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NYIsles1* 10-31-2003 04:39 PM

Pat LaFontain Hall of Fame Weekend, Updates/articles/favorite moments....
I'll add articles and edit this message often. Everyone please contribute whatever they find and of course their memories of Lafontaine as an Islander, Sabre or Ranger.

On Sunday it was reported on NHL2Nite that the Induction Ceremony would be aired live on Espn Classic at 7pm. Fox will have a hookup during the Islander game on Monday to interview LaFontaine.

Espn Classic will air 1987: Islanders vs Caps 2pm Monday, for those who do not have the game on tape.


Hockey Hall of Fame Website with list of activities over the next three days, and who will be appearing.

Hall doors open for pioneers

LaFontaine was at the forefront of the American surge into the NHL
marketplace. Fuhr was among the first black hockey players to make an impact in the NHL, more than 25 years after Willie O'Ree broke the
color barrier.

LaFontaine Left an Impression (Espn.com)

As a person who has given something back to every community he ever played in, LaFontaine is every bit the Hall of Famer as he is a hockey player.

Seldom has the NHL seen a classier act.

Pat LaFontaine: A Hall of Famer On and Off The Ice

NYIsles1* 10-31-2003 04:40 PM

As for my memories of LaFontaine as an Islander, too many to count in one posting.

Would love to see the Isles name a day and put #16 in the rafters.

Incredible deal to get the rights to draft him, was at his first game in Toronto where he had a hat-trick at MapleLeaf gardens and almost found a way to get the Isles back into contention at the end of game five of the finals with two goals in the first minute of the third peirod.

His early years with Bossy, Potvin and Trottier produced some amazing games, also the unforgettable four overtime vs Washington and the goal against Bob Mason on Easter Sunday. He also had the overtime winner against New Jersey in game one of the 1988 series vs the Devils.

Pat LaFontaine, Class, Hall of Famer.
Congratulations !!!!!!

Trottier 10-31-2003 05:11 PM

Have posted this before, but I have an odd lasting memory about Lafontaine and NYI.

Was the summer of '83, and I was hanging out in SoCal with a college friend (having just completed the obligatory "coming-of-age" trek across the country by car :p). Turned on the TV and Gerry Girard, sportcaster (and dry humorous) at the old WPIX was announcing the Isles draft selection of Pat earlier that day. Keep in mind this was a month after NYI's fourth straight Cup.

"Just what the greatest hockey team on earth needs," quipped Girard. "A 100-goal scorer." :p

(Lafontaine's 1982-83 numbers at Verdun (Juniors) QMJHL: 70 games, 104 goals, 130 assists, 234 points.)

It was a pretty good time to be an NYI fan. ;)

Jones23 10-31-2003 08:32 PM

For me it has to be the overtime winner against the Caps.I was only 11 and I still remember the unbelieveable goaltending by Hrudey and Mason and being allowed to stay up way past my bedtime to witness the spin-around slapper from the blueline by LaFontaine. :handclap:

19 10-31-2003 10:50 PM

My favorite memories of Patty are pretty simple - that being sitting in section 326 nightly and watching him go 40 miles per hour while everyone else was going 20 mph. He blew by the opposing D and his own teammates couldn't even catch up as he was always a step ahead. Sadly, he was basically a one man team during most of his time on LI thanks to ownership neglect.

I had the same reaction as Girard when I heard the Isles were getting him. Couldn't believe it. Thought the Isles would win 4 more cups or at least be in the finals every year. His highlight reel goals, grit, speed, determination and willingness to go and get hammered but most of all his CLASS will never be forgotten by this fan.

This link tells a lot about him and how the NHL used to be -



Trottier 11-01-2003 10:58 AM

Not to get too philosophical 19, or OT, but your line about thinking the dynasty would go on in perpetuity is exactly one I shared at that time. Worth noting that the Isles also had a young hulking winger headed for the team as well (Pat Flatley). Was reasonable to think the good times would continue. In hindsight, that time period it was the beginning of the end.

Reason I being this up is because it is a perfect example of what I rant against on these boards (constantly :p ). Namely, the idea that "Team XYZ" should place less emphasis on winning now (or nearer-term) and instead concentrate on "the future", because it has some promising youth.

Flawed thinking. The above is just one of many examples of how the future often doesn't turn out as planned.

NYIsles1* 11-02-2003 09:17 AM


Pat LaFontaine: Player-Category:

In June of 2003, LaFontaine was selected to the Hockey Hall of
Fame. "I am truly thrilled to receive this tremendous honour," said Lafontaine upon receiving the news.

LaFontaine: Awards/Career Stats:


HHOF Digital Archive:

blitzkriegs 11-03-2003 07:16 PM

The Fischler Ranger Bias:

the NYI postgame had a highlight of the ceremony...afterwards, Stan's 1st question was how was it like to be a ranger? WHAT THE DEAL???? i thought it was comical that Patty paused to think about it b/c it was kind of trivial...he replied about 1,000 point and them giving him a chance...go away Stan!!!

I was camping @ Indian Island listening to the Easter Epic around the camp fire!!!!

Patty always 1st class...i had access to the NYI lockerroom when he was an NYI and he was always cool...along with Flately and Brent Sutter

NYIsles1* 11-04-2003 04:05 AM


Originally Posted by blitzkriegs
The Fischler Ranger Bias:

the NYI postgame had a highlight of the ceremony...afterwards, Stan's 1st question was how was it like to be a ranger? WHAT THE DEAL???? i thought it was comical that Patty paused to think about it b/c it was kind of trivial...he replied about 1,000 point and them giving him a chance...go away Stan!!!

I was kind of annoyed at that too. It was the only thing that was part of Msg's sportdesk later on where Stan spoke even though the entire interview was picked up while LaFontaine was speaking so Stan could have asked a bunch of other questions to be fair. Shame on Msg for not replaying his full interview but they are not interested in selling the Islanders to the public.

At least Stan did an interview with Bill Torrey in Toronto during the game.

Wonder if Grant Fuhr was asked about his Calgary days and what they meant to him? :shakehead

Bottom line, when they flashed to the podium to begin his induction there was one jersey sitting in the background...ISLANDER TRADITIONAL BLUE.

He became a Rangers because they wrote a check to Buffalo, what else is new?

So Saturday is Pat LaFontaine Hall of Fame night? Is he even going to be there?

This is where the Isles just drop the ball in every possible way. Between that and DP (when Rico fits quite well with Chico) plus the orange jersey's (that fans cannot read the number on television) the Isles make it very tough on themselves internally.

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