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Brownies 10-28-2003 07:30 AM

Saku ! Come back please !
Where are those people who tought we should trade Koivu because our team was SOOO good without him. I know it's just 2 game, but the habs really need their 1st line center. I like Ribeiro, but he's not enough consistent. His place is on the 2nd line.

HABitude 10-28-2003 07:38 AM

Saku will come back WHEN he's ready. Having Saku too soon and lose him for 2 months would not be good for the team.


I know we miss him. :bow:

AK-47 10-28-2003 09:50 AM


Originally Posted by HABitude
Saku will come back WHEN he's ready. Having Saku too soon and lose him for 2 months would not be good for the team.


I know we miss him. :bow:

I agree for now, but another loss like last night and I may be pressing on the panic button.

oli500 10-28-2003 10:01 AM

Not only do we need koivu but we need toughnees like langdon and kilger back in the line up. We have a lack of toughnees and when teams figure out our week nees its going to be hard for the habs. Half of the goals that phili scored were because they ciceld behind the net and dished it out infront to some one or they would have a body infront of theodore. We need people who can clear the crease as well as people who can pin the oponent on the boards when there trying to cicle behind us. Juneau and dackle did not do there job the last 2 games and it showed. We have to get rid of them to make room for the 3 mention above cause I think langdon and kilger are a uge upgrade toughnees wide than what juneau and dackel are.

Kerberos* 10-28-2003 10:14 AM

The main problem is that the habs cannot compete in the physical department with many team in the NHL. When a team starts playing physical against the habs, they just throw the puck away and cause turnovers. The solution would be to get rid of all the small players on the team that cough up the puck whenever given the chance, umh, I'm talking about you Audette and Pereault. I have no problem with Juneau's line as they know how to get the puck out of their zone in a hurry on most nights (they just didn't have it last night). Also, I can't wait for Koivu to come back. Few habs players are as good in traffic as Saku Koivu and as the season progresses, his absense will be more and more apparent. Ribeiro was doing good at the beginning of the season when all the good teams are just stretching their legs. When the good teams start closing the ice, Ribeiro will be nowhere to be seen but Koivu will continue where he left off last season. COME BACK KOIVU! WE NEED YOU!

Gros Bill 10-28-2003 10:41 AM

All I want for Christmas is Saku back in the line-up. That, and my two front teeth.

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