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Mcnotloilersfan 09-19-2013 09:49 PM

OHL Report: 2013/14
I will try to make more posts this year.

Tonight's game, Niagara vs Mississauga.

For Mississauga:

Sean Day. The OHL's 3rd straight 15 year old player given exceptional status. I was curious how he fell to #4 in the draft, as these players always go #1, but it was noticeable on the ice.

Don't get me wrong, he still looks like he has lots of potential. He can skate, moves the puck well, and posses a good shot. He is lost in his own end, and got rocked a couple times by smaller players. Yes, he is 15, but in comparison to seeing Ekblad on his first day... Ekblad was on another level. (McDavid is already the most talented player I've seen since the Stamkos/Tavares days)

For Niagara.

Brendan Perlini: 1st round OHL pick, entering his 2nd year. 1G, 1A tonight. The goal was beautiful, a takeaway and broke between two defenders to get a breakaway and score. 6'2" 180lbs, fast, strong and a great shot. He has a great chance at going in the 1st round if he can put up numbers, but right now I see him as a 2nd rounder, blossoming a little later like Brett Ritchie did (who I would say is his comparable).

Aaron Haydon: Missed training camp, but looked good tonight considering it was his first game since the playoffs last year. He was our best defender tonight. 6'3" 190lbs, can also skate and move the puck very well. Powerful shot from the point, and isn't afraid to fight to stick up for his teammates. He could also easily be a 1st rounder if he plays to his potential. He is the 3rd best defensive prospect I have seen come through the system (Not easy to follow up Pietrangelo and Hamilton). He plays the game very much like a poor mans Dougie Hamilton. (Not as big, does not control the game as well).

The Bored Man 09-20-2013 12:52 AM

I know nothing about the OHL but hopefully you can keep tabs on Nurse. :D

AlowlyMcOilersfan 09-20-2013 12:54 AM

love the info

the report is greatly appreciated

always nice to have a few names to watch for at the draft

Trafalgar McLaw 09-20-2013 08:59 AM

OHL hands out exceptional status like candy nowadays. Benson is a vastly superior player to Day and didn't even get exceptional status in the WHL.

Mcnotloilersfan 09-20-2013 09:26 AM


Originally Posted by The Bored Man (Post 71326233)
I know nothing about the OHL but hopefully you can keep tabs on Nurse. :D

He unfortunately will only come to Niagara once this year. (I had the same problem with Hall and Yaks in their draft years, but very privileged to see McDavid 4 times a year). I might try to catch another Soo game in Mississauga.


Originally Posted by AlowlyOilersfan (Post 71326247)
love the info

the report is greatly appreciated

always nice to have a few names to watch for at the draft

No problem. I go to 75-80% of the games in Niagara, so if anyone has any players they want me to keep an eye out for, let me know, and I'll do my best.


Originally Posted by Trafalgar Law (Post 71330197)
OHL hands out exceptional status like candy nowadays. Benson is a vastly superior player to Day and didn't even get exceptional status in the WHL.

Yeah I'm really not a fan of Day getting ES. McDavid is a no brainer, as he has the best vision I have ever seen in the OHL. Ekblad also made sense because he was already a man amongst boys at 15.

3 Teams passing on Day is very concerning. A team should be excited about having a guaranteed 3 seasons to build around an elite player.

The Nuge 09-21-2013 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by Trafalgar Law (Post 71330197)
OHL hands out exceptional status like candy nowadays. Benson is a vastly superior player to Day and didn't even get exceptional status in the WHL.

Vancouver didn't apply for exceptional status for Benson. They want him to play a few games this year, but not the full season

I am the Liquor 09-21-2013 06:48 PM

Thanks for the report on Day notl. Very interesting. He had a LOT of hype prior to this year.

WhoisJohnGalt 09-21-2013 09:46 PM


Originally Posted by Trafalgar Law (Post 71330197)
OHL hands out exceptional status like candy nowadays. Benson is a vastly superior player to Day and didn't even get exceptional status in the WHL.

It is Hockey Canada that decides on exceptional player status, not the OHL. A total of 10 players have applied and 4 have been granted since 2005. That means 60% of the applications have been denied. Not a lot of candy really.

Mcnotloilersfan 09-29-2013 07:18 AM

Brendan Perlini is showing his potential early with 4g and 2a in his first 3gp. Unfortunately the rest of his young team can't keep up, with a 0-2-1 start to the year. What will make his numbers impressive this year, is that we only have 1 NHL drafted forward on the team this year (3rd rounder Carter Verhaeghe). So Perlini's numbers are not being inflated by any star players.

Jek McPorkins 09-29-2013 07:38 AM


Originally Posted by WhoisJohnGalt (Post 71389673)
It is Hockey Canada that decides on exceptional player status, not the OHL. A total of 10 players have applied and 4 have been granted since 2005. That means 60% of the applications have been denied. Not a lot of candy really.

