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DKH 10-25-2003 05:27 AM

Gorton on Zinovjev's game
Great article in the Globe by Hub of Hockey- Assistant GM Jeff Gorton on the Zino Kid, "He's got to get into a situation where he's on a line with the same guys, playing a similar style, and get into a rhythm"

(Hmmmmm....the Assistant GM talking about similar styles? sounds like Samsonov)

more- "His first game down in Providence, he was making all kinds of plays. He's got that Russian style to his game- stop on a dime, turn on and curl. He's a playmaker by nature. He passes well. He sees the surface well. You watch him out there, he's a perfectionist."

(PLAYMAKER? sounds like a second line center to me, or top 6 forward skill that Sullivan alludes to and conventional hockey wisdom are players who should be capable of 25 goals or atleast 60 points)

That was Gorton....Mike Sullivan says, "He has real good tight-area skills, said an admiring Sullivan. "He's elusive, really good in a confined game."

(admiring? practice is alot different than games- but in todays take away space NHL thats huge.)

Dupes adds what stood during drills was Zinovjev's skating jump and quick-turn ablility, citing at times as if his feet were fastened to an invisible rod, his change of direction so sleight-of-foot that you'd swear he was one of those little tin Bud Light rod-hockey players.

Its a very informative article and really gets the juices flowing on Zinovjev. I was excited before and now I'm even moreso. But I do realize his world and life have been turned upside down and I know I have trouble dealing with my daily routine when I wake up 15 minutes late. I hope we are patient with him and he is patient with himself. I LOVE THE FACT THAT A LEVEL HEADED AND 'BEEN THERE' SERGEI SAMSONOV IS ON THE SAME TEAM. Hey, Sammy and Zino may become one day a fabulous duo.

I also think Mike Sullivan will be great for him getting acclimated to life in the NHL. Here's hoping Zino shirts are the next rage in the Fleece Pro Shop.

Gary 10-25-2003 05:50 AM

Amen. GO ZINO GO!!

misterjaggers 10-25-2003 07:56 AM

That is a great article. KPD has a way with words. Here's the link:

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