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Edge 11-08-2003 12:47 PM

Have to admit Amonte is having exactly the type of bounce back that I knew he was gonna have when you guys acquired him.

A lot of people thought he was on the downside of his career but one of my silent predictions was he was gonna be a key component to your team and return to the 35 goal, 75 point range.

blah 11-08-2003 01:05 PM

I hope so. He's on a great line so it's def possible.

Edge 11-08-2003 09:15 PM

him and roenick have always clicked.

he played good after his arrival last year {forgetting the playoffs} and has picked right up this year.

even when i saw the trade last year, i turned to a colleague and said "that's gonna be a great deal for the flyers".

blah 11-08-2003 09:44 PM

Considering they gave up Lefebrve for him it was impossible for it not to be lol.

Edge 11-09-2003 12:55 AM

yeah but still, i think many people had amonte begged as a 20 goal, 50 point player at this point.

Being on a competitive team and with legit centers has proved he hasnt as over the hill as some would think.

26 games as a flyer

13 goals, 16 assists, 29 points.

none too shabby

Flyman 11-09-2003 03:46 AM

I'm glad to see him back in good shape. He is a special player and it's great to see his chemistry with JR back.
I think he can reach the 30-goal plateau this season...easy!

Banger 11-09-2003 05:53 AM

Last year he struggled to put the puck in the net a little and also struggled a little the 1st couple games this year. He was always in a good scoring position but just couldn't put the puck in the back of the net. Recently he seems to have gotten that scorers confidence back and is finishing well. Kinda hope Kapanen does the same thing. Kap is constantly in good scoring position with the puck but just always seems to shoot it wide or over the net.

Glad to see Amonte scoring though since it will give Roenick more space and allow him to distribute the puck as he has been doing the last few games. They are fun to watch.

MojoJojo 11-09-2003 05:08 PM

I definately think that JR and Amonte together are better than the sum of their parts.

Edge 11-09-2003 11:07 PM

always been a good combo.

Internationally, Thayer Academy, Chicago, heck they just missed being teammates in Phx.

Teezax 11-10-2003 04:18 AM

Amonte sure has picked it up as of late and it's good to see him returnign to his old form. All we need now is to get Kapanen shooting on net and Gagné more durable!

MojoJojo 11-10-2003 08:44 AM


Originally Posted by Teezax
Amonte sure has picked it up as of late and it's good to see him returnign to his old form. All we need now is to get Kapanen shooting on net and Gagné more durable!

Sami is going to be lucky to put up 20 goals, fifty points. He just isnt the player he was three years ago. Blame it on injury, or playing with Primeau and Brashear, whatever. Right now his job is to baby sit Pitkanen while he adjusts to life in North America.

blah 11-10-2003 08:52 AM

Top 3 lines are getting almost equal IT so it's not out of the question for Kapanen to put up some numbers. Especially if Gagne can regain his consistency and stay in the lineup.

Cross Out The Eyes* 11-10-2003 09:11 AM

It's unfair to even expect Kapanen to have 20 goals and 50 points this year.

He's playing on a checking line with a defensive center in Primeau who even at his peak offensively wasn't a playmaker at all. He's also playing with Gagne who is injured and missing time every other game, or Brashear, or a grinder/enforcer. He isn't getting alot of PP time either.

Now, Kapanen has hit the post and missed the net a few times this year, don't get me wrong. Despite being on the checking line and getting little PP time, he's still on pace for about 15 goals and 25 assists, which isn't bad for a third liner.

If Kapenen were on the first or second line, I guarantee he'd producing more goals and assists.

He might not be the player he once was, but he isn't that far off from it. Considering the role he is in, and the linemates he has, he is doing just fine IMO.

Also, to say his job is to babysit Pitkanen is ludicrous. He serves a valuable role on this team. He is more than capable of being a very good third liner for us. If we get injuries he can slide up to a scoring line, and he can also play either wing. To me that's a pretty solid and versatile hockey player to have on ones' team. When you consider we got him for a 5/6 defensmen who would have never seen the ice here, an aboslute bust who will be back In Europe in 2 or 3 years, and a mid round pick, I'd say Kapenen is doing just fine.

You can't expect a guy to play on the third line with little PP time and produce like he did when he was in that position in the past. Remember what he did in the playoffs last year with JR and Amonte?? We also got him for nothing. I think the complaints and claims are a bit unfair and off.

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