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Aufheben 01-14-2014 05:26 PM

Question About Goalie Masks
Hey all. So, tl;dr, I'm a painter/illustrator and I want to starting doing goalie masks. The problem is that they're so expensive. So I'm wondering if anyone knows where to get cheap masks, or some sort of substitute, or any info related to the customization of hockey equipment. Thanks.

scryan 01-15-2014 12:38 AM

if there is like a play it again or used sports store you may be able to find one used pretty cheap. Or ebay... You could probably get cheap enough if your not looking for actual decent protection.

If your confident, and are just looking to try it out and build a photo gallery to advertise yourself, you may think about posting here (mod edit), with samples of other work you have done (in the same medium you would use and on a 3 dimensional object ideally, but even just other work paintings) and offering to do a mask for free under the terms that they send you a mask, you try your hand at painting it, then send it back.

Even if they are unhappy it could be brought back to white, you get a body of work and experience, they get something between a reasonable paintjob they can live with to an amazing free custom paintjob.

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