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Herby 11-05-2003 11:16 PM

GDT: Los Angeles Kings at Tampa Bay Lightning
http://espn.go.com/i/nhl/clubhouse/los_logo.gif AT http://espn.go.com/i/nhl/clubhouse/tam_logo.gif

Leading Scorers
Kings- Ziggy Palffy - 17 Pts
Bolts- Martin St. Louis- 10 Pts

Probable Goaltending Matchup
Christobal Huet (1-1-0-0, 2.03 GAA, 90.6%) vs. Nikolai Khabibulin (6-1-1-0, 2.24 GAA, 92.1%)

Special Teams
Kings- 14th on PP, Last on PK
Bolts- 7th on PP, 6th on PK

Key Injuries
Kings- Jozef Stumpel (Out), Jason Allison (Out), Adam Deadmarsh (Out)
Bolts- Tim Taylor (Questionable)


- The Lightning are coming off their 1st loss of the season on Tuesday vs. the Capitals.

- The Kings have won 2 in a row following a 3 game losing streak.

- Derek Armstrong of the Kings has 4 goals in his last 5 contests.

- The Kings lost last season in TB 3-2 on a late goal by current Mighty Duck Vaclav Prospal.


Lightning 4 (Stillman, Clymer, Andreychuk, Richards)
Kings 2 (Palffy, Visnovsky)

Just don't like our chances with our backup goalie in, playing a good team on the back end of a back to back.

David A. Rainer 11-05-2003 11:33 PM

Tampa Bay has been rolling early on this season. That spells doom for the good guys. Tampa Bay 14, Kings 2 - LeCavalier has a career night with 10 goals (8 in the 1st period) while Esa Pirnes avenges his earlier misses and scores on 2 penalty shots.

patastrophe 11-06-2003 01:17 AM

ok, ya beat my panthers, now at least do me the kindness of whipping tampa's ass too. if you could, make it embarassing.

jfont 11-06-2003 06:39 AM


Originally Posted by DeathFromAbove
Tampa Bay has been rolling early on this season. That spells doom for the good guys. Tampa Bay 14, Kings 2 - LeCavalier has a career night with 10 goals (8 in the 1st period) while Esa Pirnes avenges his earlier misses and scores on 2 penalty shots.


kingbrath 11-06-2003 06:41 AM

Kings 5 :Visnovski 2, Brown, Palffy, Luc

Bolts 3 : stillman,st.louis 2

Im always the optimist

HAWKSWINHAWKSWIN 11-06-2003 07:01 AM

I will go out on a limb and say its a 3-3 tie game.

Gonna go get my proline right now :yo:

MOOSE55 11-06-2003 07:05 AM

I'm gonna say 3-2 kings

Frolov 6'3 11-06-2003 08:00 AM

I'm sorry but I think we get a good hiding tonight.
5-1 Bolts and Palffy with the only Kingsgoal.

B-MEL 11-06-2003 08:02 AM

Actually, Roman will be playing in back to back games.

Kings 4
Bolts 2

IGM 11-06-2003 08:02 AM

Lets see, Armstrong lead ALL forwards in PP shifts and ice time last night (including Ziggy by a big margine) so I think that AM has his new favorite. Not that Army didn't deserve it, because he does. It is weird though that Army gets 7 min and something like 45 secs and Sim gets 3 1/2 mins and Pirnes gets 4 mins of pp time but Frolov, a guy who was on a hot streak get 41 seconds of it and to go with his 12 mins (I think +13 secs) of total ice time and he also was used for more than 3 mins on the PK. My ONLY criticism of AM has been with the way that he uses his young players and I still feel he is doing a poor job of it. He would rather give players that are marginal NHLers allot of quality mins then give budding stars any significant time. He is constantly shifting them around when almost every other team that I have ever seen has thought it important to put young players on a consistant line to get them used to the speed of the game with the same people and once they start getting it to give them EXTRA shifts in different situations. Not, to just sort of throw them out when you feel like it.

I think that AM just doesn't have any confidence in Frolov and would rather give HIS ice time to players that have no more experience than Fro but play that one demensional grinding game with the hope that they will pop in the odd goal. The problem with that is that it is at the expense of Frolovs developement. He gave Brown 9 mins and change last night and I thought that it was a GOOD thing. Brown is 18 and just learning the NHL game. Frolov was thrown to the wolves last year and did very well all things considered. He is off to a solid start so far and AM obviously feels confident with his D game or he wouldn't use him so often on the PK. So what gives with the lack of time at even strength OR on the PP? It is like he is punishing Frolov and saying,"You can play on the pk but I am not going to give you any real ice time with any true scoring threats until you work your way out of my dog house". That is alright if Frolov was sucking but he hasn't been. I know we are short handed but come on, this is bus as usual for AM and hard to watch.

