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SoundwaveIsCharisma 08-14-2005 10:34 PM

Two-Piece Composite Sticks
Finally freed up enough spare money to get a few more two-pieces, so I was wondering if you guys (and gals) could give me a hand with something. Right now I'm using a two-piece Easton Ultra-Lite 100 Flex stick, and am in the market for picking up two other sticks. So, what are the best (from hearsay or experience), two-pieces available? and also, what "stars" have what curves (ie. A Coffey blade has a mid curve).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Raven25 08-15-2005 12:25 PM

Me, I'm using and really like the Louisville TPS rubber shaft (stiff flex). It's not much for the so-sought-after low-kick but it has a great all-around feel to the shaft in comparison to many shafts I've tried, and the rubber wrapping on the shaft gives it a nice tackiness in your hands (it wears well in this regard) = darn, it just feels good in your hands!

for curve, right now I'm sold on the CCM Brad Stuart curve (play d) - a tight closed heel curve that is great for knee-high slap-shots and good for snaps in close if you move the puck to the mid-blade. Not an ideal blade for wristers as it's very closed but if you play a very positional d-game it provides a nice arsenal for you in that role.

Freddie Mercury 08-15-2005 01:14 PM

I've used Senior TPS Rubbers and I find them very good for slapshots, backhands and wristshots. They were bad for snapshots though, and if you are going to get one, the heel curve would be the best option for the blade.

The EASTON Synthesis shafts are also pretty good. I find them just as good as the Synergy sticks, but way more durable because if you break the shaft, you still have the blade and vice-versa. If you have $220.00 or so (for the shaft and blade together), you should probably buy the Synthesis and if you buy it, make sure that you get the matching blade because I found that it is a horribly useless shaft without it. Get a Lidstrom curve if you are Defence, or a Sakic/Modano curve if you are Forward.

Bodmanza 08-31-2005 04:45 PM

Nice I was gonna post this exact thread... I want a two piece also... But am only 5'7, so you can say I need it most for stickhandling and feel, not so much powerful slappers.... But dont the shafts get stiffer if you cut them down? I would def. need to cut down a senior shaft... :dunno:

Brodeur 08-31-2005 04:54 PM

There a little harder to find, but most of my friends who have tried Innovative sticks/shafts seem to like them a lot.

Just to make sure you know, stars are paid to endorse certain blades and they don't necessarily use that curve in real life. Ie, the Gaborik Mission curve (slight heel) is a lot different than the Gaborik Easton curve (deep mid, same as the Coffey).

Apparently 70% of NHLers use a Drury-ish curve, although I can't do anything with that curve.

Here's a blade chart: http://www.hockeygiant.com/bladechart.html

EazyB97 08-31-2005 05:09 PM

Tons of NHLers use Drury, or Drury type curves (Pro model is the Yzerman Pro, or YP).

I find Tapered shafts to be the best performing sticks out there. If you can get a hold of a Mission Flyweight shaft its great. I think TPS's Xn10 line offers the best performance out there. If you want durability, look towards CCM Vector series. Tapered shafts must be used with tapered blades ie. Synthesis, R2, Bauer Xv and 7500 and Missions L2 blades.

PJ Wiggum 09-01-2005 09:54 PM

I recently bought a Sherwood Momentum 99 shaft and loved it. It costs around $100 canadian and is a wood/composite hybrid, it is very durable and is great for taking slapshots and stick handling. The only downside is since it is a wooden stick there is no hole for a replacement nob at the end if you cut it too short, but it is definately worth the money. I would compare it with the Easton Ultra Lite shaft because it has the same wippiness and feel but is a bit flexier at the middle.

DaveyCrockett 09-02-2005 10:33 AM

I have an Easton Z-Bubble with a Lidstrom curve and it works very well for me.

SoundwaveIsCharisma 09-02-2005 07:24 PM

That blade chart was exactly what I was looking for. And yea, I did know they're paid to advertise certain blades, it's just easier going into a shop and grabbing the name rather then actually having to look at the blade for several minutes...I'm slow with the blade thing.

SportChek does however equal the worse selection this side of Costco, the only sticks they sell are the RBK 5k and Easton's Ultra-Lite, Z-Bubble and some other random stick. Other then that it's pretty barren.

But yea, thanks for all the replies.

Qui Gon Dave 09-02-2005 07:51 PM

Never had a chance to try one out, they dont seem to be available anywhere in the UK, but i have only ever heard good things about Innovative sticks and shafts. I have been thinking about getting one of the Novius shafts imported but that would be expensive. Anyone have any experience of their products?

I am currently using an RBK 5K shaft, ive had it three weeks now and i love it. I was a bit sceptical at first, wasn't expecting it to be up to much. But in the time ive had it, ive got my wrist shot back (had been using easton octanes and they weren't up to much compared to my old mission dangler) and my slap and snap shots are moving a bit quicker these days ;) Overall, its just a matter of seeing how durable it is. If it lasts a few more months then i would happily part with another 50 for a new one. The only reason i wouldnt is if i went after a far more expensive one, but thats unlikely unless innovative start selling over here.

As for blades, for about the last 5 or 6 months i have been using TPS Genesis blades, been trying out the Nash and Morrow patterns. Im happy with both. Both of them were cheap (about 20) and so far, they have hardly weakened at all. I had been using Koho crossovers previously which cost the same, and after 2 or 3 weeks, the blades were much more flexible than when new. The genesis blade i have used most (morrow) is still as rigid as when it arrived through the post.

Although if stick handling is the most important thing for you then try and find a Mission dangler, they are indestructable, decent weight and the perfect shape (radius wise) for slick stickhandling. Thats what ive found anyways. The only problem i had with it was firing a slapshot properly due to the curvature of the shaft.

EazyB97 09-04-2005 05:57 PM

I like the Inno sticks. They have good kick. I've used 2 1100 tapered shafts, 4 1100 OPS and a Novius. I found the 1100 had better feel, but the Novius had better kick. Most people love them, the only complaints I've heard is a bit of torquiing in the shafts. I didn't have this problem, but have heard others.

Also if you guys want another good forum to talk mostly equipment on PM me. I'm sure most of you guys have browsed it (I'll post it if a mod advises me, but am not sure on the rules).

Mogo 09-04-2005 06:15 PM

Always loved my Bauer's. If you never had an Bauer you should try one out.

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