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EdwardBlake 04-29-2013 12:15 AM

MOD THREAD: Playoff Conduct
Along with me any of the other MODS can add or chop from this main post and it will simply serve as notice to all that populate our board. There are going to be guidelines of conduct that most of you that have gotten to deal with me in my short time as a MOD, or dealing with others like CV or Cole that have been around for awhile... But these guidelines are to be followed even more so in the playoffs.

1. Do not feed the Trolls... If we have a troll come over, do not even respond to them. Bite your tongue, they only want attention, so do not even give them the satisfaction, simply laugh at them silently and let it roll of your back and when one of the MODS, me or someone else sees the post we will delete it and give them an infraction.

2. If anyone comes over from another board, even if we are in a series with them, even if they are a division rival, and they come in peace... Give them respect. I do it from time to time along with others here. You go to a rival board you do it calmly and respectfully, if anyone from a playoff foe, rival or not comes over respectfully you will give them respect also. Its that black and white... That simple.

3. Its something that is more of a pet peeve of mine than the other MODS, but I will flat out hammer upon it in the post season. There will be absolutely no "in fighting" as I like to call it. Disagree all you want, debate lineups, plays, player actions, etc etc all you want. But you will do it respectfully and honorably. If anyone disrespects another fellow Pens poster you will be given a warning, one warning. Then you will get an infraction.

That is it, unless any of the other MODS want to add or chop from this. These are the rules to follow in the post season. Lets separate ourselves from the other fan bases around here and have impeccable conduct. And any way they try to slight us as a fan base in the aftermath we can simply just chuckle to ourselves about and at them because we will know we behaved as a class act.

Thanks, SB.

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