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JamestheSame 11-04-2013 11:51 AM

The west is strong this year
Not a very important thread, but I figured why not start one? Doesn't seem to be many new ones popping up.

The west is going to be tough this year. I'm looking at our rank and we currently sit 10th in the conference. I'm looking at the last 10 games on nhl.com for us and the teams ahead of us.

Colorado: 9-1
San Jose: 6-1-3
Anaheim: 7-2-1
Phoenix: 7-1-2
Chicago: 6-1-3
Vancouver: 7-2-1
Minnesota: 6-3-1
St. Louis: 6-2-2
LA: 6-4-0
Nashville: 6-2-2

Only being 14-15 games into the season this is insane. Our stretch over the last ten games has been impressive to me. We have 14 points out of a possible 20. That's not bad. We haven't gained any ground.

Which leads me to my next point. Last year we had so many shootout losses. Currently on the season we are 0-2 on the shootout. That's 2 points wasted. Will this be an issue this year?

We are a defense oriented team which means scores will be close. If we lose the majority of our shootouts this year it could spell the difference between playoffs or no playoffs.

Who do we have that can shoot? I'll be honest, I haven't got to watch but maybe 3-4 games so far this year. I saw our first shootout the other night and we looked horrible.

token grinder 11-04-2013 12:14 PM

couple of things to remember, the whole east vs west thing will balance each other out, or at the very least the east teams will win at a better rate than they are now. The Pacific has to beat each other up still.

To date, the central has played 40 games vs the east and the pacific has played 56.

Central teams have played 42 games vs each other and pacific only 32.

Patience. The Pacific will come back to earth

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