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sc37 04-20-2006 03:25 PM

Who here still uses old school equipment?
I defintely do. I usually don't spend unless I really have to and so far I haven't. I'm not that old, but the equipment is stuff I've picked up here and there real cheap. I'm wearing a Cooper HH3000(though I've broken down and started looking for a new helmet). It got an Itech HLC visor on that, but the Itech logo has gone thru at least 2 logo changes since this one was put out. I also got some Champro/CCM pads. Then Cooper pants...and finally old CCM 3500 skates. Cept these skates arn't the oldest I've seen...saw some guy waering CCM Tacks from like the 60s or something. They were kangaroo leather and the blade holder were intergrated and made outta steel.

PoutinePourMoi 04-20-2006 03:44 PM

I have a Cooper Goalie glove that I use for street hockey that looks like Gerry Cheevers could have used it.

stick9 04-20-2006 04:01 PM

The oldest thing in my bag are my elbow pads. They are probably 10-12 years old, but not old school by any stretch - Jofa dual cup design.

Everything else is pretty much current. Nothing radical other then maybe my sticks.

I have a pair of Rally black and yellow Bobby Orr shin pads. Elastic straps, snaps, and that fuzzy stuff that wraps around your leg. I don't wear them though.

dabid 04-20-2006 06:43 PM

My skates are 20 years old i'd say. My dad passed them down to me, whattaguy.

The Nemesis 04-20-2006 07:33 PM

My street hockey stick is some old wood stick from the 80s. I've covered the entire shaft with tape (paint was peeling off and I was to lazy to scrape it all away), so there are no labels left, but I'm pretty sure the company doesn't exist anymore. I basically only use it because I'm too cheap to get another stick since I pretty much only play a handful of games a year and spend most of the time with it doing target practice in my basement. My dad bought a bunch of sticks way back when because him and his co-workers played a lot of floor hockey back then (fad thing, they also dabbled in softball and raquetball too), and it was the only left-handed stick in the bunch (and no one used it since none of those guys were lefties.)

It's damn heavy too.

Doctor Hook 04-20-2006 11:28 PM

I use my elbow pads I've had from HS back in the mid-90s. But I find that in the men's leagues, the older your equipment, the more likely that you're pretty good.

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