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Mathieu Lavergne 11-05-2005 05:46 PM

Statement regarding the language issue.
Hello dear HFBoards members,

First of all, let me say that I am truly saddened that we had this privilege removed by the administration. I think there is a lot of frustration and confusion concerning the fact that we, the french speakers, are unable to write in the Molière's language anymore.

It doesn't have anything to do with the fact that this is a board owned by americans or is filled mainly with english speakers. We, J-D and myself, are french speakers and that is why, years ago, we welcomed the french threads and posts as we were able to moderate them and we thought it added something special for our users to enjoy the Montreal Canadiens board even more since we all know the reality of the habs' fanbase. In fact, speaking french on this board has always been a privilege and not a requirement, privilege being the key word. If me and J-D weren't born french speakers, french would have never been accepted as a part of the Montreal Canadiens board. The french threads were usually enjoyable, though those ''Tous le monde en parle'' gave us, the moderators, more trouble than anything. I even had to debate why swearing in french wasn't acceptable when it is clearly negated by the obscenity filter as french posters thought they could avoid the rules by speaking in another language. We didn't care for the troubles because we knew you guys enjoyed it.

There is a very specific reason why french content is now removed from the Montreal Candiens board. HFBoards have contract with sponsors, which gives them money to help run the server and keep this place running as smoothly as it can be. This is the main revenue source for this place. It is stated in those said contracts that the content must be in english only. Why would they care if there is some french content here and there? Well, if they violate any part of the advertisement contracts, they can deny or reduce the payment to the site. Buisness is buisness, if they can find something to nitpick and help their causes, they will do it without much hesitation. Who wouldn't want more money in their pockets? They don't care about what's fair or nice and testing their limits here isn't a smart risk to take.

When it comes to losing money that is here to help keeping this place as enjoyable as it can be and user friendly vs the privilege of speaking french once every two weeks, it just doesn't make sense from HFBoards' point of view to keep the french content on the Montreal Candiens board. I'm a french speaker who enjoyed the french threads, but I can easily understand the logic behind their decision. I hope you have the maturity to understand and get over it.

You can also stop all the hate PMs toward the moderators, they have NOTHING to do with the decision. Our role is to make sure the rules are being respected and make sure the Montreal Canadiens board is as enjoyable for everybody as it can be. We are working for you guys and we are the reason french content ever existed on this board in the first place since we were happy to sacrifice our time to moderate it.

The decision is final, it cannot be changed, you will have to accept it. If you don't understand the very rational decision that has been taken here, won't cooperate at all or still feel disrespected, then go ahead, PM the administration and tell them to delete your account. We will be happy to get rid of the posters who only wishes to bring negative contributions to the board.

Have a nice day,

Mathieu Lavergne

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