That's what I thought, it's quite rare. Tavares, Ekblad, McDavid, Day.

Thanks for clearing up the BS that certain people post on here.

Do the WHL and QMJHL even have the exceptional status rule? Or is it just that the OHL has had the best candidates? You'd think a guy like Crosby could have have gained the status if he applied for it.

Toydarian 09-29-2013 10:27 AM

When Day was granted exceptional status it seemed like there was a bit of controversy over it all. I didn't really look into it or follow the situation, but wasn't Day's resume lacking in comparison to Tavares, Ekblad, McDavid, etc.?

phaedrusDH 09-30-2013 08:15 PM

I'll be heading to many Kingston Frontenacs games once again this year. they are a young squad that is rapidly developing and should be one of the top teams in the league this year (3-0-1 so far).

Draft eligible guys to watch are C Sam Bennett, W Spencer Watson, and D Roland McKeown, who are all projected to potentially be drafted in the 1st round this year. Bennett in particular is likely to go high. D Dylan DiPerna is also expected to get called on draft day.

A bit about each guy:

Bennett - great puck control and has greatly improved his overall strength. he still has a lot of filling out to do, but his lower body strength allows him to protect the puck well and win battles along the boards. this year he seems more willing to throw big hits, although it's not really a strong suit. great wrister, good pass and quick. sees the ice well. plays on a line with Watson and Ikonen (mentioned below), who can really frustrate opposing defence with their cycle and net drive. Bennet especially drives to the net whenever he sees an opening for a shot.
Watson - like Bennett, surprisingly strong on the puck. less push but better stick handling and more creative. good shot. he excelled more last year more than the other Front rookies, but you can see his potential is not as high as Bennett and he will have a harder time succeeding at the next level due to his small size.
McKeown - an offensive defenseman with a strong stride. he reads the ice well, is a strong passer and shooter from the point using wrister or slapper. continues to engage more physically as he gains confidence/strength. i'm not sure his ceiling is as high as some think, because i just don't think his hockey sense is high enough.
DiPerna - similar traits to McKeown but has a larger frame and in my opinion, probably has a higher ceiling based on his ability to use it well. has shown better speed and a ton more confidence this season, so i am looking forward to watching his progression to see what he can bring.

Drafted guys include C Ryan Kujawinski (NJ), W Henri Ikonen (TB), and D Mikko Vainonen (NSH). Overage D Mike Moffat got a long look at NSH's NHL/AHL camps.

Kujawinski - is a big guy with a great shot. his stance and stature reminds me a lot of Malkin. fell in the draft last year i think because he tends to coast from time to time and doesn't engage as much physically as he probably should. this year has shown a lot more explosiveness in his skating which he has been using to his advantage.
Ikonen - Finnish import with a lot of speed, a good shot, good hitting, although not a lot of size. i think he was impressing TB fans in exhibition with his checking. Ikonen's been a favourite of mine for his intensity and all-round hard play.
Vainonen - another Finnish import. has a strong shot and plays a tough physical game. he seems to have taken a step back in his development this year and has making more mistakes with the puck and bad decisions.
Moffat - i mention Moffat mostly because he is one of my favourite players. he's a late bloomer who plays a strong shut-down defensive role, but can also chip in offensively. moves the puck pretty well and has a decent shot. plays a physical game. he reminds me of poor man's Eric Gudbranson from when he was here, difference being Moffat is not as sound positionally, not as smooth of a skater, and doesn't read the ice quite as well. Moffat has also come into his own a few years later in life than Gudbranson did.

I'll try to write more as the season progresses, but if anyone wants to know anything more about the team/players, let me know.

phaedrusDH 10-01-2013 01:42 PM

no one has mentioned Max Domi's impending suspension for this:

Mcnotloilersfan 10-04-2013 07:33 AM

Last Night's Game:

Niagara finally gets their first win of the season against North Bay.

Nobody impressed on the North Bay roster last night.

Brendan Perlini continues to impress. 1g, 2a, to put the 17 year old at 5g, 4a in 5gp. He and verhaeghe are driving the offense for this young team.

Tonight, he showed great defensive awareness and good stick work. His goal, was him using his size to power his way to the neat to push in a loose puck. He is now on the 1st PP and 1st PK unit. Playing LW, he has the same effect as Taylor Hall, tilting the ice in his teams favour.

He is by NO means a Taylor Hall, but has the potential to be Brett Ritchie or better.

