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pld459666 11-11-2003 08:21 AM

If I were the Rangers
Theres' certain teams I would make overtures towards.

Atlanta would be the first team I targeted. Through the first portion of the season TB has been the best team, well Atlant is 1 point behind them in the standings. Yes they do have 3 games up on TB in games played, but it shouldn't be discounted. With Heatley down for a while and Savard still out, they could use a center with experience and I think that Nedved would fit nicely with that group. The player I would look at would be Braydon Coburn. Maybe they bite, maybe they don't, but not making the attempt would be foolish.

San Jose is another team I would contact, Carter and Kovalev would be the guys I would dangle to them. I would want to see if we could get both Strum and Stuart. SJ has been underachieving for the last 2 years and they may be on the verge of looking to do somethign drastic, this would be something drastic.

Chicago Blackhawks could use a big man now that Daze and his back are hurting once again. 4 of the Blackhawks top 10 prospects are defenceman and I would love to see if they would be willing to accept Eric Lindros for Brent Seabrook and Matt Ellison. I know that they have been crying poverty, but they could use an attraction and playing Eric with either Ruutu and or Sullivan could provide that team a spark.

Do I think that any of these deals are actually do-able?? No, not at all. but I would look at teams that may think they are better than they are and try to take advantage of that thought process.

TKLOOCH22 11-11-2003 11:50 AM

Great suggestions but IMO its only but a mere fantasy. I also sometimes drift off and ponder what deals could be made and what young guns we should try to snatch, but then catch myself and remember we're dealing with the NYR where hockey is different. Sather is smug, arrogant and a lunatic because noone knows what the hell he thinks sometimes. He rides and dies with his veterans so there is no point in just dreaming of what it would be like.

Its a shame, too. New York City is a wonderful place to live and play in and our young guys Lundmark & Moore as of now think of it as hell.

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