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kingbrath 10-02-2003 07:42 PM

line projections
What will be the starting lines for Boston starting the season???
will Huml be playing with Thornton and Murray?
is the Samsonov,Rolston,Knuble line pretty much a lock???

BronxBruin 10-02-2003 08:46 PM

This is just how I would like to see the lines turn out. They could tun out being completely different:




-Knuble showed he can keep up with Thornton and Murray so I say leave him there.
-Samsonov on the second line would give the B's two lines that can score at all times. The right wing spot can be split between Huml, Hilbert, and Lapointe. Hopefully Bergeron can cut it full-time in the NHL.
-I'd prefer to keep Rolston on the third line because of his chemistry with Axelsson and it would give us a third line that can score.
-I'd rather see Samuelsson and Zinovjev in the minors than have them get 5 minutes of ice time a game on the fourth line.
-The D pairings aren't necessarily who I want to play together but more of how I would rank the defensemen at this point in time.

Jeff from Maine 10-03-2003 06:21 AM

Thats How I See It As Well

I think you hit is right...although after 10 days I expect Bergeron sent back down, and HILBERT moved to 2nd line center.

Zinovjev may get it simply to keep him n North America however.


lostboy_77 10-03-2003 04:29 PM

alright I will give this line thing a shot now that we have gree in the lineup....

what I would like to see is something a bit like this

knuble thronton murray
samsonov bergeron rolston
ax green lapointe (a third line that should give fits to the oppostion)
zamuner (stock/donato/grosek) mccarthy

i think this kid bergeron should stick with the team. he seems to have shown a strong head for the game and the squad has taken a shine to him. rolston will still get plenty of puck on his wing and with two playmakers feeding him, shold have no difficulty scoring. as much as i like stock for his heart and personality, i would like to see donato on the fourth line (maybe they can share). i think donato with zamuner and mccarthy gives us a strong fourth line. one that can play 10 minutes a night, be strong in their own zone, and have a chance to score. ax green lapointe, gives us one of the stronger checking lines in the league. plenty of grit, defensive skill, faceoff skill, and flat out annoying play (between ax and his gumby like appendages, lapointe and his hitting, and green with his grit).

in reality what i think we will see is this:

huml thornton murray
samsonov rolston knuble
ax green lapointe
zamuner stock mccarthy


knuble thornton murray
samsonov rolston lapointe
ax green mccarthy/zamuner
zamuner stock grosek/mccarthy

i think huml has himself a spot...on joe's line he could be quite good. 20 goals would not be out of the question. the key for him will be muscle. can he stay on the puck? can he keep his position? finally, can he play in the corners? this is where knuble really shined last year. he mucked in the corners and got joe the puck. the work ethic he had on that line was the key to his success. he was always moving and fighting. if huml has gained the physical side of his game he should be fine here. otherwise he will be sent down. i wouldn't be surpirsed to see zino called up for a rsoter spot (maybe on the top line depending on his providence play).

this line up is fine with the exception of rolston faceoff play and puck distribution. i don't think green has the stuff to put him on the second line and get secondline production out of him. i can't see him returning to what he was with the islanders. he will be good at his role however...management is enamoured with rolston at center, and his production there seems to support their love. i doubt they keep bergeron up because they don't want to take the chance of ruiing his confidence. i think picking up green was done to allow bergeron to go back down to junior. who knows they may take the slow route with bergeron and have center the fourth line. sort of like a jumbo joe development strategy. a line of bergeron with mccarthy and zamuner might be kind of fun to watch. it also could be a waste....when bergeron could be getting valuable minutes in junior.

in short....i hope they keep bergeron up. it would be nice if they got huml and zino in their too. i would rather see these guys play than grosek and donato. as much as i love stock, is he really one of the top 16 forwards on the team right now?

sagginb 10-03-2003 04:42 PM

I like...

Grosek as scratch...slip him in Lapointe's spot for now
If Zamuner is still out then it falls on one of Samuelsson, Huml or Zinovjev to fill the spot.
If Bergeron is kept probably now would only see 4th line center duty with guys like Stock, Donato, Grosek and McCarthy.
It just looks like the Bruins will not want to rush him now with the Green trade.
I don't balme them either.
If Zinovjev gets his act together then maybe he can really add something to shake up the lines...maybe he will even pla a little RW as well.
It's Funny how one player in the right position make so many things possible...T.Green was just the right type of player that MOC should have been looking for and now it's up to him and the coaches to fit the whole thing together! :bow:

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