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Shark Tank 11-30-2013 02:37 PM

Online Shopping
Where do you guys do shopping for hockey equipment online? Looking for an Oakley visor, however no hockey stores in my area have the one I am looking for. All the online stores that offer it have ridiculous shipping which almost costs half as much as the visor itself.

nycpunk1 12-09-2013 03:03 PM

This specific one won't help, but if you go to a Pure Hockey store and they don't have something in stock, you can order from their computer and get free shipping. The PH near me in Medford, MA has a pitiful selection. Guess who never pays for shipping? This guy! Worth looking into similar policies at chains with a brick and mortar store near you.

I've also had good luck just poking around the sites for other stuff I need. Picked up a clearance stick on Totalhockey for a great price, and added a white practice jersey, black tape and a single puck to get the free shipping. Everything but the stick was basically free, since it cost less than shipping on the stick would have been. Doesn't hurt to team up with a buddy either.

Of course, this kind of strategy can bite you in the behind if you don't have the inborn thriftiness of the New England Yankee. You may end up with a bunch of crap you don't need or use.

SaintTavares 12-09-2013 03:32 PM

icewarehouse.com has free shipping on orders of $75.00 and over. They also have a twenty percent off discount sitewide, but they may eliminate the free shipping, so if you're looking for something else too relatively cheap, its a good deal. Just bought a new set of wheels, stick, and roller pants from there for about $100.

The Tikkanen 12-10-2013 08:57 AM

Yah, when it comes to online shopping you really need to search around to find the best deal. I live in SoCal, I have Hockey Monkey and Hockey Giant within driving distance but when I do need to order something online I use icewarehouse.com due to their perks and they are in Oceanside I believe so it is basically next day shipping. If you are looking for a specific item I've found just googling the product and looking at each site that has it can help narrow it down. Try to find free shipping or a percentage off and something that isn't on the other side of the country.

Canadiens1958 12-10-2013 10:57 AM

Shill Posts
Posts that shill for a specific online vendor will be deleted. Overview or comparable type posts are acceptable but posts that simply recommend in an imperative fashion are not.

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