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outKast* 10-07-2003 05:00 PM

The "NEW" Edmonton Oiler Website
What do you rate it out of 10?

here's my little my two cents.

I think the Edmonton Oilers are in dire need of a new web designer. The "brand new" layout is weak compared to the other teams. It's hardly informative and is not up to date when comes to news. The layout is flat and i would expect better from an NHL team. I don't know...maybe it's just me but i have never liked the Oilers team page. I would send an email and complain but it just not worth it. GOD i really miss the old faceoff.com. If the Edmonton Oiler site was half as good as that was i would be in heaven. hahaha :) what do you guys think?

overall i gave it a 3/10

Vyse64 10-07-2003 05:02 PM

what was wrong with the old lay-out?
whats not broken, why fix it.

McThome 10-07-2003 05:06 PM

OH... we are talking about the site, and not just the dif look as to last years - in that case (I voted a 7) I'd give it about a -100. The web designer sucks. Information is WAY WAY WAY old by the time it reaches the page usually, and there is NO in depth information or stories - just media releases. It sucks. Badly. I think they should hire Guy!!! Wouldn't that be perfect? Guy as a new writer would, I'm sure, be willing to do that (Guy, how would you feel about something like that?). It'd be a perfect opportunity for him - and the Oilers would have somebody who would put out informative and interesting articles often enough to satisfy people and keep them coming back. I think we should all bombard the Oilers site thing (email them) and complain about the brutal site and recomend Guy as a perfect man for the job! One person emailing in doesn't make enough difference, but if all us Guy supporters (with the ok from Guy) send in something I think we could atleast get them to take note that their site is a joke, and that it needs some serious work.

woody 10-07-2003 05:06 PM

the site could use a weekly report on players in the system. Job for Guy Fleming I think.

Guy Flaming 10-07-2003 05:11 PM

Well thanks for the vote of confidence. I can write but I know diddly doo about designing web sites. If I was involved at all it would just be writing stories and bios or something like that.

but don't let me stop you from voicing your concerns and suggestions.

McThome 10-07-2003 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by GuyF
Well thanks for the vote of confidence. I can write but I know diddly doo about designing web sites. If I was involved at all it would just be writing stories and bios or something like that.

but don't let me stop you from voicing your concerns and suggestions.

Oh ya, thats what I mean... I mean the page looks ok, but the quality of what is on there is crap...... Leave the webmaster as the designer still (although I know there are lots of people who dont' like him) and make Guy the cheif writer, or some kinda fancy-smancy name to make us all even more proud then we already are!!! :D

kraigus 10-07-2003 06:39 PM

I'm gonna guess they're working on it again:

Not Found
The requested URL /main.shtml was not found on this server.

unless you guys are having a joke at the Ontarian's expense. ;)

(oh, a few thousand reloads later, ok just half a dozen, I finally see what y'all are talking about.)

I, uh, I can't really see the difference between that site and the old one, except now it's harder to click on the stupid graphic buttons. Once I got used to them staying at the bottom on the old site, I could use it, this is a pain.

Has anything changed besides the front page? Oh, looks like they didn't put titles on the pages either. Weak. :(

Mowzie 10-07-2003 07:26 PM

it still kinda sucks, i think they need to put more work into their website and make it more user friendly.

s7ark 10-07-2003 07:53 PM

I don't know , as much as I hate to admit it, I do like the layout of the Flames site. Maybe the Oilers should get TELUS to make their site too...

GorillazXL 10-07-2003 08:08 PM

Aesthetic vs functionality, which comes before? As many gaussian blur and tele/video effect this new shell may have added it hasn't improved the overall design, layout and functionality of the site. Nothing against Adreas Schwabe but I would agree with Thome_26's suggestion that the content needs to be updated more frequently, and more the content needs to be more indepth. To be quite honest this forum (HFBoards) is the best oilers info I can find. The community is honest and share interesting thoughts.


oilersrule14 10-07-2003 08:13 PM

Welcome to the 2003-2004 edmontonoilers.com. The new website includes several new features which will improve how we serve pages.

We've also made it easier for US to put content on the site quickly so you can get updates faster.

The biggest change you WILL notice is expanded coverage. We have more resources to provide more regular updates, more quickly. We'll have a lot more audio, video, and written stories with images to feed your hunger on the Oilers' historic 25th anniversary season.

From the Oilers message board. Sounds like the content will be coming. Hopefully.

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