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sir_captain 01-19-2014 07:34 PM

Yes, really. A Wade Redden appreciation thread
I know we're harsh on the guy, but he's a class act. Never complained one bit publicly about being humiliated down in the AHL. He really helped some of our younger D-men, particularly McD. McD credits him with helping him deal with not making the NHL team out of camp his rookie year. And Redden just tweeted, among other things:

"i want to thank the ottawa senators, new york rangers, st. louis blues and the boston bruins for making my NHL career the best"

"i'll always cherish the good memories for the rest of my life. I've played with alot of good players and made alot of good friends."

Anyway, I want to thank him for being a team player, good role model and standup guy. :handclap:

Emptyvoid 01-19-2014 07:38 PM

I don't think anyone actually hated Wade Redden the person. He's a really standup guy and has helped this organization train some of its youth D, such as McD.

All the vitriol towards him is mainly Sather's fault. Giving a declining former star defenseman an albatross of a contract. No fault to Redden, but unfortunately he got all the hate for it.

GrimNYR8899* 01-19-2014 07:40 PM

Why does he get an appreciation thread..cause he mentions NYR in a comment,lol. NYR over paid him and made his life miserable as they made his,kind of...no reason for him to have a thread on the NYR forum.

a tribe cq 01-19-2014 07:43 PM

I'll tell you what...

While Redden was in the minors for us, apparently he made a HUGE impact on all our young defensive prospects in the life of a professional hockey player, and how to many other skills that aren't just natural abilities. I remember reading numerous articles about him working with them, outside of just practice alone. ESPECIALLY Ryan McDonagh, who IIRC thanked Redden alot in interviews.

For what it's worth, because of that alone, thank you Wade.

JohnC 01-19-2014 08:05 PM


Originally Posted by GrimNYR8899 (Post 78352321)
Why does he get an appreciation thread..cause he mentions NYR in a comment,lol. NYR over paid him and made his life miserable as they made his,kind of...no reason for him to have a thread on the NYR forum.

If someone posts something non appreciative in an appreciation thread is it off topic? If so, reported.

BlueshirtBlitz 01-19-2014 08:10 PM

Redden was a good guy, good hockey player, unfortunate that he was a bad Ranger.

Oh well. Can't cry over zapping Dolan's money, and we weren't another 6 mil signing away from doing any good while he was here, IMO, so as bad as it was to endure his tenure the money really wasn't holding us back too much.

Kovacic 01-19-2014 08:30 PM

Imagine if that contract was all together avoided. Who would've Sather targeted instead that summer?

nevesis 01-19-2014 08:31 PM

What the ****???

Beacon 01-19-2014 08:32 PM

How is it Redden's fault that he accepted the money Slats offered him? Wouldn't you? If you are a lawyer who charges $300 an hour, but a client is willing to pay you $1,000 an hour, do you reject it? If you are a girl and a guy brings you diamond ear rings instead of flowers for Valentine's Day, do you reject it?

I would do exactly what Redden did. Not complaining makes him a standup guy.

Tawnos 01-19-2014 08:34 PM

The player was all class, even if the class of his play went down sharply. I really do appreciate how he helped guys in the minors.

It's similar to Drury. For all his faults, he helped make the Pack-line guys the players they are today... and that was a huuuuuge part of the best season we've had in 15 years.

Punxrocknyc19* 01-19-2014 08:34 PM

redden's best moment..

Mr Atoz* 01-19-2014 08:37 PM

It wasn't just that his skills eroded, it was obvious that he didn't put the effort in on the ice and did incredibly stupid things in the defensive zone. We've watched a lot of guys decline that didn't decline mentally, Jay Wells being one example. Yes, the contract made infinitely worse but Malik was booed out of town in a similar fashion.

Good for him for not publicly whining and making the best of a bad situation but the guy played himself off the team on merit, or lack thereof. I'm not about to hand him any awards.

ECL 01-19-2014 08:38 PM

Redden is a good guy. Helped out our young D a lot. I give him a lot of credit for that because he could have just been a complete bad egg down there if he wanted to. He didn't have to go out of his way to help the guys.

pld459666 01-19-2014 08:38 PM


nyr2k2 01-19-2014 10:16 PM

Unnecessary thread is unnecessary.

I appreciated that Redden was a good soldier. He's gone, though, and there's no reason to look back.

Killem Dafoe 01-19-2014 10:31 PM

I thought i went back in time for a second.

eco's bones 01-19-2014 10:38 PM

Nice having a $6.5 mil per year minor league player/assistant coach. The sooner forgotten--the better.

Ian 01-19-2014 11:19 PM

sir_captain, pls

Green Blob* 01-19-2014 11:51 PM

He was ALWAYS a class act and took everything in stride. Lot a respect was given to him over those years. He took on a leadership role in the minors and helped our kids out.

Not his fault Sather went crazy and gave him the big bucks, was he suppose to be stupid and not sign it?

mrhockey193195 01-20-2014 12:04 AM

Always loved Redden when he was a young defenseman with Ottawa, thought he had the potential to be one of the best of his generation...and you could argue that he played at that level for a few seasons.

But it became very clear that he was declining at an alarming rate, and I hate to speculate, but it seemed to happen almost immediately after his mother passed away. All things considered, he had a tremendous career and it's sad that many people will remember him for his 2 years as a Ranger instead of his ~10 seasons with Ottawa, most of which were fantastic.

Bob Richards 01-20-2014 01:27 AM

We don't need this.

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