)
This is the time of the year when I pick the most unlikely candidate and jump on board their bandwagon because I do love a good disappointment... Go Leafs!!!

That's commitment to disappointment (picking the Leafs) because they're definitely due for their mid-season choke, if not already in it.

Living in Toronto right now SUCKS.

Felonious Python 04-29-2013 04:44 PM

Pittsburgh and Boston :sarcasm:

Ottawa and St. Louis

As for who will win the cup, how could I not say Chicago?

Follower of Yzlam 04-29-2013 05:14 PM

I think I want to hop on St. Louis' bandwagon. They are probably the team I would be least disappointed with winning.

Pontius Palat 04-29-2013 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by angelsil (Post 64913299)
Living in Toronto right now SUCKS.

True say, bro.

I'm goin' for St. Louis, Minny and Montreal.

Kessick 04-30-2013 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by Death Taxes Conacher (Post 64831355)
I'm rooting for Toronto and Chicago I guess but I really couldn't care less which is generally how I feel whenever the Lightning are not in it.

Are you excited for Leafs and Bruins?!

TheGreatOutlaw 04-30-2013 02:30 PM

I will be rooting for my other favorite team that got me liking hockey when I was a young kid in the early 90s' the REDWINGS! #LGRW

Steve Yzerman 04-30-2013 06:48 PM

Wow, there's a lot of TBL fans living in Toronto.

Follower of Yzlam 04-30-2013 09:02 PM

So this Blues/Kings game is INTENSE. Glad I jumped on this bandwagon right now. So fun to watch.

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