Now I am going to go and put my autographed Frolov pic under my pillow and have "sweet dreams" about him as what I have written looks awfully gay to me. I know it doesn't look this way but what I am saying isn't only about Frolov, it is about the way that AM coaches in general. He (like allot of NHL coaches) picks his favorites and overloads them with ice time to the detriment of the team. IF it were ZP that was getting all of the ice time you would say it is a no brainer. I like Army and he absolutely should be one of our top ice time recievers and as I said, he has earned it and with our being short up the middle he is doing a great job with what he is being given. That isn't the trouble, like I said, when you have Sim and Pirnes getting 3min more of PP time in a night when they are SUPPOSED to be used as energy stoppers and Frolov is getting 41 seconds of pp time and he is SUPPOSED to be a scoring threat it just doesn't make any sense to me.

What will happen is at the end of the year, when Frolov has 18 goals and 20 assists and is plus 16 people will say things like "I guess he ISN'T the all star sniper we thought he was" and will be able to point to his ice time and say that the 13 mins per game is enough for him to have done better. The truth will be that he wasn't used in the type of situations that COULD have made him score allot more. We will deal him to another team and they will give him the time he needs and BOOM, Frolov becomes a 30+ goal scorer and an all star.

I am going to guess that AM will give Army the same amount of ice time tonite that he has been all season so we will see him score at least 1 point.(wtg army, you are doing great)

I also feel that Ziggy is just on his usual rip and he will pick up 1 also.

I will give Vis 1 assist too.

Luc, (if we go buy the first ten games) is being used primarily as a PP specialist and is doing awsome at it. I think he will get a goal tonite.

I thought that Ebell played soft for the last two games and his minus 2 in that time span supports my theory. I think that tonight he will step up his play and get a goal. I also think that the pest will get one.

Score, Kings 3 ning 3. (4 -3 kings if Brownie gets his first. You just never know)

Kings Fanatic 11-06-2003 09:41 AM

I think AM limits Frolov in order to try and get more out of him. It seems like AM thinks that Fro is gonna be special and this is his way of pushing him to reach his potential.
For tonight:
4-2 Lightning unfortunately. This would be one of the few times that I'd enjoy being wrong.

LuckyLUC20 11-06-2003 09:44 AM

i'll say 2-2 tie.

Have the Kings ever won in Tampa?

IGM 11-06-2003 10:14 AM

I want to be wrong so I hope you are right. I admit that I am one of those people who follow the minors leagues and players prior to their reaching the NHL more than I do once they get there. That is why I am critical of AM. It is that I have watched us be one of the worst drafting teams in the league (history of the game if you ask me) and turned into one of the best.

We have several elite prospects of which I would rate Frolov as the third best and I am watching how he is being handled and so far, I am worried that AM might not be the right guy to coach these young gems.

Frolov is an excellent talent who needs allot of ice time to continue to develope his game. I feel that if he were on a lesser team he would be being given that chance and that he obviously would live up to his potential. At this rate, I still feel that he will become a special player but that it will take a couple more years to see it when he is close to ready now. He led all forwards in plus minus of the rooks last year for most of the season and ended up near the top on a really bad Kings team. His D game is very good for a sniper/power forward. I just don't see any reason for AM to be holding him back. When Stympy comes back I would hope that he would put the Frolov/Stympy/Palffy line back together and then when Deader comes back he could put him on the ice with Army and Luc or with Cammo as well. IF we were to see a healthy team then I would hope to see the F/S/Z unit and the L/A/D/ (or klatt or whoever) line be our top scoring units but at this point I think that AM would stick Pirnes or Sim or Charty out there instead of Frolov. I just don't see it but like I said, I have been wrong before and look forward to being wrong this time.

I like the 3 3 tie that I predicted. I will stand by it. (unless Brownie scores)

David A. Rainer 11-06-2003 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by Travelin Man
Actually, Roman will be playing in back to back games.

Good god NO!!! Cechmanek hasn't showed me anything all year and I fear what he might look like on back-to-back nights.

IGM 11-06-2003 01:52 PM

Hey guys, just thought I would post a link (is this ok? I truly don't know) that shows the ATOI (average time on ice) for our guys. You will see that on average that ZP IS our top forward then it goes Stympy, Luc, Klatt, Ebell (i think take a look)


Last night Brownie had 9 mins and that is a good thing for him. I hope he gets more like 12 per game and maybe when we get a full line up we will see him with a couple of other player like him.

Interesting stuff. I have the links to compare other teams with young kids and how they are being used. It is interesting to see that the top rookies in the league both this year and last were given a ton more time on the PP than Frolov is and was. Just for fun.

IGM 11-06-2003 01:53 PM

OOOPS. I meant that it went Palffy, ARMY and then Stympy etc. Sorry, once again I almost missed my own point.

David A. Rainer 11-06-2003 05:37 PM

Kings win in OT 1-0!!!!!!!!

Did you see AM going nutz on the bench after the winner? Palffy's line got stuck on the ice for the last 1min and 30sec and they were dog-tired and AM knew it (I think he was expecting at least one whistle in the last 90secs to give that line a breather). They just collapsed when they scored the goal from sheer exhaustion. The line stayed out on the ice way too long and the gamble worked!!!!

