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jazzykat 04-28-2013 03:27 PM

Best visibility from a cage?
I'm making the switch from a visor to a cage, and I am looking for the least distracting cage possible. I'm not a pro by any stretch (this going to a cage) but I would like to reduce my frustration factor in the transition.

From what I read Bauer has this "flat wire" technology and greyish color on their high end cages to improve puck visibility and significantly reduce disturbance to vision. This seems like the obvious place to start, but for a $30-$40 than the price of the Re-akt cage, I can get a reasonable combo deal on clearance of other helmets/cages (my helmet is a slightly cracked Bauer HH4000 so upgrading isn't out of the question)

I realize that the Re-akt is made of titanium so I expect to pay a lot because it is harder to work with but there is a limit to what I would prefer to pay for equipment (especially for beer league).

I don't have a lot of opportunities to try stuff on where I live and they have almost no stock anyway so I will most likely order it.


Jarick 04-28-2013 09:36 PM

Get a new helmet first. Then check out the Bauer 9900 if you can find them on clearance

jordanking87 04-28-2013 11:53 PM

+1 to the new helmet, since your current one is damaged this should probably take priority. As far as a cage goes the re-akt cage is amazing and worth the dough. Great visibility and weight wise you can't even tell its on. Fantastic product.

shoeshine boy 04-29-2013 09:21 AM

+1 for the Re-Akt. it's super light and shaped a little differently from the 9500/9900 series. if you go for the Re-Akt make sure you size it correctly. I wear a small helmet and when I used a 9900 a small cage was fine but at the suggestion of my LHS guy I went medium on the Re-Akt and I'm damn glad I did! a teammate has a small Re-Akt helmet with a small Re-Akt cage and her face looks....squished in there. :laugh:

if you REALLY don't want to shell out for the Re-Akt cage the 9500/9900 is a great option as well.

jordanking87 04-29-2013 10:04 AM

the 9900 is hard to find in any sizes other than small and medium...i was looking for that one first and ended up shelling out for the re-akt to get the right size, large reakt cage on a large bauer HH5000

TrueBlue86 04-29-2013 10:14 AM

i love the re-akt cage, but then again, it's the only cage i've played in :p

jazzykat 04-30-2013 03:12 AM

Well, my wife says I can buy any helmet I want as long as I stop obsessing. I definitely want the rea-akt cage and I was just thinking of buying the helmet as a combo any reason I shouldn't other than it costs a lot? Especially, since I have to order it and don't have much opportunity to send stuff back or fight with fitting cage A on brand B's helmet.

shoeshine boy 04-30-2013 07:40 AM

don't know which helmets you're looking at but I can confirm that the Bauer cages fit fine on CCM V08 helmets.

Malarowski 04-30-2013 10:28 AM

Check out this: http://www.hockeymonkey.com/itech-ca...ity-chart.html

The Re-Akt should fit virtually any helmet, it is mostly standard sizing. I'll add: I held it in my hands yesterday and it is amazingly light and thin. The brownish/silver coating is also really subtle and nice.

Jarick 04-30-2013 10:38 AM

I should expand on my above post, since it was written on my iPhone.

Your helmet is cracked, so you absolutely need to get a new one. Doesn't matter if it's $50 or $250, just get something new that fits your head, i.e. it won't move around or fall off but it won't give you headaches.

For cages, nothing beats Bauer for VISIBILITY. They have the True Vision spacing which seems less distracting and metal finish is also less distracting than black.

4500/5100 = regular bars, true vision spacing

8500/7500 = oval bars, true vision spacing

9500/9900 = slim oval bars, true vision spacing, lighter weight, chrome finish

Reakt = slim oval bars, true vision spacing, titanium = lightest weight, matte finish

I've used most of them and you get what you pay for, but they are all pretty good. If you can find a good deal on the 8500/7500 cages, those are very good for the money. You might be able to find a clearance 9500/9900 cage which is even better. And if you can spring for the Reakt, it's like not wearing a cage at all.

