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Et le But 04-01-2014 09:19 PM

That Sucked.
Suspend Murray.

WolfgangAmadeusEller* 04-01-2014 09:19 PM

What was that?

En7ropy 04-01-2014 09:19 PM

So THIS is how it feels to be a bruins fan... I dun like it

Shaby23 04-01-2014 09:19 PM

Tampa in 5

HABS win CUPS* 04-01-2014 09:19 PM

we looked tired

donghabs98 04-01-2014 09:20 PM

If this was a preview of the playoffs. The playoffs won't be too long for us :cry:

Treb 04-01-2014 09:20 PM

We clinched while losing! WTF is a brony? Edition

Born in 1909 04-01-2014 09:20 PM

No big deal.

Fans need to chill.

Habs didn't play their best hockey.

So what?

Next game.

CH25 04-01-2014 09:20 PM

I dont even know why I dislike Tampa so much :cry:

Nashy 04-01-2014 09:20 PM

Ah well, Habs have clinched a playoff spot, get to watch the Leafs go on life support....it could be worse.

But yeah, craptastic game, they always are when Count Lee refs.

Hope Of Glory 04-01-2014 09:20 PM

Biggest game of the year and Price is the only one showing?

FF de Mars 04-01-2014 09:20 PM

We will prevail. The puck didn't roll our way. Our players were experiencing the pressure.

Rosso Scuderia 04-01-2014 09:20 PM

Bad games from pretty much every players except Weaver, Plekanec and of course Price.

DD's turnover cost us a pt.

hockeyfan2k11 04-01-2014 09:20 PM

If Price is "decent" tonight we get blown out 6-1. He made this game a lot closer than it was. Good game for him. Trash for everyone else.

Tyson 04-01-2014 09:20 PM

I believe at this stage, TB is a better team and the Habs will have their hands full.

NobleSix 04-01-2014 09:20 PM

****ing habs.

How the hell do you come into a playoff preview with that pile of garbage effort?

Once again Price is the only show up.

tmesis 04-01-2014 09:20 PM

Chris Lee wins the game. What a ****ing joke. Why is he still a ref?

Fish on The Sand 04-01-2014 09:21 PM


Originally Posted by En7ropy (Post 82669453)
So THIS is how it feels to be a bruins fan... I dun like it

This makes no sense. Usually Boston outplays us and we win. Tampa made us their ***** and won. The two situations are not congruent at all.

Nedved 04-01-2014 09:21 PM

that experience on d though.. 4 guys over 33, so you know they can be trusted...unlike pk subban. too risky.

Danger Zone 04-01-2014 09:21 PM

That just sucked.

Falling apart after 20 minutes just sucked.

Watching Price put on one of his best performances of the season in a loss just sucked.

The reffing in general just sucked.

The only thing that would make me happy right now is if I was just...

aingaran 04-01-2014 09:21 PM

Habs better start losing more games, or hope Tampa loses games so they don't have to face each other.

There's no way Habs are beating Tampa in a 7 game series.

Say what you want about it, but they have a system. They're a well coached team.
Can't say the same about the Habs, who win despite not having a system and a terrible coach.

Bill McNeal 04-01-2014 09:21 PM

Playoffs are going to be déjà vu all over again. Bad 5-on-5 teams with no powerplay don't tend to go far.

Ohashi_Jouzu 04-01-2014 09:21 PM

Looks like they'll be annoying to face in the playoffs, but not particularly scary.

donghabs98 04-01-2014 09:21 PM

"Our PP needs work"- this has been said way too many times this year.

LesHabsRock 04-01-2014 09:22 PM

Da Boys better get playoff ready in a hurry. Horrible penalties and ineffective powerplay killed them. 5 on 5 it was pretty even.

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