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Munchausen 11-13-2003 05:47 PM

Where's the kid line?
Is it me or was the Hossa - Ribeiro - Ryder line the most impressive on the ice against Buffalo? They had great chemistry, were talking on the ice a lot and were cycling the puck really well, creating some scoring chances.

Bulis - Koivu - Zednik
Hossa - Ribeiro - Ryder

I don't care how the bottom lines are managed but those should be IMO the top-2 lines. And they also should play a hell lot more than Juneau, Kilger and Dackell considering the present situation we're in.

Also, nobody considering pushing it further and calling up Higgins or Plekanec? We don't have any drive. We can't score. We're too slow. Those are problems these two players could progressively/partially solve.

Any other random thoughts on how to use the kids with this team? Satisfied? More responsibilities for them? Or less?

Munchausen 11-13-2003 05:51 PM


Originally Posted by Mike Komisarek

WHY DONT YOU CRY ABOUT IT *plays violin in background*

Thanks for your thoughtful contribution.

Dutchy 11-13-2003 06:07 PM


Originally Posted by Munchausen
Thanks for your thoughtful contribution.

As far as I'm concerned, you're totally right. I would also give Bégin the 3rd center spot. Or put him on a line with Higgins. I'd pay to see that!

KILLger 11-13-2003 06:39 PM


Originally Posted by Mike Komisarek

WHY DONT YOU CRY ABOUT IT *plays violin in background*


What's the point? He says that the kid line was doing great... and it was.

Munchausen 11-13-2003 06:46 PM


Originally Posted by KILLger

What's the point? He says that the kid line was doing great... and it was.

Yeah but I also edited out one line of rant about breaking that line down to play Perreault instead which IMO was a mistake. I took it out to avoid starting a flaming war with the sensible fans. I want to know if people here would rather play the kids and develop them even if this means we don't make the playoffs, or play only the ones who produce most.

Kirk Muller 11-13-2003 06:55 PM

I will try and get the thread back on track.

I agree completely, especially with your line combinations.

Both Bulis and Zednik shone bright with Koivu last year, yet Julien felt the need to split them apart. Honestly, I don't get it. People can say all they want about Bulis not being a top line player, but the fact is Koivu and him had chemistry, and were the most consistent offensive threat last year. He had 40 points splitting time on a checking line and getting no powerplay time. Bulis has been given the best effort all season of all the players. What happened to rewarding guys who play well, what happened to the whole accountability concept Julien and Gainey talk about. Anyone else think the lockerroom still has its splits from last year, and this is why.

And frankly the Ryder, Ribeiro, and Hossa line just makes sense. Ribeiro, for better or worse, is the second line center this year. Ryder and Hossa have played together and had success in Hamilton.

Audette and Perreault can shove it. They are not the future or the present.

I personally believe Kilger can at least not hinder the effectiveness of the checking line.

And most importantly, we need to see these lines with some regularity. How many different lines has Julien used this year. Flashbacks of Therrien.

Munchausen 11-13-2003 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by Nash13

That's how I see it too. Frankly, Kilger playing in a checking role with Juneau and Dackell while putting Bulis on the top line with Koivu makes more sense to me than the other way around.

Also, I do beleive that 3 youngsters playing together is better for the chemistry and therefore makes them all in sync if you will on the ice. They're not looking up to a veteran supposed to carry the line like they could do with Perreault or Zednik.

I like Begin (a lot), but he's no setter. If they want to try different things and add a bit more scoring, why not bring up Plekanec and have him centering Hossa and Ryder. Nothing will happen if we don't try something else. The present lineup is anemic.

Mathieu Lavergne 11-13-2003 07:51 PM

Unfortunately, your situation applies to a ''the hell with the playoff, we prefer to have some gowing pains with the kids'' mode and I'm pretty sure Gainey's goal this year to make the playoffs with some kids and not automatically give key roles to the kids. I think it's pretty sure that Gainey will ask Julien to play the veterans more than the fans would like to, he will also trade them if an offer comes up and he feels a kid can be as productive as a certain veteran (and this is certainly the case with habs but most veterans are worthless, unfortunately). I feel the situation will stay the same until Gainey receives offers for some of the aging veterans.

As for Bulis, I think I can understand Julien's position with Bulis. The checking line is the second most important line for the Habs, Bulis' speed is vital on the third line. Without him, the third line is garbage and with him the third line is decent. I believe Bulis earned a spot on the Koivu line as well but proved to be a bad finisher and a decent passer only, I don't think Bulis qualifies as a top-6 forward. He is surely one of the most hardworking and deserving player though.

I think Bulis brings more to the team by being an elite third liner than a bad first line option. That's pretty much how he was used last year as well for probably the same reason.

I won't argue with you that we don't have better options though. I believe your lines look the best on paper and are definitely the lines I look forward to see if Gainey decides to put an ''X'' on the playoffs and trade some vets. Unfortunately, Perreault can't disappear in the dark minus his 2.8 million contract though he can always be counted on to be invisible on the ice.

P.S.: Just smoked some ''green herbs'', I hope I said exactly what I wanted to mean effectively. :p

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