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DKH 10-01-2003 05:33 AM

Samsonov-Bergeron-Lapointe second line?
If Bergeron really has this 'complete' game we are hearing then why not play him with Samsonov and Lapointe. Lapointe offers protection, familiarity and to be honest can just go back to doing grunt work and concentrating on beating the piss out of the Brenden Witts of the world who toss try the old face wash to young Bergeron. Marty focuses on that part instead of scoring 27 goals again and has a purpose. As for Samsonov and Bergeron? Heck, if Bergeron is good in all facets then why not give him the dynamic Sammy. If this ever clicked, whoa.....we would have some serious talent on all three lines- you could put Rolston between Samuelsson and Axelsson to form maybe the fastest line in hockey and have a tough grinding line for fourth line. Zamuner offers a multitude of useful skill and can play all over since injuries will crop up. Again, if Bergeron is really this good this teams forwards are equally 'really' good.

Ratty 10-01-2003 06:32 AM

The problem is, LaPointe is out injured for about a month. The team must make a decision on Bergeron before the tenth game of the season, if he's still around by then.

ron jeremy jacobs 10-01-2003 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by Aceyalone
Lapointe is like an offensive blackhole who would totally bring down the productivity of this line. I'd prefer the top two lines as follows:

Thornton centering Knuble and Huml
Zino/Bergeron centering Samsonov and Murray

Huml could be this years project to play with Joe, and both Knuble and Huml should easily get 30+ goals playing with Thornton. Samsonov and Murray are more than adequate offensively and responsible defensively to ease in a rookie (either Zino or Bergeron) into the 2nd line center role.

This way Rolston and Axe still get to play together on the 3rd line and continue their tandem from last season.

Great plan. I'd have Hilbert in the mix w/ Bergeron and Zinovjev... but with his groin injury it makes sense to start him in Providence, so I can see why you left him out. Bring him up in 10 games if we need to send Bergeron back to the Q.

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