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RGF 11-14-2003 11:12 AM

I know were all caught up in various stuff around these boards--by the way fletch sather isnt being a jerk---we all know we dont live in a utopian world where people treat each other nicely. besides, the world wouldnt be as fun anymore if everyone was nice haha.

anyways im going to take charge of several college prospects to update for you guys. i go to dartmouth, and played prep hockey at Taft, a USHL, and did not make the team but Im watching Jessiman closely for all you guys on updates. I can also look at Roche, considering I played him in high school. I have been following Jake Taylor who is doing will at U Minny considering the injuries there at the teams dismal record. Mike Walsh, a big pf from notre dame- 6'2'' 210(accurate)- is putting together a great year. 4 or 5 goals and 4 or so assists thus far. He will def'ly move up our charts ahead of wiseman and the likes. Joey crabb from colorado is playing great as well! big strong tough winger whose scoring goals from the rw. nate geunin has been impressive at ohio state. i think taylor is a stud and geunin is good enough t obe a great 5 man or at worst 6/7 in nhl. these 2 dmen along with baranka, if he pans out, and tyutin should be a nice core of 4 to build a defense around with some of the other young guys and young guys on the rangers now. the forwards ive mentioned i think could really contribute to nyrs down the road. jessiman has played well but we all think he can put up more points. they have to games this weekend against rpi and union so ill update later. but those 5 guys with what we have in hartford......all im saying is well hardly be calling sather an ass in 5 years(when sathers not here--and were busting on everyone) bc of the kids he luckily drafted haha.

Fletch 11-14-2003 11:25 AM

Not looking for nice..
just professionalism. Somehow too many people do not, or have not, known what their role is. They get benched without being talked to. They get sent up and down from Hartford, with mixed messages being sent. This is how the youth is treated here. Tripp played hard and played well in his first NHL appearances, then seemingly disappeared and nobody really knew why. Meanwhile we continue to watch most vets get a free pass, with an occasional guy being made an example, or a threat of being made an example. Sather doesn't have the time, or doesn't want to put forth the effort necessary to develop a kid. He does not have the patience either. He wants vets to run the team with as little work for him as possible, and in the end, he can blame a vet, the refs, or the fans. It's become comical. Why did Moore sit out against Edmonton? Why wasn't he able to continue his good play? Why was he sent down? I dunno, anybody?

Fletch 11-14-2003 11:30 AM

sorry SBOB...this was meant to be under RGF's Prospects post. I gotta get my head together here.

Brooklyn Ranger 11-14-2003 11:44 AM

Look at the bright side, you're making excellent points with these posts!

E-Train 11-14-2003 11:47 AM

It's nice to hear positive things about Ranger prospects. Adding some of these guys to the current group in Hartford gives some hope for the future even if they haven't "proven" themselves in the AHL or NHL as of yet.

SingnBluesOnBroadway 11-14-2003 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by Fletch
sorry SBOB...this was meant to be under RGF's Prospects post. I gotta get my head together here.

C'mon Fletch, this isn't funny anymore.

Wait a minute, yes it is! :p

Fletch 11-14-2003 11:57 AM

phew..I got it right...
thanks for the update, by the way. At least there seems to be numerous prospects progressing well as opposed to us hoping two or three become great, out of four or five.

Icey 11-14-2003 12:53 PM

I can add a bit to this. Kenny Roche, their 3rd rounder in 2003, is a freshman at BU. Despite his team sucking in its last two games, he started off well. He's quick, he works hard, and he's been scoring.

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