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rigger 07-27-2005 05:48 PM

Now I know this is about 6 months sooner then I should be starting this thread but what do you guys think the standings in the west will look like. Will the Preds build on last year and become a threat in the west, will detroit lose a lot from last year, will columbus make a move with their young talent. Will the flames fizzle? What about edmonton, if they get that number 1 center can they make a run at it. Just wondering what you think, here are my predictions for the top 10 positions in the west.

1) Colorado
2) Detroit
3) San Jose
4) Vancouver
5) Nashville
6) Edmonton
7) Calgary
8) Phoenix
9) St.Louis
10) Dallas

Now this may not work out because of all the divisional play, it is stacked with North West teams and they may not all make it because teams in other conferences may be able to win more due to the competition, no knock on Nashville, but the division you are in is a favorable one in the west. Let me know how you guys see it playing out, I took into consideration that the teams that need to sign key guys, actually sign them or this will be very different.

golfmade 07-27-2005 06:38 PM

It's WAY too early to start talking standings, we still don't know where many UFA/RFA players will end up (hopefully several key ones will end up in Smashville though :D ;) )

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