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ToMaLe 06-21-2013 12:00 PM

Leafs 2013 Mock Entry Draft Contest
How it works:

How ever many draft picks the Leafs have going into the draft is the number of pick numbers that everyone has. So say the Leafs has 7 picks heading into the draft, everyone will have that many. This draft contest uses pick numbers not the draft round numbers. In other words, pick number 1 is not necessarily in round # 1 of the draft. For each pick (7 as of right now, but could change before the actual draft) you get to pick 5 players that you think could be the Leafs first draft pick. Point scoring is 8 points for your first choice selection if correct, 7 for second, 6 for third, 5 for forth and 4 for fifth. So you have 7 X 5 selections = 35 players you select for the draft. If a player you pick for pick # 1 is drafted as the Leafs second pick (or later), you get the points for that pick minus 2.

For example: my choices for the Leafs first draft pick were;

Pick # 1

(A) Kerby Rychel
(B) Samuel Morin
(C) Anthony Mantha
(D) Zachary Fucale
(E) Morgan Klimchuk

You do this for each pick the Leafs have leading up to the draft (like I mentioned right now the Leafs have 7 draft picks).

In this case if Mantha was the Leafs first pick in the draft I would get 6 points (third choice and right pick number). BUT, say for example the Leafs picked Mantha with their second pick instead of their first, I would receive 4 points (6 points minus 2 for the wrong pick #).

Say the Leafs made 3 trades during the draft and ended up with 10 picks. This draft has a built in trade resolution as it has of now 7 draft selections (7 X 5 = 35). So points can be made from your 35 picks if the Leafs picks 8, 9 or 10 players. You will get the pick number wrong of course but you can still get points from picking that player in earlier picks.

For example again.

Your forth choice for pick number 7, which would be 7(D), was Maxime Gravel.

Leafs picked him with their 8th pick after making a trade to get extra draft picks, you would receive 5 points for your forth choice (D) minus 2 points for the wrong pick number which = 3 points.

This way all the people in the draft contest are on equal footing, no advantages to anyone with trades. Also you may pick the same player within two different pick numbers. For example you can use Zachary Fucale for 1(D) and 2(A) and get points for both of those picks but on the down side you are limiting yourself with less players to gain points if that player is not drafted by the Leafs, so a little strategy there. But no player can be included in more than 2 pick numbers.

This is a fun way of doing a mock draft because everyone gets to see everyone's top five choices for each draft pick the Leafs has. Everyone summits their 5 player choices for each of the 7 picks before the draft begins and the draft contest is locked by a mod when the NHL draft begins. Each person can add up their own points after the draft and summit it. The top points can be checked by all in the locked thread if the points are valid and that person is declared the Leafs Draft Champion.

Its a fun draft and not much to it. Put in your top 5 selections for each of the Leafs 7 draft picks and add your points. If interested reserve a post. Here are the Leafs 7 picks.

1st round, No. 21
2nd round, No. 51
3rd round, No. 82
4th round, No. 117
5th round, No. 142
6th round, No. 172
7th round, No. 202

Someone can correct me if the draft picks are wrong.

ToMaLe 06-21-2013 12:55 PM

Pick # 1

(A) Samuel Morin
(B) Kerby Rychel
(C) Anthony Mantha
(D) JT Compher
(E) Morgan Klimchuk

Pick # 2

(A) Tristan Jarry
(B) Jason Dickinson
(C) Marc-Olivier Roy
(D) Jacob de la Rose
(E) Andre Burakowsky

Pick # 3

(A) Hudson Fasching
(B) John Hayden
(C) Brett Pesce
(D) Ryan Kujawinski
(E) Nick Moutrey

Pick # 4

(A) Nicholas Paul
(B) Colby Cave
(C) Marcus Högberg
(D) Anton Slepyshev
(E) Viktor Crus-Rydberg

Pick # 5

(A) Remi Elie
(B) Keegan Kanzig
(C) Eamon McAdam
(D) Matt Buckles
(E) Gregory Chase

Pick # 6

(A) Mitchell Wheaton
(B) Anthony Florentino
(C) Ryan Graves
(D) Eddie Ellis
(E) Ben Harpur

Pick # 7

(A) Luke Ripley
(B) Nolan De Jong
(C) Alex Forsberg
(D) Ross Johnston
(E) Kayle Doetzel

Terrence 06-21-2013 06:00 PM

Pick #1

(A) - Frederik Gauthier
(B) - Kerby Rychel
(C) - Andre Burakowsky
(D) - Adam Erne
(E) - Zach Fucale

Pick #2

(A) - Eric Comrie
(B) - Anthony Duclair
(C) - Emile Poirier
(D) - Tommy Vanneli
(E) - Tristan Jarry

Pick #3

(A) - Juuso Ikonen
(B) - Zach Sanford
(C) - Niklas Hansson
(D) - Viktor Crus-Rydberg
(E) - Wilhelm Westlund

Pick #4

(A) - Tyler Motte
(B) - Cole Cassels
(C) - Anthony Florentio
(D) - Brendan Harms
(E) - Tyler Lewington

Pick #5

(A) - Joose Antonen
(B) - Gage Ausmus
(C) - Alexander Henriksson
(D) - Alex Coulombe
(E) - Kyle Platzer

Pick #6

(A) - Atte Makinen
(B) - Brody Silk
(C) - Connor Crisp
(D) - Tyler Ganly
(E) - Miles Liberati

Pick #7

(A) - Ruslan Pedan
(B) - Luke Ripley
(C) - Danny Vanderwiel
(D) - Rinat Valiyev
(E) - Thomas Gobeil

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