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Ziostilon 07-29-2014 12:16 AM

Keon vs Toews
Keon started his NHL career at age 20. Toews began at age 19.

Toews has only played 7 seasons so far, so for comparison sakes we'll focus on the first seven seasons of Dave Keon's NHL career (up to 1966-67).

Both Toews and Keon are known as well-rounded players... Toews with his often referred to "intangibles".
The Selke trophy was before Keon's time, but he'd more than likely finish tops in voting.

Toews: 17, 4, 2, 6, 1, 3 in Selke voting

Here is Keon's all-star team voting: (fairly certain that's accurate)
?, 2, 3, 3, 9, 7, 7
Keep in mind his competition at that time were the likes of Mikita, Henri Richard, Delvecchio, Beliveau

Keon's regular season point finishes weren't spectacular... top 15, but that was in the O6 era.
Toews also doesn't have high end regular season totals.

Both players have one Conn-Smythe trophy in their trophy case.

On Team Canada, in the recent Olympics, was it not mostly thought of that after Crosby, Toews was the next best center on the team.


Originally Posted by Big Phil (Post 68040551)
Toews will get in on the basis of how Dave Keon got in. Keon was a player everyone knew - and still knows - was far superior to what his stats tell us. Toews will likely never crack 100 points in a season, but he doesn't need to. His all around play is where his worth comes. Not to mention his timely goals. Give me a 70 point guy who scores at the right time over a 100+ point guy who frequently takes games off.


Originally Posted by Big Phil (Post 68041413)
The reason I always bring the name up of Dave Keon is because they are similar. Keon - like Toews - has a career high of 76 points. He was a big part - if not the biggest piece of Toronto's Cup wins. He won a Conn Smythe. Somewhere along the lines he has to win a Selke if it existed back then. But either way his value legitimately goes further than the stat sheets tend to show.

Toews is the same way. No one can come up with an argument as to why Keon shouldn't be in the HHOF because they saw him play. Toews is the same way. He isn't Crosby, just like Keon was never Hull or Howe, but no one in the game today would deny Toews is anything but a star player.

With that said, who was the better player in their first seven seasons in the league? Also discuss if you believe Toews has already or will surpass Keon in all-time rankings
David Michael Keon or Jonathan Bryan Toews



Big Phil 07-29-2014 11:43 PM

Thanks for using my quotes, and I stand by those words.

Toews will surpass Keon eventually I think. He hasn't yet, because Keon does have some serious longevity on his side. 15 years with the Leafs, a turn in the WHA and finishing with three seasons in Hartford in the NHL.

I'll say one thing, I think Toews is capable of more of a game breaking quality than Keon was. Yes Keon did win the Smythe in 1967 and furthermore he had that hat trick in Game 7 in 1964 against none other than Montreal. So it isn't as if he was a slouch. But his postseason resume is razor thin after 1967. Of course we don't know how Toews will fare, but it is really hard to imagine Chicago not winning more Cups. Think about it, Chicago was a goal away from winning back to back this year (yes, they beat the Rangers in the final no doubt in my mind). Toews is still very young in the grand scheme of things.

I think he has the luxury of still playing and having the potential to pass Keon and I personally think he will be a lock cinch HHOFer when all is said and done.

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