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Machinehead 03-09-2014 01:53 PM

I miss our home jerseys
Alternates in 4 straight :scared:

3 stars coming at you

Bozle 03-09-2014 01:54 PM

Awful title

Should use the alternates more than the regulars

Killem Dafoe 03-09-2014 01:54 PM

Kreider and McDonagh

Good to see Kreider net a couple.

aufheben 03-09-2014 01:54 PM

Me too!

Vitto79 03-09-2014 01:55 PM


Originally Posted by Killem Dafoe (Post 81395001)
Kreider and McDonagh

Good to see Kreider net a couple.

Yea he needed that

NYRFANMANI 03-09-2014 01:55 PM

Kreids, McD, Hank

Let's get this going! Hank really looked stellar closing in. Entirely in the game. Keep that up!

Loffen 03-09-2014 01:55 PM

The hell with the refs. **** yeah, Hank! **** yeah, McDaddy! **** yeah, CK!

GG boys.

Amazing Kreiderman 03-09-2014 01:55 PM

Girardi just showed why he should be our next captain. The presence of mind to get the puck for this milestone win by Lundqvist.

Kreider was amazing, MSL played as usual, which is awesome, and McDonagh again with game-breaking moments.

aufheben 03-09-2014 01:56 PM

Extra sweet win with all the bullspit the Wings got away with.

SnowblindNYR 03-09-2014 01:56 PM

I know he's a 1st liner, but still nice to see our depth put up goals.

WhatThePuck 03-09-2014 01:56 PM

Excellent game from Kreider, Stepan and Hank.....solid win.

Riche16 03-09-2014 01:56 PM

Congrats to Hank! Those are some great milestones to reach/eclipse.

Let Blaine Die 03-09-2014 01:56 PM

Would also go with McD, Kreidaman and Henke for Top 3. Hopefully this spells the end for the post-Olympics hangover.

BBKers 03-09-2014 01:56 PM

Kreider, McD, Hank
HM - J Moore, Stepan, Nash, Girardi, Zucc

Wanna see more of MSL
Richards feet are in cement

Holocene 03-09-2014 01:57 PM

I love the alts. It's probably because I prefer navy to royal blue but I like the alts better than the originals.

Anyway! Stars to Hank, Kreider, Stepan, HMs to J. Moore, McDonagh, Boyle, Girardi, Staal.

mike14 03-09-2014 01:57 PM

Great 3rd period, really controlled the play and was great to see after a lackluster 2nd.

CK, McD and Hank were my 3 stars.

Congrats to Lundqvist on 300 and the 49 shutouts

ColonialsHockey10 03-09-2014 01:57 PM

Awesome 3rd period. Way to close it out.

JohnC 03-09-2014 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by BrianBoyle (Post 81394997)
Awful title

Should use the alternates more than the regulars


SnowblindNYR 03-09-2014 01:58 PM

This was a vitage Hank effort. Great to see. The D was very good too.

White Plains Batman 03-09-2014 01:59 PM

McD is a monster. Good gave for the D, 1st line, and 4th line.

MSL is the new Del Zotto with the high fives after wins.

Machinehead 03-09-2014 01:59 PM

I love the alts too but after 4 straight games it's like hey we have these other ones... :laugh:

gump116 03-09-2014 01:59 PM

Three Stars:


Red Wings interference: even worse than expected
NBC telecast: blew the coverage on the first and third goals. Sound seemed off at times, no post-game at all. Mike Milbury in the pregame on the Callahan-St. Louis trade: "this trade really works for the rangers as long as they make the conference finals". That's actually the one case where the trade is bad for the Rangers: if they get eliminated in the ECF.

FLNYR 03-09-2014 02:00 PM

Once again J. Moore had a good game but was overshadowed by MacTruck

irishlaxburger2 03-09-2014 02:00 PM

Whenever I say "this team has potential to really do damage in the playoffs", I'll point to a game like this one. At no point during this game did I think we would lose. Great 60 minute effort where we controlled play for the vast majority of it.

Just need this consistently now. This team is coming together.

BlueshirtBlitz 03-09-2014 02:01 PM

McD with 35 points on the season. Can he become a 50 point d-man by next year?

Stepan with 9 points in his last 6 games- 1g 8a. Consistently good-to-great defensive play night in and night out. Pat Bergeron.

Kreider with two good goals. If he can finish the season with 20 goals and over 40 points, I think that's a huge success.

We have two young studs in McD and Stepan at key positions and Kreider is younger than both of them and on pace for 45~ points in his first full NHL season.

And of course, the King.

Lots of players to be happy about on this team.

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