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TaiMaiShu 05-12-2013 10:17 PM

Heat effects on stick
Never really thought of it until now, but can leaving your sticks in a hot car damage them?

I just broke a stick just below the midpoint on the shaft for the first time in my playing career (10+) from taking a slapper. I've only broken sticks by the blade but never higher than that.

AIREAYE 05-12-2013 10:27 PM

Wood sticks and blades maybe, but less likely for composites. Regardless, heat will expand the fibers, resins and foams within the sticks which might cause micro stresses that one cannot feel or see that could eventually lead to premature breakage. I wouldn't risk it. Same goes for cold.

JoeCool16 05-13-2013 01:08 AM

Is it possible that you've become incredibly strong, and just took a beast-mode slapshot?

I leave my sticks in my car all the time in the heat, and I go through a couple a season, no more than anyone else, and I play centre (so I get lots of slashing on it in the faceoff circle!) I'm sure it's possible for it to get warped as Aireaye is suggesting, but I've never directly come across that. Never had my stick break anywhere except the blade either.

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