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RedAce 06-11-2005 06:08 PM

What gloves do you wear and why?
For years now i have been using Tackla gloves made of knit material.
I LOVE THEM!!! so light so flexable but there wearing out so i need to find another pair.
What do you guys recomend? anyone try those new Reebok gloves yet?

jaywills1020 06-11-2005 06:32 PM

i use the mission warp sub zero three finger gloves. i love them but now im kinda screwed cause its hard to find the three finger gloves and im so used to playing with them. IF i had to switch i would go with the bauer vapor.

SkateLikeTheWind 06-11-2005 06:44 PM

I've been using oakley's for a couple years now. Simply because they are the most comfortable gloves I've ever tried on.

Mxpunk 06-11-2005 07:41 PM

I had Easton Air short cuffs (Dallas Stars pro model) for about 6 years....They were great...sadly, barely anyone makes short cuffs...I moved to the Eagle X70i's, and they are fairly comparable....

I prefer short cuffs for my stickhandling....although I do get a lot of scars and bruises on my forearms!

Rscorpio 06-11-2005 09:40 PM

surgery gloves

gallagher 06-11-2005 09:50 PM


These are the best gloves I've ever worn. A tad pricey, but they are worth it. To me, I've found the right equipment when I forget I'm wearing it during the game. I forget that I'm wearing these gloves when I play.

Check some out, for real.

Habsfan 32 06-11-2005 09:53 PM

I wear some cheap Koho gloves. I always get my wrist injured because they offer no protection but they are way to comfy to throw away.

Canadian Chris 06-11-2005 10:15 PM

I've got Bauer Vapor 10's

not the newer model, but this one, all black though


For the past 7 years all I have worn have been Bauer gloves...I love them. They're light, and well built. Plus I really quite like the 3 piece finger. On top of that, they last quite well too. Although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking at upgrading to the XX's

Westcoasthabsfan 06-11-2005 11:22 PM

I wear a set of black and white KOHO gloves mainly because they are cheap

Ozolinsh_27 06-12-2005 09:14 AM

I wear the Louisville R2s..all black. very comfy and breathable. I am looking to upgrade this year to the reebok gloves as I tried some on at my LHS and basically I fell in love with them cause they feel great.

190Octane 06-12-2005 10:39 AM

I wear black on black vapor XX gloves. Most comfortable and flexible glove I've ever worn with lots of padding.

jiggs 10 06-12-2005 11:38 AM

I wore my old Jofa 626 gloves for 16 years, but they finally got too hard to re-palm, so now I've got black-and-red Bauer 2000's . I hate short-cuff gloves, but since you have to custom-order the good cuffs, these Bauers are not too bad. They felt soft the first second I wore them, and the palms have lasted 2 1/2 seasons already, so that's a plus!

Martytoof 06-12-2005 08:26 PM

I have to second the Vapor call here. I just picked up a pair of V's (they were on clearance at Play it Again Sports for next to nothing), and they fit ten times more comfortably than any glove on my pro shop's wall. I don't (asthetically) care for how they curve inwards and flare out at the wrist, but damnned if I care what they look like as long as they fit well and play well.

They'll probably replace my CCM 752s -- we'll see how well they work in a game situation this weekend.

Mackee 06-13-2005 09:01 AM

I picked up a pair of Easton Airs on eBay for $40 CDN (brand new by the way) for my ball hockey season. Have fallen in love with them, especially the "wristwrap" protection which protects my wrists from the lumberjacks in my league.

Ti-girl 07-08-2005 10:19 PM

Sherwood Eclipse.

I love the floating wrist protector. I broke both my wrists last year from viscious slashes, so I really depend on them. Plus they're light and have great grip.

gallagher 07-09-2005 01:05 AM

Eagles. They are the best by far. For me, gear is perfect when I forget I'm wearing it, and I have completely forgotten about my Eagles for over three years.

Pricey, but not when you consider you'll wear them for years and years without replacing them.

The best.

AG9NK35DT8* 07-09-2005 09:10 AM

What gloves do i wear?

Because I brought them like 4 years ago and they were cheap at like 50$ or something.

cjbhab* 07-09-2005 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by RedAce
For years now i have been using Tackla gloves made of knit material.
I LOVE THEM!!! so light so flexable but there wearing out so i need to find another pair.
What do you guys recomend? anyone try those new Reebok gloves yet?

I used to have some mission gloves which were 3 finger gloves, I loved em but they got to small, they just gave me so much space and had good air, i loved em.

Poe22222 07-10-2005 03:07 PM

I just bought a pair of 15" CCM pro tacks. I've never had anything but CCM gloves. This is my fourth pair of gloves in my 9 year hockey career, starting with some really cheap CCMs and moving up to nice ones with the second pair. The second pair was impossible to break in, and I can't believe I got another pair of CCMs, but the third pair (second heavy duty pair) was easy to break in and lasted a long time. Only thing is I was like 5'8'' when I bought them, now I'm 6'1'' and the ole 13.5's just don't offer as much protection as I want. So, I went with another pair. They are comfortable, protective, and used by the best, so I've never really had any reason to venture out.

DJmastamind 07-11-2005 08:37 AM

I use Eagles X80i....they shiney blue ones. They are the lightest, most comfortable glove i've ever worn. They also match my uniform perfectly

Accord 07-14-2005 07:56 PM

TPS HGT's, most comfortable gloves i've ever tried on, yes... even more comfortable than my EAGLES.

West19 07-14-2005 10:13 PM

Eagle X81 in red white and blue. They are the most comfortable glove and most freedom for wrists in a glove on the market, which happens to be what i look for in a glove. Had them for about 2 years and still holding up fine

ju87 07-15-2005 03:47 AM

does anyone know how the TPS HGT's fit compared to old-style (eg non-Vapor) Bauer gloves? i'd like to replace my Bauer Impact 500's with HGT's. will a 13" HGT = 13" Bauer?

canadahockeygirl* 07-15-2005 07:29 AM

I've got special-made TPS Bionic glove/blocker (intermediate hands, adult web/blocker). I love them.

HFNHL Commish 07-15-2005 07:33 AM

Easton Synergy Pro. Light, comfortable, no floating wrist protector.

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