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Pred303 08-21-2005 08:14 AM

Pred Salaries in 06-07
one of the things i haven't seen mentioned when we're all talking about the preds desire to keep salaries this year at or below the magic 28.6 million figure this year is future years salary

of course when you're below this figure you stand to receive between 7 and 8 million dollars with the new revenue sharing plan,and that is huge incentive itself. Makes you realize that to go get another 1.5 million dollar centerman for instance,that his real cost to the organization would be 5.5 million doallrs(1.5 salary + 4 million loss of revenue sharing under the new system)..and therefore it means that unless you think you get 5 million bucks worth of performance and results(i.e.win the division and get a top 3 seed versus finishing 5-8 and maybe winning a first round series versus not,or making the playoffs versus not making the playoffs)it becomes a huge economic gamble.

But asides from that,the pred desire to stay at the 28.6 million mark this makes perfect walking around sense when you really think it thru. The preds remain one of the youngest teams in the league,with so many young stars and potential stars(legwand,hartnell,hall,erat,hamhuis,suter to name just a few) that room has to be kept to keep these guys over the next few years. We all believe that there is an excellent chance league revenues will actually fall this year,resulting in a cap adjustment downwards next season(i'm guessing league revenues will fall from the 2.1 billion in 03-04 that the 39 million cap is based on to probably a max of 1.8-1.9 billion in 05-06,meaning the cap would be adjusted downwards to roughly 37-38 million next season)...now personally i look for revenues to boom after that and the cap to be in the low 40's two years form now.

But i think what poile is doing is genius. Keeping a strick budget this year allows us to try to sign the youngsters who will be RFA's next year for the last time(legwand,erat,hall,hartnell) to long term contracts with corresponding hefty raises to attempt to resign and extend vokoun...in other words,keep this corps together for years to come...

two...if the cap shrinks there will be wholesale fire sales of great players by teams near the cap now next year,plus it will really limit any team going out there next year that has current salaries over 35 million(10 of them at last count already and rising) from being aggressive in what stands to be the best free agent market ever

i'd much rather have our 25 and under stars for years,then spend anymore money on another 32 year old guy who might help us for two years...so these guys screaming at poile to spend "just another few million" are living in dreamland in my opinion..things are coming together from the pred perspective,you don't have to be a visionary to see it....

muddycreek* 08-21-2005 06:56 PM

Well thought out and stated. I agree.We are MUCH better than we were last year in a league that is reported to favor spped and skill over size and brute strength. One thing is for sure, there will be NO MORE buying post season spots. The league WILL be competative. Like the NFL, a team will have a four or so year "window of opertunity" and then it will be unload and reload. No more dynasties!

crossxcheck 08-23-2005 10:41 AM

From the salaries on nhlpa.com and obviously minus erat, hall, and arkhipov (and suter) here is the current total payroll: $24,315,000

handtrick 08-23-2005 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by crossxcheck
From the salaries on nhlpa.com and obviously minus erat, hall, and arkhipov (and suter) here is the current total payroll: $24,315,000

Notice Tootoo, Hamhuis, as well as Suter are not there....

Drury77 08-23-2005 12:42 PM


Nashville Predators

  Player            Contract Notes            2005-2006 Salary (US)
Paul Kariya        UFA (Colorado)                $4.5 million
Steve Sullivan  Re-signed RFA (Nashville)    $3.2 million
Kimmo Timonen                                        $2.47 million
Danny Markov    Acquired from Philly          $2.356 million
Tomas Vokoun                                        $2.28 million
Scott Walker                                          $1.52 million
David Legwand  Re-signed RFA (Nashville)    $1,349,000
Marek Zidlicky                                          $1.14 million
Denis Arkhipov                                        $1.064 million
Scott Hartnell  Re-signed RFA (Nashville)    $1 million
Greg Johnson                                          $1 million
Dan Hamhuis      Re-signed RFA (Nashville)    $901,740
Mark Eaton        UFA (Nashville)                $700,000
Jordin Tootoo                                          $646,000
Scott Nichol        UFA (Chicago)                  $525,000
Jamie Allison                                            $475,000
Darcy Hordichuk  Re-signed RFA (Nashville)    $460,000
Jeremy Stevenson                                    $450,000
Chris Mason                                            $450,000
Simon Gamache  Re-signed RFA (Nashville)  Undisclosed
Randy Robitaille UFA (Atlanta)                    $475,000
21 Players      1 Salaries Undisclosed        $26.961,740

Restricted Free Agents: Martin Erat, Adam Hall
Unrestricted Free Agents: Andreas Johansson, Rem Murray, Jason York, Tony Hrkac,
Brad Bombardir, Jim McKenzie, Jerred Smithson, Andreas Lilja, Vladimir Orszagh.

jstreet 08-23-2005 03:13 PM

Im actually suprised that no one has picked up Bombadir as a cheap spare dman.

crossxcheck 08-24-2005 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by burnlikestars
Im actually suprised that no one has picked up Bombadir as a cheap spare dman.

honestly, I'd rather have him than allison as a spare.

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