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Profet 10-19-2003 03:02 PM

What lines would you like to see?
While the current lines are an improvement over the hodgepodge of players we had taking to the ice last season, I do see a need to mix things up.

I would like to see the following lines for a few games...

Line A:
Not first line, just one of our top 2 lines. Not really sure which our "first" line should be.
I see Lindros crashing the net and Lundmark and Rucinsky cycling the puck down low. This line also has decent North-South movement up the ice. And has the tools to do a good job back-checking.
Line B:
The experiment should continue... The fruits of this line clicking is just too valuable to pass up.
Third Line:
Carter gets the demotion. His play hasn't warranted top line ice time. Holik and LaCouture provide the defensive staple of the line while Carter tries to bang in the odd goal.
Fourth Line:
Simon is the odd man out. He gets benched until someone is injured or in the dog house. I like the Barnaby/Messier pairing. Barnaby seems to energize Messier. When Mess is out there without him, the old man tends to look lazy. Keefe is the young blood and hopefully adds some energy to this line.

#37-#93-#27* 10-19-2003 04:05 PM

Nedved and Kovalev have been our best forwards in my opinion. Although they aren't producing yet, they are doing everything else. I don't want to mess with something that seems to be working. Hlavac hasn't done anything to be moved but has done a few good things, I like the potential of chemistry here.

Rucinsky has never been a scorer and has not clicked at all with Lindros this season. This is supposed to be our scoring line, he isn't that and the chemistry from two years ago is no longer there so it doesn't work. Carter and Lindros haven't really clicked either but I saw a few positive things from each of them on Thursday night and am willing to keep them together a bit longer. Lundmark I don't know if it's a good thing to move him to the left side, assuming it's not much of an issue, I would like to see him get more ice time and be put in a role where he can use his strengths and be a scorer.

I like that Rucinsky and Holik are both defensive minded forwards. Rucinsky also adds some good speed to this line. Since Dany L hasn't done anything to stay on this line, I have no problem putting Barnaby there and if it doesn't work out I will have no problem with putting Lacouture back.

Surprisingly this has been an effective line for us. I don't think rotating Barnaby with Lacouture will mess it up.

I like deVries a lot. Poti as much as I didn't like him last year is starting to win me over, deVries is a big reason for that.

Bouchard is really a nice little player. He doesn't do anything wrong but occassionally does some good. I think if given the chance he could be a solid 5-6 NHL defenseman. Kasparitus is ok, is deffinitely not earning his Derien Hatcher $ contract, not surprising, but hasn't been terrible since December of last year.

I hate this pairing. Malakhov is nothing but a lazy SOB that doesn't deserve to play in the NHL. Mironov does his best to immitate his sister but he does make a few nice plays each game so I'll give him that.

Sather Hater 10-19-2003 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by shapa999




:handclap: and just add Tyutin to the D.

Dorthmall 10-19-2003 04:23 PM

My lines would look like Profet's except move Barnaby up to the third line and LaCouture down and the D would look like this:

Poti - de Vries
Kasparitis - Bouchard
Mironov - Purinton

I really think Malakhov should sit a few games to send a message across.

Profet 10-20-2003 02:46 PM

wow....my lines basically stayed intact except for the Simon/Keefe swap

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