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felixno44 08-05-2006 09:21 AM

improve defensively
well, since there already is a thread on how to improve your offensive capabilities, it thought iīd come up with this topic.
i have the problem that my offense is there and i have all the speed to be there first on the backcheck, but i somehow just canīt get it done on d.
are there any key features a good two-way, defensive forward should have ?
can you give any help on how to improve my d ?


sc37 08-05-2006 11:50 AM

-Always look to lift a stick
-Keep everything to the outside
-Figure out gap control...the space between you and the opposing player, don't want to be too close so you can move with him, but close enough that you can put a stick on him. This was the hardest for me to figure out.
-Don't screen your own goalie

TBLfan 08-05-2006 02:02 PM

Here's a couple of threads with some great advice:
Link #1
Link #2

Magnus Fulgur 08-06-2006 12:43 AM

1.) I lift any stick possible, even if miles from the puck.
2.) Always be on the inside - offensively or defensively
3.) Basic - wingers, cover the points!
4.) Depending on the rink - when playing D and skating backwards, you can see the winger coming down on the opposite side from you if you glance at the reflection in the glass!
5.) Develope a relationship with your goalie and get him to tell you what to do. He sees he big picture. Develope trust with him.
6.) Nasty tenacious forechecking if you're a forward will focus your game, unless it doesn't suit your team's system.
7.) Sticking to your responsibilites, and talking to your teammates will help your D: declaring "TAKE HIM" to your teammate frees you to cover your man with conviction, and frees your teammate too.
8.) Don't collapse around your net, and don't panic...if your team is doing that, set a better positional example, and explain that they shouldn't be running around in circles chasing the puck.

Be Zen, be efficient, and talk it up big time when you're on D.
Be Threatening, be assertive, and be silent when on O.

LordHelmet 08-15-2006 06:29 PM

As a relatively new player in a mixed skill league, I'm not good enough to contribute much offensively. But, If I keep a guy that scores 1 or 2 per game off the board, that's as good as me scoring 1 or 2 per game.

In our league, most of the best players stay on D and create offense from there. So, when I'm asked to play wing I concentrate my energy on slowing down the D-man on my side.

This is aimed mostly at a wing covering a D-man that has a skill advantage..

Unless your team has clear posession of the puck, blanket him. Don't let him get more than 6-10 feet from you at any time. Never lose sight of him. The idea is this - if his teammates don't see a clear lane, they won't pass to him, he won't get the puck, and his skill advantage means nothing.

This requires hard, hard work sometimes. Skilled D-men are shifty and will move around alot. They'll also jump up on the breakout, so you have to recognize that early and hustle hard to keep up with them. If they do get a step, don't give up, keep skating. If they want to score a goal, they'll eventually have to make a move. If you're still skating flat out, you'll catch back up to them when they do.

znk 08-15-2006 08:59 PM

Along with all the other advices given one thing that cant be overlooked is try to be aware of the position of every player on the ice. Anticipate the next move, anticipate the next passing lane etc. Dont get hypnotized by the guy you are covering. It works well for offense to. Anyways...sometimes I had to remind my self durring a game to make sure I kept taking mental images as often as possible. The other team dumps the puck in your zone...take a look arround identify the forechekcers guys changing lines etc...

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