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Malarowski 05-21-2013 10:55 PM

Warrior Dolomite DD OPS
Trying this on my own for once, maybe it will help somebody. My only experience before is an uncut Easton Mako II 75 E28 Senior, keep that in mind.

Warrior Dolomite DD
Senior 75 flex
Gionta Curve (Lie 4)
Grip finish

About Me: 26 relative beginner (not dead weight though), 5'10 and 195

+ Lower lie made it lie nicely on the ice
+ Balance very nice
+ Grip is spot on, not too much not too little

- Seemed stiff
- 'wooden' feel

It's dark, so the constant slashes aren't that visible, other than that I really did not look at it much and don't care. ;)

Shaft Profile & Grip
The shaft is squared with rounded corners. The grip is kind of a glossy rubbery finish and I really liked it. Never felt like it was sticky nor like it was sliding. I guess grip is ideal when you never notice it

Weight & Balance
It feels heavier than the Mako, but I didn't feel like I was hefting any reasonable weight. Still very light although the blade seems a bit heavy, which I suppose is the balance. Overall I didn't notice it much, which again I will count as something good.

Puck Feel
The blade has that weird 2-material system. Overall it felt a bit stiffer/wooden than my Mako, but still allowed me to control passes perfectly fine. I will mention here that the blade has a super glossy finish which means you need to tape it up well otherwise the toe will be slippery.

Flex & Kickpoint
I have two sticks of this and cut one by about 2". The length was quite comfortable, but it also made the stick stiff. Also, and this is definitely learning, I kept shooting pucks wide a lot and didn't feel like I got too much out of the flex. I had the same issue with the Mako at first though, so maybe it's a break in period. Can't speak to kickpoint at this time as my technique is a bottle neck.

Wristers - Tougher than with the Mako, I felt like I had to work harder for a weaker shot and lifting it was tricky, but I got the hang of it slowly. They kept going wide, too until I switched to the uncut stick again.
Snap Shots - This is where I really liked it. I struggle with those normally, but the Lie 4 gives me more blade to work with and I got some nice shots off.
Slappers - Didn't take any, but I actually think this stick would be great to learn it.

To be updated, but the Mako chipped quite a bit, these are still holding up.

It is a clearance stick, I got some to refine my play before wrecking an expensive stick, while still using a good performance twig. I will steal Jarick's paragraph below, it is quite spot on. If you're in the market for a nice (now) middle of the road stick, this seems like a good one to pick up.

This is a pretty good all-around stick. It's not designed for any one shot or player type, the balance is great, weight is good, puck feel is middle of the road, and durability seems excellent. At the price it's a no-brainer.

Will update finding as time goes on.

Jarick 05-22-2013 08:54 AM

I had one of these briefly. Really liked the blade feel. I thought it was too whippy at the time but that was right before I started cutting my sticks shorter. Wish I would have held on to it.

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