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night-timer 05-04-2006 04:51 AM

BLADE CURVES: the Pros and Cons of each type?
I have owned two sticks, both one-pieces with a Recchi curve, as CCM call it. I would like to know the advantages of other types of curves (heel curve, open, closed, short blade, long blade, etc), as I will soon be switching to a two-piece stick.

If I don't buy a CCM blade, I won't be able to get a Recchi curve. So it may be time to try something else. (I'm looking at TPS sticks and blades.)

Is there any particular blade curve that will help my back-handed shots and receiving passes on the backhand?

Here's a useful blade pattern chart, by the way: http://www.hockeygiant.com/bladechart.html

Qui Gon Dave 05-04-2006 06:20 AM

A few things off the top of my head, will try find some of the links i have on blades later, probably tonight. But when going with 2 piece sticks, if you dont buy a CCM Recchi blade you might still be able to find a similar blade made by a different company, should you want to. There are various similar blades out there made by different companies, you may find that you prefer the construction or durability (for example) of one over another (or it may just be a matter of price).

Anyways, the question about backhands. The general rule is that the more curve you have on your blade, the harder it is to perform backhanded shots (same thing for receiving passes on the backhand). If you want better control with your backhand, try using a blade with less curve. This will make tasks on the backhand easier but you may find it detracts from your ability with your forehand.

Using the blade you currently use as a basis for suggestion (i don't know how many aspects of the blade you would want to change - the following are similar to the Recchi in most respects, only with less of a curve and some have a slightly open blade):
Gear - Thomson
Easton - Modano
Bauer - Hossa
Koho - Amonte
Sherwood - Havlat

Plenty to choose from there so if you have a preferred manufacturer of choice, you are more likely to find something you like.

As for what characteristics different blade types have, epuck have a nice little section that covers this. Click here to view their blade tool

Hope that is of some help, good luck finding the perfect stick for yourself, can be a long search but worth it in the end.

ChokingV 05-05-2006 06:23 PM

I have an Easton Shannahan curve and I find backhands to be really difficult with it. I use an Yzerman as a backup stick and same thing. My wrist shots and slapshots are really good with these curves, though. With those blade patterns, I just can't get enough of the blade on the ice when I go for a backhand so it just kind of rolls off my blade.

I used an old Nike stick for shooting in my driveway, and I found that to be awesome for backhands. I've sent a puck over my house and into my backyard more than once with that thing.

I used to use a Modano curve and found it was really good for backhands, but I had trouble with wristers.

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