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LoudmouthHemskyfan#1 10-16-2003 09:37 PM

LMHF Game Report #2
Buffalo in town, not off to a good start, we haven't scored in an eternity, just about anything can happen...and

4-1 Win. Bout time.

Lagging Behind:

Eric Brewer: Not a very good game from Brew, still looks out of it

Scott Ferguson: Not moving at the pace of the Oilers game for sure

Middle men:

Mike York isn't himself, Cross and Smith aren't playing great, Chimera should be doing more, Horcoff is definately not the guy alot think he is, Isbister=invizzyble, Laraque didn't really do much, Fernando was okay, but should've been better.

Ahead of the curve:

Marty Reasoner had a good game, Ethan finally brought his game, Stevey was Stevey, Smytty didn't really do alot but did play well enough, D-vo brought it tonight, coulda scored 1 or 2, nice to see.

Leadin the pack:

Raffi Raffi Raffi, that's what I wanna see. Don't quit doin this!

Conks, atta-boy. Very Solid game, awesome saves.

MAB- our best d-man so far, for sure.

Ales- as always it seems, bow down to the man. Coulda had 3 tonight, makin beauty plays, offensive leader. look out NHL goalies.

LoudmouthHemskyFan#2 10-16-2003 09:43 PM

Ales missed tapping in one about 1 minute in...really coulda had more
Moreau was awesome same with Reasoner...
Conklin was awesome...i pretty much agree with everything LMHF#1 said...Hemsky scored a beauty....Laraque messed up Peters...Torres was solid...and "Old and Slow" (aka Ferguson) plays with heart but is just too slow...hopefully semenov plays vs Colorado...

LoudmouthHemskyfan#1 10-16-2003 10:02 PM

As for the lines:


Worked, much to my pleasant surprise. Raffi, although still a little clumsy with the puck, seems to be confident right now, and is gettin the job done. Hemsky was Hemsky and Smyth was Smyth.


YUCK, didn't do much of anything, Izzy was In-vizzy, as I pointed out, at least BG pounded on the latest challenger.


Moreau played well, York and Pisani were kinda iffy, but not bad.


Decent combo, just didn't generate the points.

ZIM 10-17-2003 05:14 AM

The video replay official is blind, you could clearly see white on all sides as the puck went over the line.

MAB may have had a good game but he got beat several times to the outside. I like the way he gets the puck out of our zone.

Conklin played well but on several occasions looked like a beached whale. Good thing Buffalo doesn't know where the top of the net is.

Chimera played just like last year. He's going to have a PB seat soon for a wake up call.

Bring back Semenov, sit Cross.

Yanner39 10-17-2003 05:31 AM

I would sit Ferguson before Cross. I've never been a big fan of Cross but I just don't see why he gets all this crap. I honestly only remember one really bad play he made last game vs the Flames where he coughed it up and Cgy had a scoring chance (hit the post). Apart from that, he's been consistent with the others. I do agree that MAB has been are best d-man so far. Just me opinion I guess.

dawgbone 10-17-2003 06:17 AM


Originally Posted by LoudmouthHemskyfan#1
Laraque didn't really do much,

Pretty hard when you only get 4 minutes of ice time... but he did drop the gloves, and it sounded like the crowd absolutely loved it (by the looks of the bench, they did to).

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