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Brownies 10-15-2003 05:07 AM

Playoffs or not ???
The habs don't have the most impressive line-up, but I remember that they could make the playoffs if :

1- Koivu is healty.
2- Theo plays like he should.
3- Some young talent plays better than expected.

It's only the beginning of the season and many teams will play better and better as the season goes, but it's good to see the habs racking up some points that'll be so important at the end of the season. They probably won't play like that during the entire season, but who knows ???

1- Koivu is not healty right now, but he'll play soon. Will he play 75+ games??? I hope, but...

2- Nothing to say against Theo. The last year is far behind and i love the way he's playing. Let's give some credit to his defence too. The only weakness of Theo is that he allows too much rebound, but his d-man take care of it.

3- WOW !!! My friend hates the habs, but he's becomming a fan of Ryder and Ribeiro. Ryder work so hard, he's an ispiration for his teammates. Ribeiro is finaly a 2nd line center IMO. He's not the lazy, but talented guy he was. We don't hear enough of Ward. He's doing a really good job with little ice time. I would love to see him on the 3rd line, but Juneau, Bulis and Dackell are doing a good job. Nice to see Higgins too. He played well on the PK, but he'll probably be sent down.

With Ottawa, New-Jersey, Philladelphie, Tampa-Bay and Toronto better than them, it'll be a tough battle between Montreal, Boston, New-York and Washington for the other 2 spots. I think they can do it.

Highlander 10-15-2003 08:44 AM

Waaayyy too early to be making that call. While I am encouraged about their play in the preseason and the last two games, its still too early. Preseason is just that, preseason, and two good games does not make a season. Lets wait 20-30 games and then examine this.....

Darz 10-15-2003 10:15 AM

The habs WILL make the playoffs this year. PERIOD.

Ya, gotta believe!!!!!

Démon Blond 10-15-2003 10:18 AM

I still have doubts they can make it but you have to admire the way they played int the last two games... if they make the playoffs I'll be the first to celebrate but I'm not holding my breath over that issue.

Gros Bill 10-15-2003 11:23 AM


Originally Posted by Darz
The habs WILL make the playoffs this year. PERIOD.

Ya, gotta believe!!!!!


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