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Mr Sakich 10-26-2003 07:44 AM

one thing is becomming obvious
team toughness is no longer an issue. With izzy, torres, chimera, ethan, our huge defense etc... , we no longer need a tough guy to protect the little guys. If Laraque is really the first guy that most gm ask for when they call Lowe, maybe he should be packaged with comrie to address some needs or to stockpile more youth / picks.

He has played OK so far this year but he has not been the difference in any games so far.

jadeddog 10-26-2003 08:17 AM

i feel that laraqe should not be "untouchable" like lowe has basically stated so many times... but i think it would take a pretty dam good player to get him outa edmonton

even thogh our team is generally tougher now than it was 2 years ago, other teams aer actually scared of laraque, he gets TONS of respect from every enforcer in the league.... i think this gives our players more freedom thatn we realize and if he was gone we would notice more liberties

now im not saying that he shouldnt be traded, but rather that we should get somebody pretty good abck for him ...... tough guys that can play 10 mins a game are pretty rare

Boondock Saint 10-26-2003 08:21 AM

I would consider Georges to be a better fighter than Peter Worrell and a significantly better player than him, and he, along with a 2nd, fetched Vaclav Nedorost and Eric Messier from the Avs.

So, I would expect more than that for any deal for Georges.

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