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cheesymc 09-26-2003 11:12 PM

Athletic performance stats?
My friend hooked me up with ESPN Insider and I read an article about
Max V02 and how it measures an athletes fitness. It really got me interested in finding stats like how much a player can bench, squat... how fast they skate a lap... etc. I was wondering if anyone knows where to get that info?

They said Kolanos had got a 69 on the Max V02 test and 60 is good for an athlete. Im just curious whos in good shape and who's not and maybe it could be a reason why a player isnt performing to his ability.

Well, ill try to find stuff but if you fellas have any info on this stuff please clue me in.

Jerky Leclerc 09-27-2003 05:13 AM

The VO2 test measures how fast you can recover and oxegonate your body. I wonder how people train for this?

cheesymc 09-27-2003 09:34 AM

I think if you have good stamina and train for cardio. Things like aerobics, sprints, etc. things that help you train to recover faster is what would make you do well on this type of test. (not things like only lifting)

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