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CharlieGirl 08-22-2005 11:33 PM

The Gospel According to Brad
Since he hasn't posted it here, and God knows it deserves to be framed.... (originally posted on the Political Board)


In the beginning Chris Therien created the heaven and the earth.

And the Earth was without great defenseman; Penguins-like; and teams were being scored upon without remorse. And the Spirit of Therien moved upon the face of the Earth.

And Therien said, Let there be defense: and there was defense in the NHL.

And Therien saw the game, that it was good: and Therien attempted to hip check the wiseman but missed.

And Therien called the sport Hockey, and the darkness he called the lockout.

And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creatures, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of theearth after, and it was so. Therien named these creatures, "Mike Ricci."

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And he called this man, "Al Bundy."

So Therien created woman in his own image, and he called her "Todd Bertuzzi."

And Therien saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was Kick Ass. And in the evening he created obese people, to mock for personal enjoyment.

And the LORD Therien saw a man turn to dust. And the man's name was Keith Richards - and he turned to dust because he was old. And LORD Therien laughed, recorded a cover of "Satisfaction" that sold more copies than the original.

yvresgyros 08-23-2005 12:04 AM

Amen to that... :clap:

Brad* 08-23-2005 05:20 AM

Ha, I'm glad you enjoyed it CG.

Flyman 08-23-2005 06:36 AM

:biglaugh: :clap:

i am dave 08-23-2005 07:41 AM

I think I just ran over a Mike Ricci.

jfont 08-23-2005 07:46 AM


Originally Posted by Brad
Ha, I'm glad you enjoyed it CG.



Toonces 08-23-2005 08:46 AM

That was damn funny :biglaugh:

Yertle The Turtle 08-23-2005 10:09 AM

:biglaugh: :biglaugh: That was great

GoneFullHextall 08-23-2005 10:20 AM


man i needed a laugh this morning.

So Therien created woman in his own image, and he called her "Todd Bertuzzi."


GKJ 08-23-2005 09:45 PM

Brad > God

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