Scottkmlps 11-06-2003 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by DeathFromAbove
Good god NO!!! Cechmanek hasn't showed me anything all year and I fear what he might look like on back-to-back nights.

Hmmmm.....he looked pretty damn good to me.

David A. Rainer 11-06-2003 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by Scottkmlps
Hmmmm.....he looked pretty damn good to me.

And it's a good thing too, because that offense looked like... :moon:

agentfouser 11-06-2003 05:57 PM


Originally Posted by DeathFromAbove
Good god NO!!! Cechmanek hasn't showed me anything all year and I fear what he might look like on back-to-back nights.

i thought last night against florida and then tonight against tampa were his two best games since detroit on opening night. aside from those three games, i don't think he's been great at all.

tonight was a GREAT game. we were outplayed for long stretches, but cechmanek kept us in it, and by the end of the third i thought i the defense was playing really strongly.

the best part is that i deliberately benched st. louis and lecavalier on my fantasy teams instead of luc, armstrong and palffy. in the past, i would often try not to jinx the kings, but then i would get burned, so tonight i just thought i'd go ahead and go with the ones i wanted to win. and it worked. awesome.

IGM 11-06-2003 06:17 PM

The officiating was pure crap and it was an absolute miracle that we won the game. Palffy gets pulled down on a break a way on OT no call. Poetic justice that he gets the winner.

Great game by Checkmate too. 7 5 0 and we STILL are missing our top two forwards. WTG Kings. Frolov got his ice time tonight too.

IGM 11-06-2003 07:00 PM

Oh, and for the Vis haters who think that we "blew it" when we "lost" Snieds last year....

Vis is second in NHL scoring with 12 points but first among the top scorers with a +4. All of the scoring D around are well into the minus column in that area (with the exception of the Nucks budding star who is +8 but has 6 points less than Vis so it is more than a wash) and Vis is really coming into his own.

Gleason threw TWO solid checks tonight that were exceptional and played a very very good stay at home game to boot.

Miller was one of the best D on the ice tonight and it looks like he is getting his wind and positioning back. When he is on he is as good as anyone in the league in his own end.

Matty was his usual solid self.

Modry looked good tonight and even made one really great D play. I guess he was due. He had a nice rush as well.

Army looked good and was everywhere at once. He played a physical game and that was nice.

Avery had a great game tonight and while others may not agree with me, he did EXACTLY what he is supposed to do and if the refs weren't such pure crap they would have called three of the penalties he drew and it would have been one of his best games so far.

Luc, well, he is playing like the Luc that belongs in the HOF and will be there as soon as he retires.

Ziggy is playing like a franchise player who DESERVES to be our captain. He has been on this rip since the middle of last year and the fact that the NHL hasn't caught on yet amazes me. I guess the east coast bias is getting worse.

I know that RC hasn't been everything that we thought he would so far this season but the guy has won some games for us and IF he could play like he did tonight for us more often he COULD be amazing.

Oh, and Frolov played 20+mins tonight. His average will certainly go up and he deserved every minute of it. I wonder if AM reads my BS rantings?

Best of all is that the "mighty" Ducks are sucking and so far all of my "predictions" about Fedorov and Prospal as well as the ones about the Hang Over etc have come true. Tonight I will sleep happily and dream not about the Kings winning the cup but about the "mighty" ducks not making the playoffs and about reading all of the "I told you so" BS posts at LGK by those hacks over there who only know how to whine about the Kings and lie about thier opinions.

I should really not have a drink before I post, this one confirms it.

Way to go Kings!

(oh, and as usual, BWAAAHAAAHAA DUCKS!)

LuckyLUC20 11-06-2003 07:16 PM

Awesome game tonight. The first period was pretty sloppy on both ends of the ice. However, the Roman Empire kept the Kings in it. He made some great saves.

Ziggy is awesome... I think he had like 2 or 3 breakaways in the game!! Luc's pass to Ziggy was pretty sweet too. Good job, Lucky! I loved the way Andy Murray celebrated after Ziggy scored the goal. LOL... I was laughing my a$$ off. He looked like he was about to fall or something. I don't think I've ever seen him THAT excited!

It's the first time the Kings have beaten Tampa Bay in Tampa Bay... and what's more sweet is that they also beat Florida... It's a Florida sweep!

Tim Gleason is looking better and better each game. I loved that hit on Lecavalier. That looks like an Aaron Miller type hit. I think Miller is rubbing off on the kid... great game, Timmy!

jfont 11-07-2003 10:40 AM


Originally Posted by IGM
I wonder if AM reads my BS rantings?

he doesn't....

Oceanic39* 11-07-2003 10:49 AM

I like watching the Kings play and thought they always played some exciting series vs. Colorado, Detroit, etc.

I don't remember them EVER trapping as much as they did last night. Kudos to Murray as it obviously worked (and a hell of a play by Palffy), but that had to be one of the most boring games I've watched in a looooong time - which is sad because both teams usually bring a lot of energy.

When did the Kings start trapping this much?

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