Fanned On It 04-30-2013 04:52 PM

The Re-Akts are great helmets and the cages are top notch... great visibility and it feels like you have nothing on. That being said, for some reason I dislike the SHAPE of the Re-Akt helmet. I feel like it's too round, maybe? I much prefer the old 4500 shape, but obviously the padding in the 4500 is pretty rudimentary. Doesn't matter to me, though, I love my 4500 and I don't really buy into all of that anti-concussion crap the companies try to feed you.

I use a 4500 with some crappy old WHITE cage I found lying around the rink. I feel like white cages give me the best visibility even if the bards aren't as skinny as they would be on a sleek Re-Akt cage.

Skyking517 04-30-2013 05:40 PM

I absolutely love love my Reakt helmet and cage combo. Best lid I've ever used, how about the new helmet Bauer just put out, the IMS 9.0 with the Reakt cage?

jazzykat 04-30-2013 07:58 PM

So, I went to my LHS and they were sold out of almost everything. I ended up ordering a ccm V10 + cage on sale because they are written up well and it was cheap. If the cage is soooo bad I'll spring for the reakt cage.

Tonight I missed 2 backdoor goals with just a visor on. I think you guys were just all too polite to tell me to spend more time and money practicing instead of worrying about my vision reduction.

Jarick 05-01-2013 09:04 AM

I don't think of it as reducing vision reduction but reducing your future dental bills.

bp spec 05-01-2013 02:04 PM

I would recommend this one. I use it myself with a Bauer 9900 helmet. It looks good and the vision is also good, thanks to the white inside.


I've not tried the V10 cage, but my friends who have V10 helmets have replaced it with some other cage. It looks a bit weird. Never tried one, so I can't criticize anything but the looks of it.

OpenIceHit42 05-01-2013 02:30 PM

I have the Bauer 5100 helmet with a 7500 cage and the cage is one of the best I have ever used as far as vision. When I purchased the helmet it came with the 5100 cage and I couldn't stand it so I swapped it and won't look back.

Malarowski 05-01-2013 03:36 PM

After using the Re-Akt yesterday, it is amazing. You don't notice any weight from it and it does not impair sight.

jordanking87 05-02-2013 09:54 AM

re-akt ftw!

OOOOIIIO 05-03-2013 09:23 AM

This thread has convinced me to upgrade my cage.

jordanking87 05-03-2013 09:40 AM

the re-akt is the Lexus of cages haha...I used to hate wearing a cage and had tried the fishbowl...eventually going cage/visor-less until I tried the re-akt and now Ill never wear anything else....unless they make one that is lighter than the re-akt...which I doubt will happen :p

ChiTownHawks 05-03-2013 09:47 AM

I'll put in another vote for the re-akt.

I know it is expensive, but it is worth it. For the amount of money I spend on hockey it is a drop in the bucket. You get the best vision and it is super light. I say spend a little more on something that probably affects your game a lot more than your other equipment.

Starbuds 05-03-2013 05:15 PM


Stand out, brah.

Nbr-17 05-03-2013 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by Starbuds (Post 65205775)

I played with a goalie who actually had that setup :yo:

shoeshine boy 05-06-2013 08:06 AM


Originally Posted by jordanking87 (Post 65177261)
the re-akt is the Lexus of cages haha...I used to hate wearing a cage and had tried the fishbowl...eventually going cage/visor-less until I tried the re-akt and now Ill never wear anything else....unless they make one that is lighter than the re-akt...which I doubt will happen :p

the only thing I ever see being lighter is a force field. :laugh:

jazzykat 05-06-2013 05:29 PM

So a funny thing happened...a large online retailer calls me up and tells me they can't fulfill my order after it was delivered. So now, I don't have a non-damaged helmet again :0

I go online to ebay and find a slightly discounted reakt combo. I guess, I'll be part of the club.

You know something funny though, I felt guilty as hell paying so much for head/face protection (as a beer leaguer) yet some beer leaguers have no problem paying 250 for the newest wiz-bang stick. I am the first to admit that its overkill, but its pretty stupid to feel bad about protectiing your head if you can afford it. Also, when comparing it to the first visit to the dentist, since from everyting I read it sounds like a cage I might actually wear, it sounds cheap :)

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