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Lowetide 10-01-2003 03:13 PM

20 goal men
How many players do the Oilers have who could score 20 goals this season? Here's the last 5 seasons:

02-03: Ryan Smyth (27), Anson Carter (25), Mike York (22), Todd Marchant (20), Mike Comrie (20). TOTAL: 5

01-02: Mike Comrie (33), Anson Carter (28). TOTAL: 2

00-01: Ryan Smyth (31), Doug Weight (25), Mike Grier (20). Total: 3

99-00: Ryan Smyth (28), Alexander Selivanov (27), Bill Guerin (24), Doug Weight (21). Total: 4

98-99: Bill Guerin (30), Rem Murray (21), Mike Grier (20). Total: 3

Here's my list:

Ryan Smyth
Mike York
Radek Dvorak
Ales Hemsky

Anyone else? Isbister? Does Hemsky belong on that list?

Malmo_Mike 10-01-2003 03:21 PM

Smyth, Dvorak, York, Comrie (if he stays)

I think Isbister is going to come close, but for right now he's not on my list. I don't see Hemsky scoring 20 either, I think he's good for around 9-12.

PineJockey 10-01-2003 03:29 PM

Smyth, Izzy, Hemsky, D-Vo, York, Comrie (if he is around obviously),

FacelessButcher 10-01-2003 03:30 PM

I am sure Chimera and Horcoff would be borderline if they got 2nd line minutes

Walsher 10-01-2003 03:31 PM

This year I wouldn't be suprised to see a couple sleepers on that list as well. Think of the year Chimera had last year with limited play he could easily get 20. Reasoner if played in offensive situations has shown in the pre-season and towards the latter parts of last year. And lastly I have been waiting for Ethan Moreau's coming out party of sorts offensively. To me he has the tools - good speed, good hard shot, and a ton of effort to score the 20 goals he just seems to find himself in slumps that last too long. If I were a betting man I would say at least one of these three has a good shot at hitting 20 even on limited roles checking or 4th line. As for the others (Smyth, Hemsky, Dvo, Comrie, York & possibly Isbister) they should be and better be automatics for the Oilers sake.

McJadeddog 10-01-2003 03:40 PM

i think smyth will be good for 25-30, york 18-25, dvorak 20-25

other than those i dont think there are any that are very safe bets to pot 20 this year..... of course i think comrie will if he doesnt hold out for more than a month and of course doesnt get taded, lol..... isbister *might* if he comes to play everyday and gets sufficient time on the 1st line, but i still dont believe that isbister is for real..... hemsky might as well, but even once this kid matures, i dont see him as being a 40 goal scorer in this league, but rather a 20-25 goal, 50-60 assist man.... i wouldnt expect more than 15 from hemsky though this year, as he *si* still only 20 people (but hey, ill be DAM happy if he does manage to get 20+ this year :))

McJadeddog 10-01-2003 03:52 PM

speaking of this topic (20+ goal scorers) i really think that because the oilers dont have anybody that is gonna get 40+ (hell we'll be lucky to have one player over 30) that we are gonna need a couple dark horses to get 20+ as well. dvo, smyth and york *should* get 20 and are expected to as well. 2 of the following players will also have to get around 20 or so for edmonton to make up the difference in offence from not having comrie: hemsky, isbister, horcoff, reasoner, chimera

of course this could all change if, by some miracle, comrie is signed. or if lowe makes a sweet trade (like chistov)

VayaConDios 10-01-2003 03:53 PM


I think all these guys could end up getting 20 or more this year.

ZIM 10-01-2003 03:58 PM

Without Comrie the Oilers score less than 200 goals for the season. 20 goal scorers are:

Mowzie 10-01-2003 04:07 PM

players that have the potential to break 20 this year are...
Comrie (if he's here)

players that will fulfill their potential...
Comrie (if he's here)

McJadeddog 10-01-2003 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by omar
Without Comrie the Oilers score less than 200 goals for the season. 20 goal scorers are:

i wouldnt go that far.... i think that even without comrie that this years team should score about the same amount as last years. and heres why:

dvorak will have a full season as will isbister. these 2 will make up for carters totals.

hemsky having a full season under his belt, and will prolly net about 15 or so.

there isnt any way in hell edmonton can have as many devastating injuries this year as last *knock on wood*, so the inportant players (smyth, york) will hopefully play most of the season relatively injury free.

mamettt 10-01-2003 06:20 PM

My picks
As I look at the roster, here are my picks for 20 goal men, if they all stay healthy, of course.

