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Hab-a-maniac 09-28-2003 08:59 PM

Salaries of old teams in today's game
Considering today's salaries, what would a great pre-90s team make? Here's what I think the 1977-78 Habs would look like:
1. Lafleur-$10.5 million
2. Robinson-$9 million
3. Dryden-$8.5 million
4. Shutt-$8 million
5. Lemaire-$7.5 million
6. Larouche-$6 million
7. Lapointe-$5.75 million
8. Savard-$5.5 million
9. Cournoyer-$4.75 million
10. Gainey-$4 million
11. Lambert-$2.5 million
12. Jarvis-$2.25 million
13. Houle-$2 mil
14. Mondou-$1.75 mil
15. Larocque-$1.5 mil
16. Tremblay-$1.4 mil
17. Bouchard-$1.2 mil
18. Nyrop-$1 mil
19. Engblom-$950,000
20. M. Wilson-$900,000
21. Risebrough-$850,000
22. Chartraw-$750,000
23. Lupien-$500,000
Remember, these would be contracts equal to their playing quality at the time.
Wow, that adds up to a $87 million budget. If that were one of today's top payrolls, you couldn't say it was bought. Just very expensive.
That was fun. Let's try the same with another team
1971 Habs
1. Beliveau-$9.75 million
2. F. Mahovlich-$9 million
3. Cournoyer-$7.5 million
4. Lemaire-$6.5 mil
5. H. Richard-$6 mil
6. J.C. Tremblay-$5.5 mil
7. Laparriere-$5 mil
8. P. Mahovlich-$2.75 mil
9. Houle-$2.5 mil
10. Tardif-$2.25 mil
11. Rogie Vachon-$2 mil
12. Ferguson-$1.75 mil
13. Lapointe-$1.5 mil
14. Roberto-$1.25 mil
15. Harper-$1.2 mil
16. Larose-$1.15 mil
17. Rochefort-$1.1 mil
18. Bouchard-$750,000
19. Dryden-$500,000
20. Sheehan-$450,000.
21. Lefley-$400,000
22. Murdoch-$350,000
Let's see, a less costly cup win with Dryden being a total bargain. A $70 mil payroll!

Brisebois 09-28-2003 09:08 PM


Originally Posted by Hab-a-maniac
Considering today's salaries, what would a great pre-90s team make? Here's what I think the 1977-78 Habs would look like:

8. Savard-$5.5 million
10. Gainey-$4 million
12. Jarvis-$2.25 million
13. Houle-$2 mil

Heh heh :D

Hab-a-maniac 09-28-2003 09:10 PM

Here's a really expensive cup winner
1. Beliveau-$9 mil
2. M. Richard-$8.5 mil
3. Plante-$8.25 mil
4. Harvey-$8 mil
5. Geoffrion-$7.5 mil
6. Moore-$5 mil
7. H. Richard-$4.75 mil
8. Olmstead-$3 mil
9. Johnson-$2 mil
10. Curry-$1.8 mil
11. St. Laurent-$1.75 mil
12. McNeil-$1.5 mil
13. Turner-$1.25 mil
14. Talbot-$1.2 mil
15. Provost-$1.1 mil
16. Goyette-$750,000
17. Marshall-$500,000
18. Pronovost-$400,000
19. Broden-$300,000
There's a smaller team and a payroll of 64.5 million.
THe 1982 Islanders.
1. Bossy-$10.75 mil
2. Trottier-$10.25 mil
3. Potvin-$8.75 mil
4. Smith-$8.25 mil
5. Tonelli-$5.5 mil
6. Gilles-$5 mil
7. Goring-$4 mil
8. Persson-$3 mil
9. Bourne-$2.5 mil
9. Nystrom-$2.25 mil
10. B. Sutter-$2 mil
11. Jonsson-$1.9 mil
12. D. Sutter-$1.75 mil
13. Melanson-$1.5 mil
14. Morrow-$1.25 mil
15. Merrick-$1.1 mil
16. Lorimer-$1.05 mil
17. Lane-$1 mil
18. Gilbert-$750,000
19. Kallur-$700,000
20. Caroll-$600,000
21. Marini-$550,000
22. McEwen-$500,000
Comes out to $75 million
Here's a huge budget
1984 Oilers
1. Gretzky-$16 million: sick, but true.
2. Kurri-$7.5 mil (not quite a 60-70 goal scorer yet)
3. Coffey-$7.25 mil (not at the peak of his powers)
4. Messier-$7 mil
5. Anderson-$6.75 mil
6. Fuhr-$5.5 mil (not yet the no. 1)
7. Lowe-$2.75 mil
8. Moog-$2.5 mil
9. Linseman-$2 mil
10. Lindstrom-$1.8 mil
11. Semenko-$1.75 mil
12. Hughes-$1.7 mil
13. Conacher-$1.6 mil
14. Lumley-$1.55 mil
15. Huddy-$1.5 mil
16. Fogolin-$1.25 mil
17. Gregg-$1.2 mil
18. Jackson-$1.1 mil
19. McLelland-$800,000
20. Hunter-$750,000
21. Pouzar-$600,000
$73 million, holy cr@p. In 3 years, the whole cost prolly would go up by 10 mil based on Kurri, Messier, Anderson and Coffey's progressions.
1986 Habs-cheapest ever cause of all those rookies
1. Naslund-$7 mil
2. Smith-$6.5 mil
3. Robinson-$5 mil
4. Carbonneau-$3.25 mil
5. Chelios-$3.2 mil
6. Gainey-$2.25 mil
7. Walter-$2.1 mil
8. Ludwig-$2 mil
9. Svoboda-$1.9 mil
10. Green-$1.75 mil
11. McPhee-$1.7 mil
12. Soetart-$1.6 mil
13. Tremblay-$1.55 mil
14. Gingras-$1.5 mil
15. Penney-$1.25 mil (not on cup)
16. Nilan-$1.2 mil
17. Dahlin-$1.1 mil
18. Deblois-$1.05 mil
19. Richer-$1 mil
20. Lemieux-$950,000
21. Skrudland-$900,000
22. Kurvers-$850,000
23. Maley-$800,000
24. Lalor-$750,000
25. Boisvert-$650,000
26. Roy-$600,000
27. Rooney-$500,000
28. Kordic-$400,000
29. Bucyk-$350,000 (not on cup)
A mere $50 million team.

mcphee 09-29-2003 02:41 AM

Welcome, your thread's interesting and well thought out. Take it a step further, assume a GM would be forced to trim payroll because there is no way a non NY franchise could generate enough revenue to allow for $87M. By 77-78 Cournoyer would have been dumped, as his best days were behind him and in 2003 dollars there is no room for sentiment.
Lambert would be moved for a youg player at the minimum. Larouche would not be kept around, if he was Lemaire would have to go. The Habs didn't know Lemaire would retire in 2 years. Mondou, Houle and Wilson would be the second line as they couldn't have established players in non essential roles. That would trim about $12M and I'm sure they would look to replace Shutt with a young hotshot draft choice in the next year or so.

I guess my conclusion is that in the current marketplace, developing a great young team is possible, but you'd better win because you won't keep them together long. Ottawa comes to mind, as they have such a crop of superior young talent that if still together in 3-5 years, some hard decisions will have to be made. Atlanta may have the same situation, can you have that many elite players at one time in their prime ? Colorado comes to mind but the Kariya and Sellanne contracts make them a one time only thing.

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