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#66 10-27-2005 07:42 AM

Custom Sticks...
I'm pretty picky about my sticks so I was going to get some custom made. Has anyone had any luck with it? Or can anyone give me some direction on how to go about this the best way? I've seen the feature on Christian's site but I've heard horror stories about their turn around time.

Greenback 10-27-2005 10:34 AM

Any manufacturer will offer you custom sticks. Christian is pathetic. Stick to a larger company.

I have been really satisfied with Hespeler although I am sure any of them would treat you fine. The catch is that you have to buy in bulk (a dozen at a time). That was never a problem for me as my team always covered it :)

For effect, I will say again that I have had some terrible experience with Christian (turn around times and other stuff) and would counsel anyone to go elsewhere.

Gallagbi 10-27-2005 01:50 PM

Christians time has been off in the last few months because of the NHL coming back. It's a hectic time for a smaller company as they have NHL, CHL and NCAA orders they need to fill. My turn-around was about 8 weeks, with them and they usually have a 4 week turn-around. This is my first experience with them and they were overly helpful. I will have the sticks Monday, as I ordered through a friend who owns an out of town LHS rather than going through it locally. Here are mine


I know a handful of people that have had custom blades made-up and they've been very happy with them. I'm also pretty sure Hespeler is out of buisness now. Christian customs start at 6 sticks too, which is a nice alternative for a "trial". I was never a fan of Chisitan in their earlier days, but the new diamond wrap is much improved IMO.

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