If he keeps up this play, the combination of size, speed, skill, scoring and defensive awareness has to put him anywhere in the 11-30 range by the end of the season for the draft.

phaedrusDH 10-04-2013 04:59 PM

Going to go see Nurse at the Fronts game Friday. :D

They're now 4-0-1, by the way.

phaedrusDH 10-04-2013 08:39 PM

Fronts won 7-4 vs the 67s. Didn't see the game, but sounded like a rough one. Bennett with 4 pts, McKeown 3 pts. Bennett apparently slew-footed someone and took a match penalty, which may be an automatic 1- or 2-game suspension.

Mcnotloilersfan 10-10-2013 09:22 PM

Craig Button recently had Perlini at 12 on his draft list. Tonight, Perlini gets 3g, 2a to sit 1st in OHL scoring with 8g and 9a in 8gp. I think he is actually making a case to be a top 10 pick

Mcnotloilersfan 11-03-2013 08:49 AM

Saw McDavid for the first time this season. Even on a game that wasn't overly impressive, there was still so much to take in. He has that datsyuk ability to sneak up on people and steal the puck. His vision, skating, passing and shooting are all elite. I think playing on the smallest surface in the chl last night held him back a bit.

belair 11-18-2013 01:29 PM

Saw Barrie humiliate the Battalion 6-0 at home yesterday afternoon. But it was still pretty entertaining despite the blowout. Admittedly, the tickets were purchased because of the opportunity to see Aaron Ekblad first hand, so it was a little disappointing to find out he was a scratch that afternoon.

Barrie is a very underrated squad this year. Their breakout this afternoon was a whole level above what North Bay brought to the table.

From North Bay, Blake Clarke played his first home game of the year. He's got good size and decent speed, but he's still behind the play a lot and wasn't a factor at all offensively.

Vinny Praplan is a skilled European who's been pretty consistent from the games I've seen. His two-way game stands out, but besides a couple of creative offensive plays, he was a non-factor today.

From Barrie, Claude Lemieux's son Brendan was the standout. He's a bit of a *****, like his dad. Good size, good speed and a highly physical game. He scored two and fought Goodrow in the later stages of the game. A decent late rounder possibly.

Mcnotloilersfan 12-08-2013 04:30 PM

Weirdest things always seem to happen at Niagara (see Crisp playing in net for Erie). Last night Stan Butler (coach of North Bay) and the refs had our mascot removed by security. Stan has a long history of complaining about the atmosphere at the Jack.

belair 01-17-2014 07:55 PM

Carried over from the Draft thread as it was buried pretty quickly with the surge of 'sky is falling' posts after last night's loss...


Even though he played the Top Prospects Game last-night in Calgary, Aaron Ekblad was in the lineup for Barrie tonight in North Bay.

And this guy is the real deal. Effortless stride and an exceptional outlet pass. He's almost a certainty when wondering whether he's top-pairing guy in the NHL. He wasn't overly physical tonight, but doesn't shy away from it either. No points, but several good shots and he basically stepped on the ice whenever he wasn't tired.

We need to take him if available.

Brendan Lemieux had a solid game again for Barrie as well. Good skater, solid PKer and mouthy as ****, just like his dad. 2 assists tonight. I'm sure the Avs have got this guy tied down with their first or second pick, but he's a shoe-in for the first two rounds, guaranteed.

Also an interesting player, though a bit undersized, was Andrew Mangiapane. Was Lemieux's line-mate on the PK and buried a short-handed goal. The guy skates extremely well and plays a game reminiscent of a young Andrew Cogliano.
I'll do a few more of these as I get to see some other games this year.

I've also seen Kingston twice and Mississauga once. Sorry I didn't post those. But from what I remember, Sam Bennett didn't wow me at all and talk of him going #1 is preposterous. McKeown's alright but nothing compared to Ekblad. And Sean Day is still very raw.

belair 01-19-2014 07:35 PM

Watched Niagara at North Bay this afternoon and although their stats say differently, Perlini and Verhaeghe weren't all that impressive. The Icedogs lost 5-1 and they were completely outworked throughout the entire game.

Haydon was a non-factor as well and just looking at this afternoon's game, I'd be shocked to see Brendan Perlini go in the top two rounds this summer. He's got a good stride and decent vision, but when he's not scoring he's invisible.

Nick Paul, a Dallas fourth round pick continues to impress from North Bay's roster. His two way game has always been apparent, but he's been putting up points as well. He had two goals tonight.

belair 01-31-2014 01:59 AM

North Bay v London Knights

Is there a point?

9-4 F.

Bo Horvat had a big game. Zadorov has a bomb.

These games are always good to tell who can keep their head above water in a truly competitive contest from North Bay's end. Nick Paul's a gem for Dallas. Ben Thomson overager may help them win a series or two this year. Overage captain Barclay Goodrow's game has improved despite injury. And Swiss forward Vincent Praplan would not be a shock to see go to a team in the later rounds of this year's draft. His game reminds me of a defensively matured Ales Hemsky.

Darnell Nurse and company visits on Sunday.

Looking forward to that.

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