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Rowley Birkin 07-26-2005 09:48 AM

my attempt at a Blue and Gold
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OK, i am personally tired of the people who are always moaning about the colours of the jerseys, and of the whole B+G thing. I like the Black+Red jerseys and think they look good. I don't like the old B+G jerseys that much, although the white one looks OK. And i also don't care what colours we play in, as long as we put a good team on the ice. But i was bored just now, and thought i'd have a go at making a good compromise between the two. I realise that by doing this, nobody is going to like it! Anyway....

I have kept the same jersey style as the current ones, becuase i think they look great, and ARE unique. The only jersey that looks anything like ours is the Pens, and aside from the old Vancouver jersey, its impossible to make a jersey both look great and be totally unique. And anyway, the old B+G was almost identical to the Blues jerseys..... And i don't like most of those Celsius designs because they ARE pretty plain and common looking. And with the colours, they look like Nashville's. I like some of the Celsius ideas however, and you can definately see a bit of inspiration from there in my jerseys.

I have limited the jersey to three colours - white, a blue which is lighter than celsius, similar to the old school ones, and metallic gold. I like the metallic look if its only small parts of the jersey, and if we used the old yellow, then we are too close to Nashville/St Louis colours. The only other colour i used was a darker blue to show contrast on the logo.

For the logo, i've used a slightly simplified version of our current 3rd logo. I love this, because its simple yet effective. We are thee Sabres, not the Buffalos. But i quite like the 'goat head' {i never saw the comparison myself.... } so i used that for the shoulder patch, making the trim gold instead of red.

The font used is the same as the current jerseys, as i think it looks good, is easy to read, and is also quite unique {only Calgary uses the same}. The colours of the font are gold trimmed with white on the dark jersey, and blue trimmed with gold on the white jersey.

There is no 3rd jersey, as i hate them.

Hit me with some abuse and criticism. ;)

Takeo 07-26-2005 09:55 AM

Nice effort, but I just don't like the swords as the primary emblem. The circle makes it look empty.

Zikky 07-26-2005 10:00 AM

Wow ! They are truly nice ! Maybe I would put more color on the gold but they are really nice ! very very very good job

Rowley Birkin 07-26-2005 06:15 PM


Originally Posted by Takeo
Nice effort, but I just don't like the swords as the primary emblem. The circle makes it look empty.

A difference of opinion I guess, as i think the logo with the sabres and the buffalo on top looks messy and cluttered. I love the simple logo's. The old school Canucks ice rink, the Bruins B and the calgary C are my favourites.

I do think the goat head looks good as well, but think that as we're the Sabres and not the Buffalo's, then we should have Sabres as the main logo. And also, Nashville's logo is kind of similar, a little bit.

It does look a little bare at the top though, maybe that could be fixed by having thicker sabres. I'll give it a shot later maybe.

Zikky, thanks for your comments also

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