Smyth: no brainer, will easily do it.
York: no brainer, ice time and PP time should get him there.
Hemksy: If he gets the ice time, he will score in his league
Dvorak: If he plays like he did down the stretch, he'll do it.
Isbister: the more I think about isbister, the more I like him and the more I think he will have a great year. He's having a monster pre-season, has made chemsitry with smyth, and will be playing a lot of minutes, both PP and 5 on 5. If given the ice time, I expect big things from him this year.

And my dark horse selection:

Jason Chimera: He may get up to this mark, as I think he will be given more responsibility and PP time. HE's progressed very nicely, and I don't think it's totally out of the question for him.

Oiler94 10-01-2003 06:41 PM

Smyth: 30+ goals
Dvorak: bout 25ish
York: 20-25
Hemsky: 20+
Horcoff: Maybe 20 is he has a good year

If Comrie stays, probably about 25-30.

Ironchef Chris Wok* 10-02-2003 12:48 AM


jofa 10-02-2003 05:39 AM

Big Georges. This is the 20-20 season he's been waiting for.

Hemsky, Smyth, York, Dvorak, Isbister, Horcoff... they've all got realistic chances of making 20g. Even Reasoner, Rita, Chimera, or Moreau could surprise. Ok, maybe I'm a little Oiler biased, but I think we could see at least a half dozen 20g guys this season...

McThome 10-02-2003 06:56 AM

Smyth, York are locks, and should be flirting with 30 (Smyth could be looking at a career year with Hemmer passing the puck). York if he's healthy will be a serious threat to hit 30+ - I mean he was hurt for like the last third of the games he played, and he started the season on the fourth line (played like 15 games there). Horcoff is primed for a 20 goal season as his ice time will go up and he should be with MUCH more skilled players. Dvo should be mid 20's - but he certainly has 30+ ability and potential and I wouldn't be suprised to see it happen. Hemsky if he wants to will score 20 (just a matter of having him shoot that may stop him). Chimera should get around 15 and could flirt with 20 if he gets any powerplay time and time on the top six. With an improving Reasoner passing him the puck Ethan could easily hit 20 if he avoids a bad slump (he hit two or three posts in like two games last year and then was cold after that). Isbister is set to have a break out year, and shold thrive under our style of play with lots of ice time. so my goal predictions are:
Smyth - 35
York - 29-31
Dvorak - 25ish
Isbister - 21-23
Hemsky - 21
Horcoff - 22
Chimera (if he gets the chance) - 20+ (if he plays same amount as last year, expect fairly similar numbers, say 16ish)

Hemsky4PM 10-02-2003 11:37 AM

I have a new one: Fernando Pisani

Had 8 goals in 35 games last year. That's about 17 projected over a full season. Includes some big games, which is two-sided, he has some goal scoring ability, but lacks offensive consistency.

My list:
Comrie(you know the drill)

I don't think Hemsky will get 20, I do think he will top 40 assists handily, and will be a big reason other guys reach the 20 mark. He will get 20 soon enough, just maybe not this soon.

Oil_in_my_veins 10-02-2003 12:07 PM

Smyth = 35+ (breakthrough season)
Dvorak = 30+ (he can doooo it)
Hemsky = 25+ (with his eyes closed)
Isbister = 20+ (no problem, no that he's away from Mikey Milbury)
Chimera = 20+ (the guy scored 14 last year with very limited ice time)

Salmelainen = 15+ (could be higher, we'll see) I'm going to go out on a limb and say he'll stick all year and be in the top 3 for rookie of the year.

Comrie - no (even if he signs ;)
York - no (he'll be Mr. Playmaker with all our new snipers)
Pisani - no

Vyse64 10-02-2003 12:51 PM

Comrie (if signed ever)

Hemsky will at least double his goals from last season, i don't think he will be able to get 20 right now.

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