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Guy Flaming 10-01-2003 06:44 PM

Questions for the Oil on Thurs.
What would you like to know? As always, I'll do my best.

Give me lots of questions for the remaining prospects... keep me busy. Also give me some for the prospects in the minors, colleges and Europe too.

McJadeddog 10-01-2003 06:54 PM

i would like to know how the brass feels about salm's offensive production during the preseason. it looks like he has the offensive skills to produce, but is he too small? (the idea being that the team has put a lot of emphasis on size the last two years)

i would also like to know what they are feeling about rita. a player who (IMO) is probably the most skilled of the bunch but has seemed to play indifferently this preseason, but played rather well in his callup last year. maybe hes just having a couple off games.

Narnia 10-01-2003 06:58 PM

An update on the injury situation with Smyth, Brewer, Horcoff and Allen.

dem 10-01-2003 07:49 PM

Is there even anything to ask these guys anymore? Youve done interviews with like.. everyone :p

Which is a good thing btw :handclap:

oildrop 10-01-2003 08:27 PM

How about asking if they plan on taking anyone or if they have a slight interest in anyone in the Waiver Draft?

As for Dem's Avatar...Go Barney Go Barney!! :joker:

Oilersyul89 10-02-2003 04:47 AM

Update on Comrie Situation

Mr Sakich 10-02-2003 05:47 AM

1 rita - has he shown enough?

2 valiquette - he has been solid when playing but has seen very little ice-time and is available in the waiver draft. Has he disappointed or is it just a numbers game?

3 former flame captain simpson is available. What does the org think of him? Would they take a chance on him if he was still available?

4 can the org have another small forward on the team (Selmo)? Is it a concern? According to the papers, he has outplayed rita and pisani and deserves to be on the team. Would this force the oilers into trading at least one forward?

5 Is there any benefit to having rita play another year in the minors or would he be better off as a bit player in the nhl?

6 Bergie has had a great camp so far as has Luoma. Ferguson has been pretty well invisible. Is there any chance that bergie and luoma could make fergie expendable?

Guy Flaming 10-02-2003 06:40 AM


Originally Posted by thor dyck
5 Is there any benefit to having rita play another year in the minors or would he be better off as a bit player in the nhl?

Thor Dyck... gotta read the articles I write dude: From the last article...

Asked whether Rita would be too good for the AHL to aid his development this year, Howson stated his case bluntly.

“Until you’ve established yourself as a NHL player, I don’t think you’re ever too good to go back (to the AHL).”

Mowzie 10-02-2003 06:46 AM

1. With only 2 pre-season games left, and the inevitable soon upon us (cuts), do any of these kids have the inside track on any others or is it basically neck and neck.

2a. Will the Smyth at Centre experiment continue to be looked at or did his late injury put him back on wing.

2b. Do you feel comfortable with your 4 Centre rotation the way it is or will you be looking to tinker with it a bit more (ie. deals, waiver claims etc.)

3. You announced your plans for Grant Fuhr's ceremony to be held next Thursday, do you think having such a long and emotional break between warm-ups and the face-off will have an effect on your guys play.

oildrop 10-02-2003 09:53 AM

What about asking what the new name of the building might be?

Hemsky4PM 10-02-2003 11:15 AM

I would like to know if the Oilers are concerned with the lack of offense displayed in the preseason. Who do they hope will replace the offense lost without Comrie and the off-season departure of Marchant? When evaluating the remaining players in camp, will offense be the primary focus, or will it be players' ability to play in the system and be responsible defensively?

Guy, please don't accept the fence walking answer :" both offense and defensive team play are important". Offense or defense, which is it for the remaining guys.

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