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ZachenFoot 07-14-2013 09:49 AM

Hawks Video Collection -- Need Help!
Looks like a pretty awesome community here. I just discovered this forum a couple days ago and I really like the set-up, it's a fine looking place.

I stumbled upon it because I'm having a little trouble, and this place came up in my searches. I collect old Blackhawks games on DVD. For starters, no, I do not sell them. I have been collecting Hawks games, Cubs games, and concert recordings of independent origin for almost a decade and have a very sincere moral problem with selling products that do not belong to me. I also do not buy them.

I found this place because I saw someone listed his fight and game video archive and get some responses, so I thought I'd give it a try!

I have two problems right now: some of my old games did not finalize on disc properly and are long gone (that's what I get for bargaining for cheap DVD-R at Costco), and due to my financial state I did not have cable during the 2013 season and therefore, am missing a number of games. Games I remember fondly watching with friends or at the bar or at work.

Here is a list of games that wouldn't finalize for me:

2008-11-22 @ Toronto
2009-01-01 vs. Detroit (Winter Classic)
2009-01-17 @ St. Louis
2009-03-22 vs. Los Angeles
2009-10-10 vs. Colorado
2009-11-25 @ San Jose
2009-12-31 vs. New Jersey
2010-02-14 @ Columbus
2010-04-04 vs. Calgary (Division Clincher, didn't record this one)
2010-04-24 vs. Nashville (Hossa playoff GWG)
2010-05-23 vs. San Jose
2010-10-09 vs. Detroit (banner game)
2011-01-09 vs. Islanders
2011-12-21 vs. Montreal
2012-02-16 @ New York R

Games I didn't get from this last season:

2013-01-19 @ Los Angeles
2013-02-02 @ Calgary

2013-02-05 @ San Jose
2013-02-25 vs. Edmonton
2013-03-01 vs. Columbus
2013-03-06 vs. Colorado
2013-05-09 vs. Minnesota
2013-05-29 vs. Detroit

I realize this is quite an extensive list so I bolded the really important ones I've had a hell of a time trying to find. I'd be willing to do some 2:1 trades if that's necessary, but I really hope someone could help me in my searches.

If this isn't the appropriate place to place this, please let me know. I saw the forum and it looked like a place where I could ask. Thanks for any help you can give!

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